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  1. CaveGirl

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    My grandma loved that show, TB! I remember her saying that Lisa had married almost every man in town, and there were no men left for her to be connubial with... Isn't ATWT the soap that also had the actor's toupee fly off during one live broadcast scene?
  2. CaveGirl

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    Speaking of inappropriate casting, wasn't there an episode from the show "Taxi" where Louie DePalma [Danny DeVito] got Bobby Wheeler "Jeff Conaway] to go to Louie's high school reunion for him? I thought it was one of the funniest ever! People seemed to just take the transformation of the DePalma appearance in stride. It's said that during his big heydays, Andy Warhol hired someone to portray him at engagements he had signed on to, and though the guy looked nothing like him, just by putting on a platinum wig, the audience seemed satisfied. If Maureen Stapleton can play a fading Southern Belle of great beauty on stage, then anything is possible mayhaps?
  3. CaveGirl

    Groovy Movies!

    Great stalking point, as usual.
  4. "Color Me Blood Red" is my favorite since I like movies about the artist life. One knows they are an artist when they would rather buy paint [or blood] than use their money for food.
  5. Spence, I share your belief that these films are the cream of the crop!
  6. CaveGirl

    Kings of the B's

    Yes, they are taking auditions for the Robert Bardo biopic.
  7. You give a great example of a magnificent performance by Russell, so mine will not be as impressive, but I do think DeNiro's attempt to portray Jake LaMotta in "Raging Bull" with his weight metamorphosis and boxing skills learned was impressive. Thanks for an interesting topic!
  8. CaveGirl

    Hidden Agendas

    Let's face it, there are many folks with hidden agendas in the world. There's the man who volunteers to be a Boy Scout leader for camping trips, who is really the BTK guy in the evenings. There's the trusted investment guru who is really running a Ponzi scheme. There's the charity organizer who is really pocketing all the funds collected. There are people who traffic in online chat rooms, to ostensibly talk about their interest in cars, or antiques or even movies, who are really just there to troll people and vent their inner rage on innocent victims. The world's a stage and they all play their parts.In movies, hidden agendas make for wonderful plot twists and I think David Mamet understands this genre well, and exhibited his expertise in it, with his "House of Games" which had not just one character with a HA, but the film is filled with a panoply of HA experts. One can only ask after seeing the film, "Who's conning who?"Any favorite HA movies you would like to share?
  9. CaveGirl

    Modern-ish art forgery film?

    You are so right about Umberto Eco, Sgt. Markoff. If he had written a book about Vermeer, it would not be made into some steamy soap opera, with bogus plot points, like the Chevalier book. When we went to the giant Vermeer exhibition at the Washington National Gallery, we got to see the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" and being that there were like over twenty out of thirty-five attributed and extant Vermeer's at the time, it was noted that Johannes used his wife, relatives and daughters as models, not the kitchen maid [or whatever Scarlet was supposed to be!]...which was so obvious due to their similar facial physiognomies. I am wondering though if there is still a connection to Vermeer for the OP's question, as the tale seems a bit like a version of the Han van Meegeren story. He was the man who was arrested for supposedly trying to pass his works off as Vermeers. He later went to court, sometime in the first half of the 1900's, and actually painted what he called a Vermeer style work in court, due to being charged with another crime involving removal of national art treasures from the country. Don't know whether his story has been made into a movie or not.
  10. Thanks so much Arpirose! Dale certainly had a unique and revolutionary style. I bought the cd "King of the Surf Guitar: The Best of Dick Dale and the DelTones" last year so I'll be playing it tonight in his memory.
  11. CaveGirl

    Phillip Marlowe/Raymond Chandler

    My favorite fictional writer is James McLeod. He tends to repeat his plot lines often but I still find his work very amusing, as he doggedly hunts down the criminal element in society, Sgt. Markoff. He does like a pastiche of Chandler's work with a touch of Spillane thrown in for good measure.
  12. CaveGirl

    Where’s Ben?

    Yeah, but can you do Brando with his Shakespearean accent from "Julius Caesar"? I know, I only do Julius Marx.
  13. CaveGirl

    Stalker Movies

    I also find that not much has changed since Sir James Frazer wrote "The Golden Bough" in terms of the behaviour of earthlings, Sgt. Markoff.
  14. CaveGirl

    Stalker Movies

    Doesn't it hurt your teeth to hold on to that bone so long?
  15. CaveGirl

    Kings of the B's

    I had the book with this title from quite a few years ago, which introduced me to many B-film directors. It must be in my garage now, since I haven't seen it for a while, but I remember looking for all the films mentioned in the book and was well rewarded when I would locate them to watch. I'm not even sure anymore of all the names mentioned in the book, but I do know that once I got into the B-film archives, many of these directors became my favorites. I particularly like Joseph H. Lewis who directed the wonderfully atmospheric "My Name is Julia Ross". If you have a favorite King of the B's director, please share now.

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