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  1. CaveGirl

    Anatomy of a Murder

    Where's Rochester in all this? I think he would have added to the cast of "Anatomy of a Murder" if they'd only given him a part. Darg, do you agree with my above contention that Dwayne Hickman [as Dobie Gillis] also does a mean Jack Benny as teenager imitation?
  2. CaveGirl

    Anatomy of a Murder

    Don't feel badly, sixhalfdozen! I can relate and I agree with you, but I have an even more off the wall Jack Benny comparison. I've always thought Dwayne Hickman, in his Dobie Gillis persona, is doing an impression of Jack Benny, particularly in his movements and expressions. I'm sure now someone will say I am the "only one" who thinks that also. But I don't think any actors have done a Roy Cohn or Joseph McCarthy imitation on screen that is up to par with the reality of their HUAC personas.
  3. CaveGirl

    Fat Jokes In Movies And TV

    That episode is a riot. I think it is Betty Garde who plays the maid from hell! Her comebacks to Ralphie Boy's rants are priceless.
  4. CaveGirl

    Fat Jokes In Movies And TV

    Hey, Darg...bizarrely I caught some movie over the weekend, called "Pumpkin" from 2002 I think, which had the earliest incarnation on film of McCarthy I've ever seen. Her friend, Christina Ricci was trying to set her up on a date, with a guy Ricci was training for the Special Olympics. I can't even describe this plot so will just give the online synopsis, and I'd love to hear anyone else's opinion of this rather odd film. "A sorority girl finds her life falling apart after she develops romantic feelings for a mentally-challenged man."
  5. CaveGirl

    What are you reading

    Oh, maybe I should save my money and just look for a library edition, Tiki? Thanks for the further review. Spoto, eh? That name rings a bell. Didn't he write that Hitchcock book from way back which was rather controversial? I had not looked up the Sturges book online after you mentioned it, so didn't realize he was the author. Thanks again for the latest on the Sturges book!
  6. CaveGirl

    Misleading Titles

    Edd Byrnes and I both thank you, Mr. Rennie!
  7. CaveGirl

    Movies for Dummies

    I think any films with such passive aggressive personalities as a ventriloquist and his mouthy partner, are fun to watch and my favorite is "Devil Doll" with Bryant Haliday. Oh, it also stars...Hugo. Haliday is famous also for his connection to Janus films, if his name seems unfamiliar. I realize this topic may not be ultra-popular, but I know I will have at least one poster respond, as always!
  8. CaveGirl

    Kings of the B's

    I had the book with this title from quite a few years ago, which introduced me to many B-film directors. It must be in my garage now, since I haven't seen it for a while, but I remember looking for all the films mentioned in the book and was well rewarded when I would locate them to watch. I'm not even sure anymore of all the names mentioned in the book, but I do know that once I got into the B-film archives, many of these directors became my favorites. I particularly like Joseph H. Lewis who directed the wonderfully atmospheric "My Name is Julia Ross". If you have a favorite King of the B's director, please share now.
  9. CaveGirl

    Stalker Movies

    It is way more fun to watch a movie about stalkers, than to have one personally, trust me. I do have some experience with male stalkers both offline and lately more online, and have ascertained that they all seem to have one indelible trait in common...they are absolutely devoid of any sense of humor. Think Travis Bickle on steroids...get the picture?I think the derivation of the word to mean "a person who harasses or pursues someone with unwanted and obsessive attention" probably was somewhat provoked by the first movie I ever saw about this theme, which was "The Fan" from 1981, starring Lauren Bacall. Up till then, the term had a bit different terminology.Obviously both men and women have the capacity to be stalkers, but I've only had experience with the former. Now there was the Tarkovsky movie from the 1970's called "Stalker" but it is not really about the kind of demented pursuer I am researching on film.The classic male stalker is one who if a female rebuffs them, they become angry and bitter and are out to make the female's life miserable, since the stalker believes no woman has the right to reject them. Being that I don't live in Iran though, this belief is anathema since I believe all women have the right to pick men they want to associate with, and not be picked.Name a movie that accurately depicts the psychotically narcissistic behaviour of a stalker of male or female type.
  10. CaveGirl

    Brian DePalma's "Sisters" (1972)

    After watching that film, I always check the back of any couch in a room I visit.
  11. CaveGirl

    "10 Rillington Place" (1971) Oct. 29 EARLY

    Being an aficianado of serial killer biographies, this film captures Christie's persona perfectly, and Attenborough is amazing, as is John Hurt. The abortion scenes are so real they are truly frightening.
  12. CaveGirl

    Recently Watched Horror

    Love her but definitely don't want her as my piano teacher!
  13. CaveGirl

    Ann Sheridan

    She's gorgeous too and really does have "ooomph"!
  14. One must never underestimate the gullibility of the American public to believing blather handed to them daily, Sgt. Markoff.
  15. CaveGirl

    I Just Watched...

    "Wild Oranges" from 1924 as directed by King Vidor. The film was about fear, distaste, repulsion and attraction. Great visuals and with Frank Mayo, Ford Sterling, who I've hardly ever seen in films but is in my silent film book, and Virginia Valli. A very fascinating movie with tinted film and some frightening settings.
  16. CaveGirl

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    Yes, I recall my mother and grandmother saying they watched Lisa's nighttime show. They would always talk about her first hubby on ATWT who was named Jeff. I think director, Mark Rydell played him? Thanks for your remembrances, POT!
  17. CaveGirl

    Noir Alley

    Just like Dali said "I am Surrealism" the day will come when you find yourself in a black and white dream sequence after some phantom lady sets you up for a sting, and then when you find yourself up for murder charges and in the slammer, you will be able to say "I am Noir", Michael and you will totally "understand" it.
  18. CaveGirl

    Stalker Movies

    I love that movie and particularly Jack Carson! I cannot sing "IFP" but did see Johnny Mathis in concert once, where he sang all the songs from "WSS", and I was waiting for that one also, but he did not sing it. I do think it would have been fitting though as he is kind of pretty.
  19. CaveGirl

    Kings of the B's

    I have a slew of movie books, but not that one, Sgt. Markoff. Just looked it up online and it does sound marvy! Thanks for the suggestion.
  20. CaveGirl

    Groovy Movies!

    There were a lot of groovy movies in the 1960's and the way to identify them often is by their peace signs, psychedelic music, flower power clothing, strobe lights, beaded curtains, trippy rabbit posters, rad pads and..sometimes if you are lucky, Vladimir Tretchikoff's famous "Chinese Girl" portrait [aka The Green Lady].I tend to be more partial to the Swinging London scene films, though American ones are fun to watch also, so my choice is "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas" which seems to have a true hippie vibe. Second place for me, for grooviest movie ever not set necessarily in London, is "Barbarella".I'm always open to new and unseen groovy flicks though, so what's your suggestion?Addendum: Tretchikoff's Green Lady was first painted in 1952, and graced many a mantle in British homes in its numerous prints. It has often been used in British films to show a dichotomy between the classic times of the 1950's in those environs, as contrasted with the new swinging lifestyles in the 1960's. Carnaby Street and Portobello Road boutiques were even selling kitschy clothes adorned with such Tretchi prints of mysterious Orientalism subjects by the time of the British Invasion. Hence The Green Lady has been used in films like "Alfie", "Performance" and "Frenzy" and has been rediscovered numerous times since it seems to be an indelible image in the popular consciousness of the British public of either bourgeois mediocrity or mysterious popular art.If you've seen Bowie's video called "The Stars Are Out Tonight", or ones by the White Stripes, or even a Monty Python video, you might remember the greenish-hued lady on the wall.Tretchikoff's masterpiece and original painting sold at auction in 2013 for almost a million pounds [982,050.00 to be exact!].
  21. CaveGirl

    What are you reading

    Thanks, Tiki! I would love to read a book on Sturges since he's a favorite of mine. So glad you mentioned this volume so I can look for it.
  22. CaveGirl

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    My grandma loved that show, TB! I remember her saying that Lisa had married almost every man in town, and there were no men left for her to be connubial with... Isn't ATWT the soap that also had the actor's toupee fly off during one live broadcast scene?
  23. CaveGirl

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    Speaking of inappropriate casting, wasn't there an episode from the show "Taxi" where Louie DePalma [Danny DeVito] got Bobby Wheeler "Jeff Conaway] to go to Louie's high school reunion for him? I thought it was one of the funniest ever! People seemed to just take the transformation of the DePalma appearance in stride. It's said that during his big heydays, Andy Warhol hired someone to portray him at engagements he had signed on to, and though the guy looked nothing like him, just by putting on a platinum wig, the audience seemed satisfied. If Maureen Stapleton can play a fading Southern Belle of great beauty on stage, then anything is possible mayhaps?
  24. CaveGirl

    Groovy Movies!

    Great stalking point, as usual.
  25. "Color Me Blood Red" is my favorite since I like movies about the artist life. One knows they are an artist when they would rather buy paint [or blood] than use their money for food.

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