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  1. ... the situation remains that there is no SUBMIT REPLY key on the screen of my Hewlett-Packard laptop.
  2. Belianis

    I Cannot Figure Out ...

    ... invisible RETURN key?
  3. Belianis

    I Cannot Figure Out ...

    ... and I cannot post replies because there are no SEND buttons!
  4. Belianis

    I Cannot Figure Out ...

  5. Belianis

    I Cannot Figure Out ...

    I cannot figure out how to write replies for TCM posts.
  6. TCM kept rejecting my attempts to get a new password for Palmerin, so now I have resurrected an username that was sabotaged in a similar manner years ago. Please do not brand me a sock puppet; this was the only way that I was able to renew my subscription.
  7. Belianis

    Something of interest - JFK and Oswald.

    Fifty years and nine days have passed; this is the most investigated assassination ever, even more than that of Lincoln--and the result is always the same: Oswald did it, all by himself alone. Oliver Stone and company, enough with your ghoulish obsession. As you Americans say: GET A LIFE.
  8. I am so glad that you posters are so eager to discuss GWTW. Let me ask a question about the scene where Rhett warns the guests at Twelve Oaks about the superiority in numbers and supplies that the Northern states enjoy: were the Southerners really that reckless? Anybody with half a brain knows that you cannot win a war with mere bravado; you need trained fighting men, weapons, ammunition, supplies, the support of the civilian population--in short, the kind of armed forces that every country that is serious about its self defense is careful to maintain in full functionality.
  9. You will win a lot more friends and a lot more arguments with a less abrasive hostile attitude. I take movies real seriously, which is why I like to listen to the discussions with people such as Drew Barrymore about what makes a particular movie something special. GWTW won a Best Picture award, so one has to assume it is something special. As for world peace and world hunger, I leave that to HH the Pope and other influential people, since I myself am currently unemployed and have to concentrate on getting a job in order to move out of the house of my sister, with whom I have to live because I have no income other than food stamps--a very humiliating situation indeed.
  10. Osborne will obviously try to sound knowledgeable, but chances are very good his so-called commentary will be nothing but inane trivia about such silliness as the fact that every 30s movie star wanted to play Scarlett, and how GWTW was the first movie ever broadcast by TCM. Real deep commentary about what makes GWTW special and worthy of this tribute will be sadly absent, unless Osborne gets serious!
  11. Belianis

    Theodore Bikel

    Regarding one of your hosts for your next cruise, do you recall a time when Herr Bikel's plane was taken hostage, and Bikel kept up the spirit of the passengers by singing and playing the guitar? I think Sam Jaffee--Dr Zorba of BEN CASEY--was another of the hostages in that situation.
  12. Belianis

    THEM !! Helllppp! Aaarrggggg!

    I watched this on a movie theatre back in Puerto Rico when it was brand new, and it's still one of my favorites. James Whitmore dies like a real hero, rescuing the two little boys.
  13. When he played Captain Hook in PETER PAN on Broadway, the children in the audience would visit Karloff in his dressing room, and he would let them play with his hook. Even the little girls would get all ferocious with that hook in their hands! What other anecdotes about K do you know?
  14. Belianis

    The TRULY BIG Question About The Oscar:

    Thanks to all for your replies. Whenever I have asked this question the only movies mentioned are the candidates for Best Picture, obviously not noticing that the question also applies to such films as documentaries, short subjects and cartoons.
  15. I would like to discuss the movie and the book with those who, like me, know firsthand the similarities and differences between one and the other. Is Scarlett evil, or simply a victim of harsh circumstances?

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