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  1. CaveGirl

    Halloween movies

    "Fun, friendly, family" for Halloween??? Now that is just heresy and tantamount to revolting. I don't need gore at Halloween but I sure need something on film that is more scary than seeing my beloved Don Knotts. Why unless he brought along the ghost of Floyd the Barber, I would feel most cheated at Halloween. I will agree with you though, that "I Married a Witch" is a great movie ful of fun AND spooks!
  2. CaveGirl

    THEM !! Helllppp! Aaarrggggg!

    Lavender, want to start a fan club for IOTBS and TDTESS? Those are my two most favorite fifties sci-fi films too. I almost wished the aliens would take over, after seeing Michael Rennie in that silver suit. When they try to lock him up in that hospital room by locking the door, and he just laughs...fabulous. I also love that small bit at the boarding house, when as Mr. Carpenter he picks up the small music box most bemused, and is surprised when he opens it to hear the music. How do you feel about The Incredible Shrinking Man? Edited by: CaveGirl on Oct 28, 2013 3:41 PM
  3. CaveGirl

    More dissent against The story of film

    Kid_Dabb, you are cracking me up with that photo! I watch that AA show all the time and just want to get my fingers in that guy's hair, but not for the usual reason. He should join the Big Forehead Club...
  4. CaveGirl

    More dissent against The story of film

    Ah, thanks James for saying I "nailed it"! Since Cousins was mostly being crucified here daily, I thought it appropriate...
  5. CaveGirl

    Jeri Trnka Fans?

    I have to thank Mark Cousins for bringing notice to the films of the great Jeri Trnka in his documentary on films. This man did some amazing things on film, and besides "The Hand" which when I first saw it I found chilling, there are many others which deserve reviewing. Maybe TCM will start showing them as shorts?
  6. CaveGirl

    More dissent against The story of film

    Yes, Hibi from what I've seen, Cousins does wear the same t-shirt and no socks attire in every episode shown up to now. I thought it was amusing too, since Robert Osborne is dressed up to beat the band and looks like he just got back from an official state funeral and Cousins looks like he just came in from walking the dog. But I still like the documentary. Who cares if Cousins looks like Isaac Mizrahi on a bad day on the midway, if the documentary has some valid points to extoll about world cinema...
  7. CaveGirl

    Enough with the pan and scan short!

    Apropos of that, Finance I was in Milan recently and went to see the Last Supper by Leonardo on the wall of that refectory and guess what...those disciples or apostles or whatever, have FEET in the original fresco. You can see clearly all thirteen pairs of feet, if you get up close to the railing and squint. But if I saw only eight pair of feet, I'd be okay with that too. Speaking of Last Supper shots and tableaux, the best one I ever saw was in Bunuel's film "Viridiana".
  8. do you do the beach scene with the surf rolling over them? As for TGOW, as I was watching "The Insect Woman" and the scene which I have chosen not to describe, wherein the girl gives her father some sustenance, it reminded me that in the original novel of TGOW, isn't there a similar scene which definitely was NOT filmed in the Henry Fonda version. Thank goodness! Edited by: CaveGirl on Oct 24, 2013 3:14 PM
  9. CaveGirl

    Suddenly, Salinger!

    Wow, Mackie...very interesting reading! If one wants to look to creations as being motivators of evil, then you are right that one must include "Taxi Driver" by Scorcese, and considering his Jesuit led background, I'm sure he would defend his choices. There is the scene in "Clockwork Orange" where the droogie, Little Alex becomes very religious and is helping the chaplain with prayer services and always reading the bible, and then one sees that while he is reading the crucifixion part of the New Testament and looking all beatific, Alex is actually envisioning himself as one of the tormenters who is flailing a whip at the Christ figure. Which goes to show, what one gets out of anything is more intrinsic to their predisposed tendencies than the intent of the thing they are motivated by. I don't like book burnings as I am still regretting the loss of books pre-Dark Ages and also Mayan and Aztec tomes.
  10. CaveGirl

    Jeri Trnka Fans?

    I too like the Brothers Quay, Kid_D. Thanks also Mr6666!
  11. CaveGirl

    Jeri Trnka Fans?

    Thank you, Slayton! Great exegesis of his career and I too hope TCM will look kindly at such a tribute to said animators you mention.
  12. CaveGirl

    Enough with the pan and scan short!

    What is wrong with you people!*&%$#!? What true film fan does not love seeing the same clip from "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" or as it is known by the cognescenti "The Rape of the Sabine Women", every day of one's life? I look forward daily to turning on TCM and seeing only about half of the brothers and call girls,oops...I mean brides, dancing themselves around like whirling dervishes. Who cares if I can't see all the brothers, as I only really have a crush on Russ Tamblyn. And as for El Greco, well with his astigmatism he would not have even noticed if Popeye's Olive Oyl was one of the dancers or if it was Jane Powell anyway. I also enjoy seeing Maureen O'Hara and her story about John Wayne even though it makes no sense since if she is taking him home, why does she think he lives at the Beverly Hills Golf Course? I do enjoy hearing her say that this is where "all the really BIG male stars played" but still... Did John Wayne live at the club, and was she going to drop him off at Tee #1? Also why have the couple John asked for drinks from, not been contacted by TCM for a contrasting viewpoint? Why didn't she take John Wayne to that restaurant that Ben Mankiewicz visited, where Marion Morrison was supposed to have slept overnight in a booth? Edited by: CaveGirl on Oct 24, 2013 2:50 PM Edited by: CaveGirl on Oct 24, 2013 2:51 PM Edited by: CaveGirl on Oct 24, 2013 2:52 PM
  13. CaveGirl

    More dissent against The story of film

    I tend to like people who dress "hypocritically". Like Ingrid Bergman as a nun, or Bing Crosby as a priest or Tony Randall as a Lover Boy. So stone me! By the way, I did not think there was enough "politics" in this installment of the Cousins' documentary. Not enough sex or violence either, for that matter...
  14. CaveGirl

    TEA AND SYMPATHY, a wonderful movie....

    Poor George Nader! I've always felt sorry for him for being fed to the lions as the scapegoat. He joins good company though, since Errol Flynn said he was always chosen to pay for the sins of the more holy members of the Hollywood community like Bing Crosby. They say if you want to know why Dixie went nuts, just check the cast of any Bing movie, and whatever chorine-type is listed in two consecutive ones, might be one of Bing's chosen girls. Just saying...
  15. CaveGirl

    TEA AND SYMPATHY, a wonderful movie....

    No offense, Hibi and what do I know but I gotta go with Top Billed's belief that she did not know of Rock's orientation. She seemed denser than pound cake mixed with concrete, when I saw her interviewed. She probably also would not have thought Liberace was gay... Or even Rip Taylor, for that matter. One must have eyes to see, and actually open them occasionally and this chick seemed out of touch with reality, but I believe she was telling the truth about believing it was a true marriage. At least on her part, though this does not negate that she agreed to the concept of dating Rock apropos of her boss's instigations. Edited by: CaveGirl on Oct 22, 2013 4:14 PM
  16. CaveGirl

    TEA AND SYMPATHY, a wonderful movie....

    Let's not even go into Rock Hudson's marriage, as anyone who saw that former wife in her tv interview, would have to think she was missing a few potatoes in her chowder. As I recall, she said Rock would go off to bars and out with his male friends and not come home all night, that she made him go see a therapist and the doc told her Rock had the mentality of a 12 year old boy, and yet she still persisted in trying to save the marriage. This is all from memory but I should go to Youtube and see if the interview is preserved. She denied that the marriage was a set-up, as wasn't she working for Rock's press agent...but I think she was just a bit deluded and not in on the gag, so was telling the truth from her viewpoint but was very naive. But back to the topic at hand, all one need do to figure out "Tea and Sympathy" is go back to the author, Robert Anderson's own life story, which included a stint at I think, Harvard where he had the same experience with an older woman. By the way, looking at old pics of him in the mid-1950's, he is a dead ringer for John Kerr in many ways.
  17. CaveGirl

    SOTM Vincent Price

    Speaking of Vincent, I am so enjoying John Waters' little tribute to him that TCM has been showing this month. You can tell that Waters is a true fan and not some Johnny Come Lately. When he talks about his love for the Tingler and how he enjoyed just hearing Price's voice, you know he means it from the bottom of his heart. As he says so succinctly in his monologue, all people liked Price and his appeal was widespread. I have an older relative who used to work at a local tv station, and I was so pleased to hear her say that of all the celebrities who she had ever met promoting something on her channel in the 1960's, that Vincent Price was the nicest and most kind and fun person who she had ever had to deal with... I bet he was a lot nicer than Will Rogers who said he never met a man he did not like. When asked what she thought of Will Rogers, Maureen O'Sullivan said that you notice that Will never said he never met a woman he didn't like... N'uf said...
  18. CaveGirl

    Burn Witch Burn was spooky

    Hey, Roverrocks, thanks for enjoying one of the movies I most recommend as an unknown classic! Saw this many years ago and felt that the clean-cut, wholesome Janet Blair was so perfect in this role. It brought a new dimension to said kinds of witchy women, because usually they are played by folks like Barbara Steele and having someone so Americana was just inspiration and made it more frightening. I mean if Janet Blair could be a woman working spells in the kitchen, who knows what one's neighbor ladies were doing during their bridge game off-time. The film also starred Kathleen Byron, who is notable as the mad, mad nun from "Black Narcissus" and that Margaret Johnson ? chick is also spooky as heck. Very atmospheric film and have you ever seen Curtis Harrington's "Night Tide" which has a similar feel?
  19. CaveGirl

    Dostoevsky on Film

    If I recall correctly, Mackie there is some kind of pun in the original Russian title of "Crime and Punishment". And yes, having read many of Dostoevsky's books during one of my most morbid periods, I will say he definitely had a handle on the dark side. Unlike Ellroy though, he did not continually dwell on the same subject matter over and over, which is probably why he is considered so much of a better writer and one cannot even mention both in the same breath. The movie with William Shatner as a Brother Karamazov, kind of amused me but the Lorre film is arresting, and I'm not making a pun!
  20. CaveGirl

    Fake Spiritualism in the Movies

    Spiritualism goes way back and one only need look to Madame Blavatsky for inspiration. I was laughing during the seance scene in TCOTD last nite, and thought it definitely was supposed to be noted as being full of baloney. I've always wondered a bit about Conan Doyle and his trusting views about this topic, even with all the debunking done by Houdini but then again, CD fell for that fairy fakery so why be surprised.
  21. Dear Roverrocks, did you call the TCM programmers "wussy"??? Thanks for the laugh of the day... They probably did change the time due to content issues, being more racy but I am sorry that this conflicts with your schedule, particularly since you and I were about the only viewers who liked the show. How many more episodes are there? I sure hope Marky Mark does not actually discuss films from the 1980's and 1990's as then I will be tuning out, and dropping out.
  22. CaveGirl

    I Am Curious Yellow

    Well, Dobbsy...I watched all of IACY and it only confirmed what Wilhelm Reich had been saying all along about Orgone Energy and the connection between sex and revolution. Now I'd direct you to some of his books, if you are not into him but I think most of them are still banned. I could have recorded this film, but decided to make myself stay up and watch it, and some parts of it were kind of interesting. Like when the characters begin arguing and make it obvious that they are just actors and not really living the scenes. All the political rhetoric seemed to be filler for the sex scenes or maybe the sex scenes were filler for the prosaic proselytizing. All in all, though I am very tired today as I got only three hours of sleep, it was a good experience and the film did not really seem to be sexually motivated but it was just the glue which gave the director the license to spout forth his views on ideological issues. Kind of like how Ed Wood's "PNFOS" was an insurrectionist take on the validity of extraterrestial visitations masked by an idiotic script and fake tombstones as a distraction.
  23. CaveGirl

    Re: Male Noir Fans

    Doing research on this pressing subject matter. Anyone here think that male noir fans are always like their filmic counterparts in being wussy? Just curious. All the woman noir fans I know are dominant forces to contend with and the male noir fans are...well, not. Prove me wrong. I can take it... Please don't be personally offended if you are a male noir fan. Mayhaps you are that very rara avis who breaks the mold.
  24. CaveGirl

    Classic Movies You STILL Haven't Seen

    Thanks, Sans Fin for the Monster's Lullaby! And Kingrat, I have by choice never seen TSOM, or as my friend Mike calls it, The Sound of Mucus. I actually think I got an aversion to it due to being at all the rehearsals of the play, in my high school senior year. One can only hear "You Are Sixteen Going on Seventeen" one-hundred times, and not start going crazy though I really do admire all the works by Richard Rodgers so I still might watch someday. I also think after having read a book about what a horrid woman Maria really was, and how she liked to torture the poor Trapp children and make them walk up and down the hills carrying water pails, I could never enjoy the movie whitewashing... She obviously looked little like the wonderful Julie Andrews nor acted like her in real life, probably due to her incarceration in the convent!
  25. Arturo, I think we are on some harmonic convergence as just yesterday I started thinking about Florence Lawrence BEING the Biograph girl. There was some big picture of her in an old film book I had, discussing this occurrence. Poor Mary, I loved her in films but just cannot ever get out of my head that horrid appearance she made on the Academy Awards show way back, when hubby Buddy Rogers opened the door to their home and she seemed mummy-like in her little speech. But this is not to defame her great film career and other accomplishments, but is more of a pan to bad Hollywood plastic surgery of the times...

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