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    Carole Landis Fans?

    Is anyone here a fan of the beautiful and talented Carole Landis? I think she was a delightful actress who should be remembered. Sadly today she in mainly famous for her 1948 suicide. TCM has played some of her movies lately including One Million BC and My Gal Sal. I'd love to talk to other fans about Carole. My web site is Thanks, Liz
  2. rockyandnelson

    Olive Borden Fans?

    Is anyone here a fan of silent star Olive Borden. She was very popular in the 1920s and was nicknamed The Joy Girl. Sadly she didn't make it in the talkies and died penniless. TCM played one her talkies, Dance Hall, in January. I'd love to talk with other fans about Olive. My web site is Thanks, Liz
  3. rockyandnelson

    Will Pay For Copy Of Cadet Girl

    In 1941 Carole Landis and George Montgomery starred in the Fox musical Cadet Girl. We've been searching for years to find it on video or DVD. The film does exist because it was shown at Cinecon in 2010. If anyone has any information we would glady pay to get a copy of this rare film. Our web site it Thanks, Liz

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