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  1. CaveGirl

    Where’s Ben?

    Why not just join a Pro-Androgen Party and then your hair will fall out all on its own, Dargo? Oh, was that a TIC comment? Never mind...
  2. CaveGirl

    Where’s Ben?

    I'm glad I've never heard Brando yell out "STELLA!!!!" with a nasaly [sp?] voice.
  3. CaveGirl

    Groovy Movies!

    Far out, JC!
  4. CaveGirl

    Stalker Movies

    Yes, the internet has stalkers too who one would expect each website to protect. Thanks for the info!
  5. CaveGirl

    Stalker Movies

    Love that song and I could qualify since I CAN cook! Actually I love Una, as she was hilarious in BOF with her little shrieking sounds and how she glides around rooms, but she is also a great actress being from the Abbey Theatre and all. I still think Dargo would not be dating her though, since he tends to be somewhat superficial in spite of all his other fine qualities, and only likes girls like Ava and Yvonne Craig, ya know. I think your song picking is superlative, but not as sure about your matchmaking skills. Speaking of fun laughs in music, my favorite album is the "Louie Louie" compilation with Black Flag and even the USC Marching Band versions, so I shall look of the Ukelele Orchestra title. Name your two out of three, before considering consummation. P.S. Yes, to the Britney query.
  6. CaveGirl

    What are you reading

    I'm reading that book by Jerry Lewis about his relationship with Dean Martin called "Dean and Me: A Love Story" and Jerry's true affection for Dean Martin really comes out in this very unusual book. It's like Jerry saw Dean as an older brother who would help him grown into maturity himself and is a great read. I'm also reading "The Secret Confession of Jack the Ripper" [debatable?] and a book on the history of the Voynich Manuscript.
  7. CaveGirl

    I Just Watched...

    You rang, daddio?
  8. CaveGirl

    Print the legend...

    when the legend becomes fact. This is a line often misquoted, often attributed to not who wrote it, but who directed the film it was in, and often misinterpreted. According to sources it was actually written by the writers who did the screenplay, Bellah and Goldbeck for the movie and isn't even in the book by Dorothy M. Johnson. Last night I saw a show about the man known as Brushy Bill, who contended that he was the outlaw, Billy the Kid. He had many supporters in his old age, and all were adamant about his tale of outlaw origins, based mostly on believing anything he said. It would have seemed to me, just a mere glance at his physiognomy would have proven the unreliability of that story, as ears don't lie in their shape and placement on one's cranium, nor do other features. But for Brushy Bill's supporters, this seemed unimportant. Now I would have used the methods of Milton Erickson to root out the truth, by telling Brushy Bill that if he was Billy, well, it was time to serve his time for killing someone back in his outlaw days and would have put him quickly in the slammer. But Brushy Bill, who was asking for a pardon, didn't live long enough to incarcerate him or do anything else in terms of his background claims. They have mostly been debunked now by those who have examined photos of him and compared them to Billy's facial characteristics, but the legend lives on in some minds. Movies and the industry that make them, have long been stewards of fudging the truth, not just in films but in their publicity campaigns about stars and such. So the legendary facts are often used over the truth to gild a statement, but sometimes one wonders why one should gild a lily. I've been watching "Project Blue Book" on the History Channel, and it seems that they think a story about an eminent scientist being employed to seek out the truth [as the military sees it] about invading forces from alien domains, and then defaulting to the other side, is not an interesting enough story without adding all kinds of extraneous fabrications to the story. Would you rather have just the facts, the facts with some fabrication or a mix of both in a film? Please give examples of films representing the many forms of the truth in such tales on film, of western legends and those in other areas of life.
  9. CaveGirl

    Print the legend...

    What a great list, TB! You have covered the gamut of possibilities. I own that book with the complete script of Kane, I have read the story that "Rashomon" was based on, I own the Zapruder film video copy and love Joe E. Ross on C54WAY, but even I refuse to ever watch that horrid Paul Newman film, "The Outrage" again. Fabulous and legendary examples and thanks!
  10. CaveGirl


    If one wants to know if a person is a real expert in a field, like antiques, baseball statistics or even movie lore, meet up with them in a libation type lounge sometime and see what they know off the top of their head without a prewritten script. That's the real test of expertise. Just saying.
  11. CaveGirl

    Print the legend...

    Being that I am currently wearing my Jacques Derrida club sweat shirt, I can concur with a Deconstructionist view of the world and moves, Sgt. Markoff. My philosophy professor, who was a Catholic Brother, was an advocate of Heidegger and regaled me with much crucial critical thinking about such things, till it all ended when he asked me to go bar hopping with him one night. Sadly only know Jean-Luc Ponty and not Maurice!
  12. CaveGirl

    Worst Movie Musical Ever Made!

    Interesting you bring up Schnitzler, Sarge since just last week I got out again my copy of his "Traumnovelle" [aka "Dream Story"] which I ordered after seeing Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" thinking it would be fun to compare notes with the 1999 movie and the 1926 book. I really enjoyed the book, but then I also get a kick out of Dostoevsky and Thomas Mann, as I have always enjoyed wallowing in misery and pain and dysfunctional relationships...but only for others. Never have read anything else by Schnitzler but do you have any recommendations? Thanks in advance if you do...
  13. CaveGirl

    I Just Watched...

    Agreed about the "transitional moment" aspect of AG, MR! Highlights of this classic for me are Debralee Scott as Falfa's [Harrison Ford] girlfriend continually saying about him as she rides shotgun in his car, something like "Ain't he neat." I also love Bo Hopkins as the leader of the Pharaoh's gang which he pronounces as Fay-Rows, and their picking up Dreyfuss for sitting on their car. The exchanges between Mackensie Phillips and LeMat are also priceless and touching, when she won't tell him her address for him to dump her out of his hot rod. The day the music died motif, is well put and I'm sure Holly, the Bopper and Richie would have loved this film.
  14. CaveGirl

    I Just Watched...

    Love any film with the inimitable Dick Miller. What a great movie poster also! Thanks, Janet.
  15. CaveGirl

    June Schedule is Up! Jane Powell SOTM

    Didn't Letterman go to Ball State? I have a feeling he would not mind his alma mater being called "Ball University" being that he is such a cut-up. Personally I would rather say I went to Ball University than Ball State, which sounds like all of Indiana looks like a ball but then that's me. But you are certainly right that this is a major snafu to leave out a word in a university name, because how awful would it be to call Notre Dame, just Dame College or Wake Forest, just Wake University...agreed? And calling NYU just New University should be a crime punishable by death on the gallows I think...
  16. CaveGirl

    The Real Great Escape - 75th Anniversary

    My favorite actor in that film is Bronson! I've liked him since he was Igor in HOW. Thankfully, Jay Sebring was not doing his hairdo in that film, as he was for some of the other male stars.
  17. CaveGirl

    Stalker Movies

    Tell me about it, Sarge. There will always be men who think that they can force a woman to like them and won't accept no for an answer. I think it goes back to some maternal issue, where they either got too much or no attention from that female, so all later women they meet have to give them unending approval and agreement on all things, and are not allowed to ignore or reject them. Such a man will torture or kill his intended paramour, if she refuses to give it to him. I know these signs and always try to stay away from such stalker types. I once had a co-worker who kept asking me out and sending flowers, and when I finally said I really thought we had nothing in common, he stated quite firmly "Well I will continue sending you flowers if I want and I have the right to continue to keep asking you out also as long as I want." He would leave creepy cards on my desk and on my car windshield and it only stopped after he lost his job due to a layofff." Some men believe they have the right to pick a woman and she has no right to refuse to accommodate their lustmord tendencies. Such unwanted attention is never fun to get, believe me.
  18. CaveGirl

    Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    Now this film I have seen and totally enjoy since any film promoting a non-procreation discipline in society is great in my book. I do think it is seen best though when one turns the sound off, like when watching TWOO while playing Pink Floyd's music. I suggest that one turn off the sound to "Zardoz" and take a couple of Sandoz tablets and they will have a super wild experience, especially if they have strobe lights above their big screen to illuminate all the scenes with Sean Connery. Thanks, Darg!
  19. CaveGirl

    Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    I have never seen this but now I want to, so thanks, N&N!
  20. CaveGirl

    Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    Oh, my, my...we certainly don't want this general malaise that is overtaking you to end up like what overcame George Sanders, Sarge! His goodbye to a cruel world went something like this, or actually exactly like this: "Dear World, I am leaving because I am bored. I feel I have lived long enough. I am leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool. Good luck." Might I suggest an infusion of some fine Lubitsch or Sturges comedies to raise your endorphin levels as we would not want to lose such a witty and acerbic poster from our milieu. Or try a dose of some W.C. Fields fare like his short "The Dentist" to revive your spirits aided with some Guinness?
  21. CaveGirl

    Bad movies redeemed by their ending.

    Though it is actually not really a 'bad movie" as how can any Olsen Twins film be classified as such, my favorite movie redemption scene for any failings in the film is in "New York Minute" from 2004. In it we find at the ending that one of the Olsen twins has been given a college scholarship to Oxford because of her totally ethical behaviour that is mentioned saying that she "didn't just want to win, she absolutely refused to fail." How laudable is that!!! In view of the current college entrance cheating allegations, I think this ending makes the Olsen Twin movie a must see, plus it also has the distinction of possibly being the final film with both twins appearing, I think, which is also a wonderful denouement for all viewers of movies that their screen pairings have ended.
  22. CaveGirl

    Bad movies redeemed by their ending.

    Play this song by Roger Miller, when the hangman enters the schoolyard, Sarge, and please take photos!: "Dang me, dang meThey oughta take a rope and hang meHigh from the highest treeWoman, would you weep for me?"
  23. This is for those who love really worthless information about movies, that most find boring but they personally find stimulating and fun to know. Yesterday, I was watching some films on TCM with early acting roles by the Oomph Girl and noticed in the pre-film credits for "The Patient in Room 18", in the cast was the name, Vicki Lester! Now I was baffled, since I'm thinking, who is this Vicki Lester and was she the hidden girlfriend of Norman Maine or what gives? She played a nurse and I later looked her up to find that the actress had taken on the name of Vicki [sometimes billed also as Vickie] Lester, from the movie "A Star is Born". Now her career never achieved those heights but she did appear in films from 1937 to 1942. So far no alternative Norman Maine thespians have shown up in my research. If you have a similarly really useless bit of movie trivia, please submit it now.
  24. CaveGirl

    Narcissistic Blowhards

    I will watch anything with Donald Pleasance in it. For me, he made the movie "Halloween" work, plus is always amazing in any film or tv show. There is a fine write-up about him in that TTZ Companion book, about his being hired for the episode, "The Changing of the Guard" where he plays a kindly professor. The episode reminds me a bit of the film "The Browning Version" without all the wifely adultery issues and such, but it has a similar melancholy tone. Thanks, Bogie!
  25. CaveGirl

    Narcissistic Blowhards

    Why...I never thought Pongy Ponce acted "puffed-up" in his role on "Hawaiian Eye" and I'm sure Connie Stevens never thought so either, Sarge. Oh, wait...that was Poncie Ponce, wasn't it? Never mind...

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