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    Classic films, sports, reading about history and politics, going to musicals, home improvement projects. I'm pretty boring I guess.
  1. morrell2000

    Pre-war Noir

    I've seen so many titles that have been labeled as film noir, so I think you are right about film noir being subjective. I think film noir is definitely more subjective than other film genres.For me, film noir has a distinctive feel to it though.
  2. morrell2000

    RAW DEAL (1948)

    Claire Trevor is wonderful in this movie. The voice-over narration by Trevor's character is a nice asset to this film.
  3. morrell2000

    Hail The Conquering Hero(1944)

    In my opinion, this is one of the best classic comedies ever. Demarest and Bracken are superb!
  4. morrell2000

    Favorite PreCode Women

    Of course I agree with everyone on Blondell. She made a great pre-code lady. Ann Dvorak was a representative pre-code woman in my opinion. She is quite underrated.
  5. morrell2000

    Magnificent Obsessions

    Good analysis. Magnificent Obsession is a sort of 'pay it forward' type movie. Both versions have merit and are very good. While I think my favorite version is the one from 1954(I saw that one first), I feel that Robert Taylor really impressed me with his Bob Merrick. While I love Hudson's performance, Taylor seemed to really be trying to become a break-out actor in this role.
  6. morrell2000

    Friday Nights

    As a newbie too, I understand your comment. Also, I have enjoyed seeing many noir movies that I have not previously seen before. The host is very good as well.
  7. morrell2000

    Your three favorite male actors of all time

    Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Joseph Cotten
  8. morrell2000

    Bromance at the Movies

    Yes, I think even Kate Hepburn talked about them hanging out. I may be mistaken though. But they definitely were friends off the set.My bromance contribution: Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra.

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