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  1. Word of Mouth collage pictures

    Gee, I would have done it just the opposite way. Tony Robbins would say we have differing modes of thought, not that I follow him. I have a friend though who talks about anchoring and walking on coals and all that other stuff of his continually so excuse me for losing contact with reality, Limey. Now I get it and I think 4:4 is Liz also with 3:2 definitively Garbo. I'm gonna print this and work on it tonight. Thanks!
  2. I Just Watched...

    Don't watch only film that are on the Top Ten Most Searched Lists because then you'd never get to see something like "Liquid Sky".
  3. Word of Mouth collage pictures

    Definitely Garbo, and Taylor. Not sure I understand your mapping with the terms. I think Norma Shearer is in the mix from what I have printed from my screen and people like Charles Boyer, Marilyn and Dick Powell. Please explain what you mean by 5:2 and all so I can follow. Otherwise this may end up like the 340 word cipher from Zodiac!
  4. If anyone wants to read a book with early usage of the word "gay" here's one from the 1630's, that is fun reading. Nice cover too with art by Botticelli!
  5. This guy put me off having a Coney Dog for dinner forever!
  6. Best Ebenezer Competition

    Oh, could I forget the marvy Jim Backus as Mr. Magoo as Scrooge! That actually is a really fun take on the tale. I usually love Finney in anything but I could not get into his version as the make-up looks so ludicrous. It seems a hard fix to perfectly maintain that defining delicacy of an old crotchety guy who then turns into a whimsical elfish being, but Sim had that amazing ability with the morose eyes and acting chops. Gotta say, I looked forward last year to seeing Seymour Hicks as Ebenezer on TCM and really quite enjoyed it. Though he reminds me a bit of the overacting ham who was in "The Face at the Window", Mr. Tod Slaughter, at first glance, I think Seymour did an admirable job of portraying Scrooge. Thanks for posting such an astute compendium of actors who've played the part, Eric!
  7. The Old Dark House (1932) Restored

    I use the term "Haf a potahto?" quite frequently when I am out at restaurants just to confuse people." Love this film by Whale!
  8. Well, this just will not do! I guess I never noticed that Ben was giving short shrift to the incredibly talented, sophisticated, worldly and handsome actor with the best acting voice, bar none, in films. I like Ben, and enjoy his intros immensely so would like to give him some leeway here and try to think perhaps he believes Ronnie Colman is so renowned that he needs no more buildup. Or maybe it is just the typical man thing, where Ben is just a wee bit jealous of such a gorgeous male with supreme magnetic powers of attraction that everyone from Benita Hume to probably Eva Braun and Madonna would go for. I do agree though, that no matter what, Colman is one of the screen's great actors and certified heartthrob. Hope this helps assuage your pain, Sandrahn.
  9. "Mirror names"

    Sirk, definitely Sirk.
  10. Howards End (New BBC miniseries)

    I'd probably still watch even though it is hard to beat a Merchant Ivory production with Redgrave, Thompson and Hopkins.
  11. Word of Mouth collage pictures

    I took a screen picture of them once and identified many of them. Even when they show it, I can spot Liz Taylor's right in the center somewhere. TCM should put it on this page in a printable version and have a contest with a prize to see who can identify the most lips from the collage. I definitely would like to be in the competition! Great question, Motown and welcome to the board.

    That's very much like the idea of a parent giving a child two choices in footwear that is to be purchased, which convinces the little tyke that he/she really is making a decision, while the adult knows they are really totally in charge. Now in the case of dictators and their wives, like Evita Peron, you don't even give the people a choice of two shoes, you just confiscate all their money through government procedures and then go out in the streets and hand them some lousy footwear and the dumb ones will thank you as they did Evita, for being so good to them. Great topic, Laffite!
  13. Detected Any Good Goofs Lately?

    I had no idea Palmerin had a podiatric fetish, or as we call it in the trenches, a Chiropody Freak. Palmerin must be a really big fan of the films of Luis Bunuel then, since nary a foot can pass in his movies without him channeling in on it with a giant close-up. Just go check out "El" and "Viridiana" and "Belle du Jour" and "The Milky Way" and "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgouisie" and...well you get the idea.
  14. I'd like to say I would dread seeing "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" from 1964, starring Pia Zadora but the truth is that someone gave it to me last year for Christmas, so I have already suffered. I will say I think Pia Zadora is a lot more entertaining than Taylor Swift though...

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