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    The Hammer film "The Quatermass Xperiment" has been on vhs/laserdisc and bluray. Interesting enough, no version ever really presented the original Ending as seen in British theatres. While the Kino bluray does present the Hammer film credis at the conclusion, the soundtrack differed as there was NO music on the soundtrack as Brian Donlevy walks off into the night. The effect is more chilling than the replay of the James Bernard Main Title reprise. It is on YOUTUBE as "Quatermass Xperiment-ending not seen in years' for you to see.
  2. As a huge science fiction/horror film fan who got hooked by watching "Supernatural Theatre" (WOR Channel 9 NY), "Chiller Theatre" (WPIX Channel 11 NY) and "Million Dollar Movie" (WOR Channel 9 NY), there are a LOT of titles from those years I saw on TCM-thankfully-but others I would love to see again. One is "THE FLAME BARRIER", starring Arthur Franz (which I overdosed on WOR Channel 9). Also, another is "MACUMBA LOVE" (1960) from United Artists; starring Walter Reed, June Wilkinson, Ziva Rodann-not seen in over 40 years! Anyone else have favorites from their youth?
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    Would love to see this on TCM. Starring William 'Stage' Boyd, Lilyan Tashman (supreme sexy vamp!), Regis Toomey and Irving Pichel. Directed by Edward Sloman

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