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  1. CaveGirl

    The Man-Child Persona in Movies

    If I said I was older than Hermione Gingold, would that mean our engagement is off??? Now that would make me around one-hundred and twenty-two years old and being an ageist and still youthful, you'd probably rather date two women of only sixty-one years of age, wouldn't you, you cad!
  2. CaveGirl

    What's up with artists and their windows?

    Oh, no! I hate that show, Dar. No show should have a title saying "everyone" loves something unless they know everyone in the world and their opinions. You're a stitch!
  3. CaveGirl

    I Just Watched...

    I particularly like that movie as it has Ernest Thesinger in it, and I so enjoy seeing him in his later vestiges. Of course, he looked ancient even back in the 1930's, but that skeletal facial look, is always in fashion, just like Tom Petty.
  4. Well, agewise interestingly Bette was only around forty-one as Margo, and Gillian is around fifty which I found hard to believe, so that could work. Plus Gillian is a fine actress and possibly could pull this off well. Don't know enough of the work of the other actress, but would say that part is the harder one to pull off. Anne Baxter had just the right touch. Thanks for the info though!
  5. CaveGirl

    What's up with artists and their windows?

    I think there is a simple answer for why you see so many skylights and whole open areas of windows with such, in films about artists. Romantically speaking, many artists are written about as having lived in garrets. Garrets are by definition the topmost floor of a building or the attic like spot, and often small and dreary due to being cheaply rented. Their one high spot would be the open window system, since it would provide great lighting for artwork. Otherwise the dinky apartment or space would not be of much value. So garret goes with artist like graveyards go with spooks, and a quick movie shortcut to portray someone is an artist, is to put them in a garret. I've rarely if ever heard the word "garret" without an artist being mentioned in the same sentence.
  6. CaveGirl

    The Man-Child Persona in Movies

    I'd like to remember that, but when the British Invasion hit our shores, was the year I had all the cataract problems and also had to get that complete set of dentures, and I missed a lot of those Ed Sullivan shows sadly. I sure always enjoyed when Eddie Boy would speak to Topo Gigio though and have the really good singers on, like Tony Martin and not all those rock and roll acts. Pshaw!
  7. CaveGirl

    The Man-Child Persona in Movies

    Ooooh, I had no idea a conversation about the Man-Child persona could become so heavy and scholarly, TB! I have nothing against female candidates and think your Baby Snooks one was accurate, but years ago when I had a book about this subcategory, I did remember that it was believed in the true sense of the original meaning of Man-Child that there were many more pejorative senses that related only to males and that one seldom saw a female with similar traits in totality in that sense. Just looked up a few things online which perhaps can explain this theory and distinctions between the two sexes a bit better than I: "The character is almost Always Male. This is (presumably) to contrast the differences between him and "normal men" with the normal responsibilities and wisdom of adulthood. The female version is usually split between The Ingenue, the Genki Girl, or other tropes which highlight an adult woman's child-like attributes rather than her grown-up persona. Manchild has many more negative connotations than The Ingenue; the manchild's immaturity and lack of outward adult behavior is emphasized as being a bad thing versus being an emphasized good thing like The Ingenue's purity and idealism. This is also because of the Double Standard most societies have, which exist for various reasons, where they expect more from men than they do from women. On the Brain Chain, the Man Child occupies a space between The Cloud Cuckoolander and The Ditz, but without necessarily becoming The Fool. He usually does not have The Fool's luck, but he doesn't necessarily play the role of the Butt-Monkey either. Although the Man-Child is commonly portrayed as being mentally challenged he does not necessarily have to be. In many cases, the character may be very intelligent, and even leave the idealism aside and be very shrewd in business or career, but this only throws him deep in the Uncanny Valleywhen others find out his emotional immaturity. Alternatively, his childlike qualities/way of thinking, when intelligently applied, can be a basis for his success as a businessman, in which case he's also The Wonka. In comedic works, he usually plays the role of The Ditz. In dramatic works, he could be the Jerk with a Heart of Gold due to his simplicity or immaturity, or he could be the sympathetic character we come to love. Sometimes the Man Child embarks on a late-in-the-day Coming-of-Age Story, which ushers him into true adulthood. Note that usually Sex as Rite-of-Passage works only some of the time. In many instances, A Man Child is not necessarily a virgin, but only sees sex as a tool of pleasure and does not recognize its emotional significance. If he ever gets married, it's likely that his wife will end up being a mother-figure not only to their children but to him as well, doing all the "emotional labor" needed to keep the household afloat while he just coasts along and drags her into all sorts of wacky hijinks. One of the Kids is related, in where their childishness is caused by spending a lot of time around children. Does not relate to Never Grew Up, because they physically did grow up - but never outgrew being attached to immature or childish things or behavior. Sister Trope (perhaps) to Adults Dressed as Children, although that trope is almost always played for laughs or borders on the grotesque. Compare Keet, One of the Kids, Kiddie Kid. For a villainous version, see Psychopathic Manchild. Compare Basement-Dweller. Not related to Manchild, the British TV series, either. Compare and contrast The Three Faces of Adam. Contrast with Wise Beyond Their Years, where a child acts like an adult."
  8. CaveGirl

    The Man-Child Persona in Movies

    Tarnation, Dargo...didn't ya read my post? I said while routing through my old mementos I found the photo of Ish Kabibble, which naturally brought to mind the Man-Child scenario. Besides I've been banned from all sites titled "Tweets by Twits" on the entire Internet. Yeeesh and double Yeeesh! I have noticed my thread being overtaken by a desire to prove there are examples of the "Woman-Child" in films, and I'm actually surprised you did not bring up one of your favorites, Lolita Haze, or Lolly as you like to call her when you visit your shrink and talk about your dreams, but I digress... Robert Stack as the tobacco heir probably is a good choice for a Man-Child in a non-comedic role. I thought for sure you'd be mentioning someone who liked to yell out "Laaaa-Deeeeeee" in films with Dino, so thanks for thinking outside the box!
  9. CaveGirl

    The Man-Child Persona in Movies

    Sissy did a great rendition of the state of mind of Caril Fugate, on whom the role was patterned. Her romance with the older Starkweather, who did have the James Dean fixation, was well done in Malick's "Badlands". She is more Child-Woman than most in films, and Spacek was good at portraying females of that nature in roles like, was it Pinky, in Altman's "3 Women". Sissy was also wonderful as a youthful Loretta Lynn! Thanks for your post.
  10. CaveGirl

    The Man-Child Persona in Movies

    Good choices, Feego! I think the reason that the term "Woman-Child" is not used in general, as Man-Child might be, is due to the fact that just being a bit childish, still can be an appealing trait in an ingenue type way, or waifish role, whereas the term "Man-Child" is a lot more pejorative in the sense of portraying characters who seem feeble-minded, doofy and literally foolish, like in a Jerry Lewis way or perhaps like one of the Stooges. Sandler is definitely a spin-off of the ingrained Man-Child in films role, but people like Caron doesn't have all the pejorative side-traits. But I did ask for possible contestants who were female so am totally enjoying seeing all these feminine parts being mentioned and thanks so much!
  11. CaveGirl

    I Just Watched...

    Love this movie and you are right, Lotte Lenya steals the show. Fabulous exegesis, Rayban!
  12. CaveGirl

    The Man-Child Persona in Movies

    Right on, I think Julie Harris was in her mid-twenties when she played that role, but was quite believable in it as almost prepubescent. Until K.D. Lang came along, Julie probably held the role of best girl resembling tomboy in show biz. She's always been one of my favorite actresses so thanks for mentioning her.
  13. CaveGirl

    The Man-Child Persona in Movies

    You may have defied the odds here, TopBilled! Frankie definitely is childlike and when she keeps forcing people to call her Jasmine, and is mean to poor little Brandon de Wilde and won't even scrape the dirt off her elbows as Ethel Waters tells her too, one thinks maybe she is a Woman-Child. Of course she's not really supposed to be a grown woman yet though, but she might just stay in that immature state into her twenties and beyond, so good call on your part! Postscript: Just got a scare looking at the bottom photo of Frankie. That bouquet looks just like the one for Carlotta that Kim Novak gets in "Vertigo"...yikes!
  14. CaveGirl

    Best Cannibal or Headhunter Movies

    Nice tans! I'm afraid to ask what is going on in the background of the scene at the lower left....
  15. CaveGirl

    Imaginary Places You'd Like to Visit

    Yeah, those old country homes in England are super! As long as there is not too much chintz. Another library I'd like to visit would be on Baker Street in London. I tried to find it after I had explored Fleet Street and visited Whitechapel but was not to be found, alas. Thanks, Vautrin.

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