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  1. STILL trying to figure this out by the way! Just hoping someone remembers seeing that scene. Thanks for any ideas!
  2. lavenderblue19, thanks for the thumbs up on that!! It’s cool you can actually see a lot of these old films on youtube! Nice to see em on TCM, but if ya just can’t wait, hehe...
  3. You’ve got me interested in seeing Son of Fury! Anyway I’m almost certain now that I’ve had time to mill it over that the film with that rude dinner scene was a newer color film.
  4. I’m thinking it could be a newer version of Wuthering Heights!!! I just watched a trailer of a newer version & it fits perfectly. I didn’t see that scene, but it really fits. Definitely not the 1939 version of W H! I watched that through & no cigar. Great movie though.
  5. Thanks for those suggestions! You obviously GOT the context! The basic premise was exactly the situation you described with Son of Fury, someone considered illegitimate & scorned by the family. I’ll look into those films.
  6. THANKS, Sgt, but that’s not it. Great movie suggestion though! I just went through that movie on youtube, & it just doesn’t fit. I am thinking it could have been a more modern day film with an OLD DAYS SETTING. These guys I described were in their like late 20s or so, still single but definitely not kids.
  7. Try Tales of Manhattan (1942)... No cigar on this one, slayton! Thanks for the effort. They’re younger guys & gals maybe in their 20s, 2 girls, 2 guys (I think) then this outcast guy. The house isn’t in the city. It’s a country house w/ a horse barn & stuff, & the ridiculed outcast guy is like a stable type guy or a looked down upon step brother. They’re not dressed up in tuxedos, just nice suits with vests & stuff.
  8. The setting, 17 or 1800s, NOT a big city, more of a remote country house, horse & stable type place!! Picture life as usual, but then a special holiday or something comes along. 2 or 3 people (guys/gals) get dressed up nice & are seated at a dinner table in this house. The ‘lesser’ step brother or stable guy (not there yet) thinks that since it’s a special occasion he should dress up too & celebrate with them, but when he goes in to join them one of the guys ridicules the hell out of him for dressing up like that & thinking he belongs on their level. At first the guy tries to stick up for himself, asking why he’s not as good as they are, but he is literally run out of there. That scene is PAINFUL (infuriating) to watch! I didn't watch the entire movie, just caught that one rotten scene, but I thought I'd revisit this, hoping something positive comes to that poor guy! THANKS for any help!!
  9. Shoot, yeah that’s it! I remembered the name as soon as I saw it! Just got a craving to watch a mystery like this one for some reason! Did you know this one off the top of your head, LawrenceA??? Thank You Very Much!
  10. Just can’t remember... black/white, guy gets killed or dies, ends up in a trunk (I THINK he’s in a trunk. He may not be???), woman moves him in a car for sure, guy ends up at the bottom of a swimming pool at a school. The pool is emptied, guy isn’t ther! Someone knows this off the top of their head, I’m sure! Thanks much!
  11. Excellent! Thanks for the info!
  12. Just curious if anyone knows where those come from because for me they REALLY hit the nail on the head as far as being hauntingly familiar as to to old movies & stuff? I’m talking about the all night diner scene, late night (early morn) street scene w/ the cars parked along street, the guy at the ticket booth, etc. I don’t know how TCM did it, but those scenes are freakishly haunting to me (for a lack of a better description), & I’ve always been amazed at just how they could have come up with such scenes & music that hits the nail on the head like that. ALSO wanted to ask if anyone else felt the same way about it.
  13. Yes, and that's another part of the movie that was so haunting and made it really stand out (to me anyway). Something about the way that movie ends really has a haunting feel to it. It's a great ending as far as that goes (two cents)!
  14. Sorry for the confusion on that. After the Get Carter mystery had been solved I should have edited this original post, which I will do right now, to say that the Get Carter thing had been solved. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

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