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  1. Sonja Henie was a bit below average in acting talent in my opinion but Maria Montez made her look like Vivien Leigh. Nonetheless I adore both Henie and Montez and love watching their movies.
  2. Lagamorpha

    Who Would You Marry? (Celebrity Wise)

    Well this thread is just fantasy and fun but I at least try to guesstimate who would be my best match based on research. In real life we may reject that person who made a bad first or 2nd impression but he or she could have turned out to be perfect-- but that's it! We ruined it--forever-you just don't know. Nonetheless in real life we do judge looks, money, education, ambition and values and really I think it comes to luck and timing along with the persons values and interests.
  3. Lagamorpha

    Who Would You Marry? (Celebrity Wise)

    "As for me? Well this thread really is just another ?who is the best looking one?, since none of us know what it really would be like to be married to any of these stars." That is NOT NOT NOT the case for me. I based my choices of Louis Jourdan, Charles Boyer, and Edward G. Robinson based on their long marriages. They are educated Europeans. Robinson grew up in NY. Boyer and his wife often went to Europe. I based my decisions on who I felt would share my values and live in an environment I'd feel comfortable with. If I went by looks, I'd have chosen Gary Cooper or Clint Eastwood but I don't want a man who has numerous ex-marital affairs and Clint Eastwood is too California for me. Jourdan and Boyer would probably be a tad better for me since I assume they were cultural Catholic vs. Jewish Robinson. My lesbian marriages to Lamour, Kwan or Madeleine Carroll aren't solely looks. All 3 are beautiful but if I went solely buy looks I'd have picked Gene Tierney but if I married Tierney it would have to be before Oleg Cassini. Being a lesbian marriage we may not have biological kids since I don't believe in artificial insemination. Tierney was a New Yorker and educated in Switzerland so we could be compatible. Madeleine Carroll was a diplomacy major and English. Kwan Hong Kong raised and lived in Europe. Lamour not sure if she'd be a great wife but I'd give her a chance considering her New Orleans roots. Lamour didn't have celebrity drama and married for a long time. I based my choices on "no scandalous drama" although I understand it always can't be helped like in Joan Bennett's case.
  4. Lagamorpha

    Who Would You Marry? (Celebrity Wise)

    Arturo, Jean would have made you a widower by the time she was 26 regardless whether if she was or wasn't troubled.
  5. Lagamorpha

    Who Would You Marry? (Celebrity Wise)

    Charles Boyer, Louis Jourdan or Edward G. Robinson If I were lesbian. Maybe Dorothy Lamour, Ann Blyth, or Nancy Kwan. Not sure about Lamour but they all seem worldly and all are beautiful (Robinson not conventionally so but he was cute). They just seem like gentle people who'd take the marriage seriously.
  6. Lagamorpha

    Name movies about BABIES!!!

    I really do mean babies like *Raising Arizona* I don't remember any baby in Baby Face.
  7. I have many sources. I prefer screening in a theatre in it's original format if available. Q&As are always nice.
  8. Lagamorpha

    Dean Stockwell Lots of Love For

    Please let Dean know how you feel. He has so many sci-fi fans, I hope he knows how he has fans who love his whole career spanning the 40s to present. Here is his facebook page run by his wife.
  9. Stuffed animal is named Tallulah. I have two pretend names if I don't feel like saying my real name, Ms Sandrelli or Luciana (after Paluzzi)
  10. The Trouble With Angels Call Northside 777 Love Affair
  11. Lagamorpha

    Name movies about BABIES!!!

    Casanova Brown It's Alive!
  12. Lagamorpha

    Best Directors

    I like many from William Wyler to Carlos Saura to Jesus Franco
  13. Lagamorpha

    Stars you find gorgeous but aren't the usual suspects

    I think Dorothy McGuire was beautiful too. I think everyone looks "ethnic." If brunette is moreso "ethnic" then it is quite "common" really as most of the world and many of the celebrated Hollywood beauties have been brunette--Ava, Sophia, Taylor, Vivien, Tierney, Darnell, Jolie, Hedy, Natalie Wood, Audrey, Raquel Katharine Ross, Peggy Cummins, Nia Peeples, Tuesday Weld, Karina Lombard, Virna Lisi, Romy Schneider, Eleanor Parker, Kelly Hu Michael York, Armand Assante

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