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  1. So, they are showing "The Iron Mistress"... and the host says "it's pronounced Bowie, we did a lot of checking." I've also done a lot of checking, and by far the most common way cited these days is "Boowie." Why does TCM think it has the answer? Where did they get their information? Why are they so confident with "Bowie," when at the very most I've found there seems to be an ongoing argument with no official answer? Further: 1) In the movie, Jim Bowie pronounces it "Bowie," while all the french people say "Boowie." 2) In the intro, the host calls Jim's brother "Rezin," while in the movie, his mother says "Reezin." So... what's up, TCM? Why so confident with "Bowie?" Where did you do your research? I'm just curious if they have actually documented a real, final answer.

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