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  1. Yes, that was a bit of a bummer. I did watch the entire movie (THE GO-BETWEEN) in spite of the format issue since I'd never seen it before. I don't think it's ever been released on DVD. I've never read the book so I don't know how faithful the adaptation was. I think the Julie Christie character was actually only 18 years old in the book and that her family was middle-class versus wealthy (aristocratic?) as portrayed in the movie. I found the story of the movie compelling although the flash forwards were probably a bit jarring for some viewers. The scene where the two boys (Leo and Marcus) find the poisonous flower played twice with (I think) slightly different dialogue, which was likely an attempt by screenwriter/adapter Harold Pinter to convey the memories of the adult Leo. I'm not certain when the young Leo performed the "curse."
  2. HoldenIsHere

    Short aired on 03/02/03 before the movie "Dead End"

    Thanks, Yancey. You make a very astute point about knowledge. And I hope that mljones1881 somehow gets the answer to his or her question . . .
  3. HoldenIsHere

    July Schedule is up

    Robert Altman's CALIFORNIA SPLIT is on the July schedule. I'd love to see TCM do a salute to Altman.
  4. HoldenIsHere

    Short aired on 03/02/03 before the movie "Dead End"

    I guess we'll never know the answer this one. Bummer . . . I do love the movie DEAD END though.
  5. HoldenIsHere

    UNDER rated movies

    I like THE RECKLESS MOMENT a lot. Both Joan Bennett and James Mason give nuanced performances in this movie. I agree that the movie deserves more attention especially for how the two actors are able to subtlety portray the relationship that develops between their characters. I also enjoy THE DEEP END from 2001 that was based on the same source material.
  6. It seems like TCM shows Columbia movies more often now.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. If not for your post I would have missed this one. Luckily I saw your post before going to bed the night THE GO-BETWEEN aired and set the DVR. I'm a big fan of Julie Christie and have never seen this movie. (I'm not a fan DR ZHIVAGO which features Julie Christie in the role for which perhaps she's most known.)
  8. HoldenIsHere

    What Are You Watching Now?

    I had to chuckle at this one!
  9. HoldenIsHere

    What Are You Watching Now?

    GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN is my least favorite of the Gidget movies. I like GIDGET GOES TO ROME (the third and last movie in the series) almost as much as the first movie. Cindy Carol plays Gidget in that one. She was 18 at the time playing opposite a 27-year-old James Darren as Moondoggie. The age difference between the two is noticeable in the movie, but James Darren is still super cute. I like Cindy Carol quite a bit. She's cute and charming although lacking the "star quality" of Sandra Dee, the original Gidget. Deborah Walley (who was Gidget in GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN) was supposed to reprise the role in GIDGET GOES TO ROME, but when she became pregnant she was replaced by Cindy Carol.
  10. HoldenIsHere

    What Are You Watching Now?

    I watched MAMA'S FAMILY a lot growing up when it aired on TBS. Bubba's jeans were so tight they looked like they were sewn on.
  11. HoldenIsHere

    I Just Watched...

    I totally agree with you about Meryl Streep's performance in A CRY IN THE DARK. Watching her in that movie is like watching someone during private moments.
  12. HoldenIsHere

    Is everyone a fan of Fred and Ginger? smoking?

    Actually you are remembering that scene incorrectly. The major is looking at Sue Sue with his good eye closed (in other words looking at her only with his bad eye) and is projecting what she will look like in the future. And he does not clear his throat. He moves away, but this is because Sue Sue has moved in close.
  13. HoldenIsHere

    Is everyone a fan of Fred and Ginger? smoking?

    Once again you’re making your case based either on your inaccurate memories of the movie or on scenes that your mind has created. In the actual movie Major Kirby did not pay Sue Sue the degree of attention that you are claiming that he did. When he first meets her in his train compartment (where she has fled from the conductors) his attitude toward her is that of an adult comforting a child. He offers his lower berth for her to lie down to settle the upset stomach she says she has. When they both are awakened by the storm he comforts her by telling her that thunder and lightning are just dwarves bowling and he tries to help her go back to sleep by counting the dwarves. After they arrive at the military school, he makes no effort to seek her out so there is no evidence to support your claim of his attentiveness to her. The only time he asks to see her is after he discovers the cadets have been making passes at her and he believes that she is naive to the “facts of life.” And he only has this conversation with her because his fiancée won’t. When the major’s fiancée first sees Susan on the train, it’s after Susan has decided to confess her real age to the major and has unbraided her hair. But when the major brings her back to the academy fully costumed and behaving as Sue Sue, the fiancée is relieved to see that what she thought was a woman in the major’s compartment was only a girl. (The Sue Sue outfit, it should be noted, reveals none of the “developed female body” that you claim has activated the major’s sexual desire.) It is only after the fiancée learns of Susan’s activity on the switchboard that she truly begins to be suspicious of her. **I’ve never watched Fox News so I did not know that their on-air staff was blonde. I do know that in sex education classes, hair color was never discussed.**
  14. HoldenIsHere

    Is everyone a fan of Fred and Ginger? smoking?

    That clarifies things quite a bit. Originally you claimed to be creeped out by Ray Milland's sexual attraction for a 12-year-old in THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR (there is, of course, no evidence in the movie that he is), but you are actually projecting your own feelings onto the fictitious Major Kirby and it seems you are suggesting that these feelings are heightened by your "two good eyes." So really you are creeped out by yourself. (I'm not clear about the relevance of your comment about my thoughts on the hiring practices of Fox News.)

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