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  1. crazyblonde7

    Who are your biggest vintage crushes?

    James Cagney, Steve McQueen, Bing Crosby, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Ian Hunter, Richard Greene, Patrick Knowles, Tyrone Power, Basil Rathbone and James Garner! All these men had Magnetism, Charm, they were Macho, Sexy and Good-Looking! In my eyes anyway!
  2. crazyblonde7

    John Wayne complete films of book

    Mr. Roberts, I had already done everything you mentioned, I just wanted to see what people here had to say about it. I'm not looking for a Bio just a book with films.
  3. crazyblonde7

    John Wayne complete films of book

    I recently ordered this book because I am up to John Wayne in my movie collecting. Is this a good book? Is there a better one?
  4. crazyblonde7

    A&C: The Time of Your Life

    I think this is the one.
  5. crazyblonde7

    A&C: The Time of Your Life

    I love Abbott and Costello. I have a complete collection of all their movies. Time of Their Lives was always one of my favorites! Love the effects. This was when Ghost movies were fun and not Gorey trash! I watched Costello last year on This is Your Life[i think it was that], I cried through the whole thing. Must try and catch it on Youtube if it is still there. Abbott and Costello were Great human beings!
  6. crazyblonde7

    John Wayne AKA "The Duke"

    What is a good set to buy that contains John Wayne's old Westerns? Is Legendary Heroes a good one?[it looks like an orange box with 2 separate boxes inside].
  7. crazyblonde7

    John Wayne AKA "The Duke"

    Thanks Fred! The JW/John Ford Collection is on my list of must gets! I have Red River on tape. I did not watch it yet. Maybe tonight. I never saw Tall in the Saddle either but it's another one that I have on tape and will watch soon! Thanks again!
  8. crazyblonde7

    John Wayne AKA "The Duke"

    Hi! I remember watching some John Wayne movies as a child. My Grandfather loved the Duke. I recently purchased a bunch his movies on VHS. Some I've never seen and some I saw many years ago. Anyway, I enjoyed every movie I watched so far. I'm thinking of starting a collection on dvd. John Wayne is excellent and I enjoy his films very much! I'm a 50yr. old woman who loves action movies and westerns. Lifetime movies/ Hallmark movies are too boring for me. I guess growing up with all brothers had an effect on me. Anyway, getting back to the Duke, not only was he a Great actor but he was also a very handsome man! I would like to know which movies his fans consider his best. Thanks!
  9. crazyblonde7

    How many John Wayne movies were colorized?

    So far I counted 30 for the Duke!
  10. Does anyone know how many were colorized?
  11. crazyblonde7

    John Wayne fans I need your help

    Thanks to all. I just purchased 108 of his movies on vhs for a good price. The tapes are in great shape many like new. I normally buy dvds instead but to get this many movies on dvd would take more money and more time. Many of the titles were not released on dvd yet.
  12. I collect all the movies of actors I like. I have all of Steve McQueen's movies, James Cagney's movies, Bing Crosby's movies as well as others. I am up to John Wayne. I know he made over 170 movies. I would like to collect whatever is available on dvd. What sets and dvd's should I get. I would like to get sets with many of his movies instead of buying them all separate. Please help.
  13. crazyblonde7

    What is "THE" James Cagney Film For You?

    Wow! I love The Mayor of Hell, Angels with Dirty Faces, Taxi, Yankee Doodle....,Torrid Zone, Ceiling Zero. Oh, Heck! I guess I love all of them except One, Two, Three and Boy Meets Girl.
  14. crazyblonde7

    RIP James Garner

    Another Great leading man gone!! Loved him in The Great Escape and Support Your Local Sheriff and Support Your Local Gun Fighter!
  15. crazyblonde7

    *CANDIDS* 2

    Happy 115th James Cagney! The Cagney's were 4 boys and 1 girl. James was the 2nd born. He worked and helped put his brothers through school. He also protected them by fighting for them. Great photo!

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