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  1. Yes, and that's another part of the movie that was so haunting and made it really stand out (to me anyway). Something about the way that movie ends really has a haunting feel to it. It's a great ending as far as that goes (two cents)!
  2. Sorry for the confusion on that. After the Get Carter mystery had been solved I should have edited this original post, which I will do right now, to say that the Get Carter thing had been solved. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!
  3. Yes it was, thanks. That ending just really struck me though as being a great way to end a movie like that, creepy, strange, bizarre, different. That ending kinda leaves you with a weird feeling, which is probably why, after the fact, the movie kept haunting me, and of course I had forgotten what it was. That “gondolal” scene just kept haunting me for YEARS!!
  4. Haha the first time I heard someone ask about a possible decades long historical TCM schedule I was thinking, um yeah that’s not even possible. Then I was like, wait, WHAT??? GREAT contribution to a site like this!
  5. Robstaff

    Why Do?

    Hey now!
  6. Thank you, metamorpheus. As far as my description, you hit the nail on the head, but unfortunately not the one I was looking for. Your post made me realize I needed to clarify one thing in my original post. I’m going to revise my original post to clarify that it was full daylight but overcast, very gloomy when that guy was walking toward that castle or whatever it was. Danke!
  7. Robstaff

    Why Do?

    Or something I always noticed was when 2 dudes would be crowded right next to each other in a car front seat (for the camera I’m sure) with plenty of room for the passenger to slide over a foot. I always thought to myself, that doesn’t look natural, as far as how 2 people would just naturally get into the front seat of a car, AND when these old movies did that with a guy and gal, crowded together like that, which I saw not long ago, they must not have realized it makes it look like they’re together (romantically), which in this particular movie they were not.
  8. Thank you, metamorpheus.
  9. Exactly, I re-read it and realize a little bit of simple rewording would make it flow better or read easier. By the time I’ve finished editing and re-editing my posts they’re the same post, but they do flow better.
  10. Got it! Great explanation, MovieCollector.
  11. I edited and re-edited one of my own posts about 50 times maybe, give or take! I've already edited this one probably 15 times. I just wanted to make sure that sort of thing was OK! I try not to edit anything once it's established as part of a discussion, but before I think very many people have seen it I tend to really go to town changing little things. I've always wondered about that, on other forums as well. Tonight it occurred to me to just ask. It all has to do with that little tab that says, "Reason For Editing". Would anyone care to advise me on this and/or maybe confess that they tend to do a lot of changing and revising to their own posts as well??? YES this is a real question! NO I haven't been drinking! Thank You!!!
  12. On that note, this 20 year TCM schedule is SOOOO COOL!!!! Very interesting to just look for your favorite (even less known) movies to see if they’ve been on. Cool!!
  13. I just wanted to post this still shot because it’s so COOL!! It’s from a 20 years schedule history of TCM that someone on here put together (who deserves a great deal of credit!!). MovieCollectorOH??? Am I correct that MovieCollectorOH is the one who put this together??? I went to the page and hit the ‘find in page’ feature on my browser and searched for ‘mommy’. I just think this is very cool, that’s all! One person’s efforts can benefit so many!!
  14. Excellent! Thank You! Whoever put this together, VERY COOL!

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