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  1. MorrisSteele

    Warning Points

    It's a bunch of Georgia crackers. I mean, come on.
  2. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    Whether it happened or not, I feel sorry for GB if he was caught with his pants down anywhere. Quite an effort to get them up again over those outsized twin cheeks, especially if speed was of the essence.
  3. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    That's as close as Bette got to playing Scarlett O'Hara.
  4. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    True, it was a no brainer at that time and place to blame it on the black guy. And as I already mentioned, in addition there was a plausibility to that story as he did have easy access to her car. Yeah some of Bette's outfits and hair styles were almost as out there as the whole story. I've hadn't seen the movie in a while, so I got a kick out of it when it was on TCM.
  5. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    Probably, but he was also the person who had the easiest access to the car. Bette was an equal opportunity vixen.
  6. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    I was going to mention that slick black hair George was sporting. Yikes. I was reminded of the Raymond episode where he uses black shoe polish on his graying temples and his mother asks him if it is shoe polish and he answers Only if you use it on shoes. I read that Bette used her own wardrobe and hair styling ideas. Better stick to the acting. What's interesting is that the picture is mostly an out there southern soap opera, but there is a serious subplot about racial discrimination in the midst of all the craziness. Bette did frame Parry for the hit and run, but she would have framed anybody, regardless of color.
  7. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    Very few booty shots of Georgie in In This Our Life and he was usually wearing a suit jacket, so hard to tell. I must say from the profile shots he did look pretty slim and trim. Bette was so over the top I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I did neither. Two reviews so far on Amazon for the book, both five stars. Off to a good start.
  8. MorrisSteele

    Carnegie Hall

    I remember going to see Bowie at Carnegie Hall in the early 1970s. Unfortunately I procrastinated and had to sit in Row Z. But I was so excited at the time I didn't mind too much.
  9. Ecce H o m o Wingnutius.
  10. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    Yes, I'd imagine it took some digging to get all the details from that long ago. Wiki mentions that the British put a bounty on George's head, wonder if that is true. Most sources give his birth year as 1899, so he would have been in his early twenties in 1921. Did he change his date for some purpose? That wouldn't be unusual for a movie star, though they usually subtracted instead of adding. And he sure did get adventure, maybe more than he bargained for. I suppose George's reputation as someone who played second fiddle to his leading ladies is exaggerated and once these things start, they're hard to contain. I usually don't read many movie star biographies, but this one sounds interesting. Good luck with the book.
  11. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    I've always been interested in Georgie's involvement in the IRA. When it is mentioned, it's not in much detail as to exactly what his role was, and it's understandable that he didn't want to talk about it much in his movie star days. And few movie stars that I know of were ever part of what many would consider a terrorist organization. I think one of the first times I remember Brent mentioned was in a book where it was said that Bette liked to have GB in a movie with her because she could just walk all over him, if in a friendly way. I guess that reputation has stuck.
  12. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    Sounds good, but it seems a bit immodest.
  13. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    . Thanks. There appear to be conflicting reports whether Christie was cleared by the federal investigation or not. He better hope for the best, because there's not much money to be made as a William Howard Taft impersonator.
  14. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    I could have more than one name. Maybe I'll switched to Float Like a Butterfly or Sting Like a Bee. George is A okay in my book.
  15. MorrisSteele

    George Brent's Derry Air

    I still am, though with each passing year that thing gets harder to boost. Have no fear, George is here.

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