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  1. "Adenoids"? I haven't heard them discussed in public for eons, Dargo. I'd hate to think what you'd think of if old Froggy from the Our Gang comedies came on TCM as a host. Of course the poor boy died young so he can't. By the way, about how you know which stars are alive or dead. If that's true, why did you tell me you were still hoping to date Gloria Grahame?
  2. TCM Hosts

    Ya don't know unless you ask, James. Look how long Burt Mustin was still in performance mode. Now if he were still alive I'd love to see him extrapolating about films. Hey, maybe Betty White would like to give it a whirl. Of course she's more of a television star. Or maybe Angela Lansbury, who would be super. Just a thought, mostly impossible but one can dream can't they?
  3. From Defect to Asset

    I remember reading that many years ago in the Katz book and would always watch as Marshall walks in a film, but it is very imperceptible. Didn't Fabray also have a very serious accident which basically almost destroyed her nose and she had to have some metal plate put in? I think I saw her once on a talk show rebroadcast when she mentioned how it would kill her when it got cold as her nose would be freezing. You can see her original nose which was much different and not nearly as flat, in the Bette Davis and Errol Flynn picture about Elizabeth and Essex. I was not really aware of her hearing problem, Lavenderblue so thanks for that information.
  4. From Defect to Asset

    So nice to see you here, Eugenia. Good choice in Russell; I'd always hoped he was in more films, but I guess he had more important tasks to achieve. Thanks!
  5. coffee movies

    Nip, I could never think about coffee watching any Jeff Chandler movie due to his hypertrichosis situation. I have a morbid fear of finding hair or hairs in drinks or food, and it makes me nauseous just to think about it. Being that good old Jeff had to be shaved all over [so they say!] daily for his shirtless scenes in films, I can just imagine how much hair could be flying off him if he was nearby when coffee was being poured. Ycccky! Otherwise I agree with all your thoughts about ignoring anything Leonard Maltin has to say about any film, since on the few times he might be right, it just proves the old saying "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes." Be careful not to get lead poisoning if you pour your coffee into any antique ceramic pieces. Also don't use styrofoam, Nip as we want you to be posting here for a long time to come!
  6. TCM Hosts

    Welcome, Diana! Maybe it's just me, but I'd love to see a host who looked like Dame May Whitty and who wrote her own copy about the films, based on her own experience of being a film fan of many years. Nothing beats knowledge gleaned from being there. In a similar vein, when Ben needed a vacation, get someone who looks like Roland Young, and has some film knowledge too based not just on film courses in college. Book knowledge is great, but if I want to hear about WWII, I'm gonna listen more to a veteran from the invasion of Normandy over some guy who just read about it in his history books. Why shouldn't our elders, who have lived it, get to show their talents on TCM as a host or hostess?
  7. Stephan, wouldn't you rather go to the cornfield than be turned into a Jack-in-the-box???
  8. TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Those are all winners, TB. I ordered "Whisky Galore" last year having never seen it for some odd reason. Great film!
  9. Speaking of "toxic" things, maybe we have a Toxic Avenger here who zaps such fine threads?
  10. One of a Kind Movies

    I get a yen to watch my dvd of that film about twice a year. Seeing the wacky dancing at the beginning, and the blue box, plus the person in the dumpster is a fix I really need occasionally. I also love the parts about the coffee ordering with Angelo Badalamenti and the "This is the girl" dialogue, plus the lip synching scene and all the oldies like from Connie Stevens and Linda Scott. All in all, very one of a kind...Lynchian style! Thanks, CI. Just to show how off the wall my collection is, that is one of the more normal films I own.

    Love all your folks listed, particularly ones like May Robson Gladys George, Marjorie Rambeau, Edith Evans, Richard Dix [what a great voice for talkies!], H.B., Harry Carey, and Jack Oakie. The ones I didn't mention I love too but I figure they are well known to most and already receive praise. I might have to say only Lunt and Fontanne don't do it for me. My film fan grandmother used to say that Lunt and Fontanne liked to say that they thought being in movies was declasse, and they were stage people but she said they really left films because audiences thought they were incredibly stiff and boring on film, hence their films didn't do that well. And she'd actually seen them on the stage in some Noel Coward type plays. Great list, drednm!
  12. Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    Yeah, but can Rocco scrape his metal slammer cup on heads of nearby convicts at din-din, and dance dangerously down the chow table as well as Cody? I think not, James!
  13. I had no idea so many men here wanted to be talked about in a sexually depraved manner. I will try to accommodate them in the future!
  14. Talk about phallic symbolism. This even beats Carl Boehm and that very lingamish stabbing leg on his tripod.
  15. One of a Kind Movies

    Now I'm not saying that this kind of film always turns out to be one you want to see again, or even you are first watching it. But it does lend some variety to one's life to watch often mostly unheralded or sine qua non flicks. One I had heard about years ago and always wanted to see was Dusan Makavejev's "W.R.: The Mysteries of the Organism". Now admittedly any film which is banned or about someone whose books get burned, does usually intrique me. This film from 1971 being about controversial psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone Accumulator Boxes and theories about the dichotomy between sexual rebellion and revolution, might have appealed to Patty Hearst and it's said that the banned Orgone machines were used by people as diverse as Sean Connery, Jack Kerouac, J.D. Salinger and others, but I can't prove that. Was Reich a nut or a valuable therapist? His work in Vienna at the Ambulatorium of Freud, and his connections to Einstein make him a figure of history hard to ignore. His ideas put forth in his many books on psychology noted the relationship he believed existed between Fascism and sex, and gun obsessions and reliance on authoritarian governments as a father figure. The film, due to many basically unprintable sequences, was banned for over a decade in Yugoslavia but it had been highly praised at the Cannes festivals. Reich himself, found himself receiving an injunction from the United States FDA in 1947, for the selling of the Orgone machines and later in 1956 was found in contempt and sentenced to prison, with all his books and publications being burned. Considered to be one of the most highly contested cases ever of censorship in the US, even the ACLU came to his defense to no avail. This could be why finding any books written by Reich is so difficult. Madman or genius, doctor or debatable abuser of patients, his story on film still is rivetting. So that's my choice for oddball film of the day. What's your oddball film du jour you might like to share if you are one of those fans who occasionally likes to take a walk on the wild side?

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