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  1. Is it true that Maureen O'Hara is receiving an OSCAR this Saturday?!?! TCM site should be blasting this news!
  2. Pineknoll

    Susan Hayward - Superstar

    I enjoyed watching Robert Osborne interview Robert Wagner before the showing of "With a Song in my Hear." My favorite part was when R.O. said that this movie made Susan Hayward a superstar. I never heard R.O. refer to her with that status before. It was also nice when R.W. referred to her as a great lady. RIP Susan - we remember the 50s.
  3. Pineknoll

    The Baby

    Who has watched "The Baby" on TCM On Demand? What a treat! I never knew the 1973 film existed - re-released just a couple of years ago.
  4. It has been so long since I saw the William Holden film, "Fedora". It wasn't a hit. But, it was such a strange film, I would love to see it again.
  5. Pineknoll

    The Tin Drum

    It has been so long since I saw the film, "The Tin Drum". I wish that TCM would broadcast the film again - I think the last time it played it was at 3:00 a.m.
  6. Pineknoll

    Featured Actors

    I wouldn't mind if they did a full days programming of Susan Hayward movies! She doesn't get much respect, but kinda wrote the book on 1950s tough ladies and then did some fun musicals before camping it up in the 60s with "Valley of the Dolls". I recently found a video on YouTube that shows that Hayward is the only winner of an OSCAR that was called back for a curtain call (by Jerry Lewis) because of the ovation she received at winning.
  7. Pineknoll

    Virginia Woolfe cast

    I wonder what "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolfe" would have been like if the roles had been played by Susan Hayward and Henry Fonda? I often thought that Elizabeth Taylor was doing a Susan Hayward impersonation in the film.(No offense intended - I love Liz)
  8. Pineknoll

    Mickey Rooney after WW II

    After being such a huge star in musicals prior to WW II, why was Mickey Rooney never cast in any of the big budget MGM Musicals of the 50s. Seems odd to me.

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