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    Obscure Pre Code movies

    Exactly, "notorious" is the adjective, I would never remember! Apparently the movie is not that obscure. Anyway, thank you very much!
  2. JohnDoe2

    Obscure Pre Code movies

    Some time ago I stumbled across a Pre Code movie about a sophisticated con woman. It's a really obscure title (or at least I think) and apparently it was made a trilogy around the character. Yeah, it's a trilogy of movies with the same con woman as a protagonist. The title of one of the movies , I guess it's the first one, is something on the lines of "The magnificent/ fabulous/ extraordinaire (some synonym) *insert name*". I know this is very little information but I searched and couldn't find so I thought here would be the best place to ask that. I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time but I had to ask because maybe someone knows. Anyway anyone knows a expansive list of pre code titles?

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