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  1. thankhollywood

    Western Movie Rambles

    This is in answer to LZ's question concerning a film I'm trying to track down from my childhood. Well, I think it was likely shown around in the late early '71 or '72, but I believe it was an old (50s) film. It had a very crisp look to it, so was likely a technicolor film. I know that the people are outdoors singing, and there may have been lanterns... I didn't recognize the actors, but perhaps the woman looked like Linda Darnell (that's a loooong shot because I had no way to know who Darnell was, then). That's a bad guess. The man--no idea. Sorry I took so long to reply. I have no idea how to find my thread without using keywords. Is there a better way to find one's messages in the message area?
  2. thankhollywood

    Western Movie Rambles

    I will ask a stupid question, as I am known to do, but if I persist in making inquiries about a book or a song, the answer usually comes to me almost magically. So here it is: In junior high, I was babysitting my neighbors daughter and caught the tale end of a highly romantic western where there was some sort of outdoor party where there was singing and kissing. Mind you, I was probably awakening to my own prepubescent sexual feelings. I just thought it was the most romantic scene I had seen. I almost want to say that the protagonists, a dark-haired couple "reunited," and there was Spanish music playing in the background and a festive atmosphere. I don't recall, however, whether the film was in color or not, but it probably was Technicolor. I don't think the music was mariachi music, but it could have been, but I usually find that the soundtrack is what really draws my attention.... I don't watch many westerns and I have tried to find the TV Guides for the years where I could have seen the film, to no avail. I just remember thinking, "I wish I could have seen that movie," and was too young to think to track it down.... so here, I am decades later, still wondering what movie that could have been. Any ideas? You can curse me in advance for asking you to wrack your brains to remember it

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