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  1. . In this sequence, describe how Hitchcock uses sound design to put you into the subjective "mind of Alice"? Be specific. As we follow Alice around the store we are seeing/feeling her emotions. The constant drone of the woman in the store and the reaction to those sounds impacts Alice's emotions, as see on her face, as well as the other sounds of the shoppers. 2. Describe the different ways that the sound design of this scene operates in counterpoint to the visual track. For example, how does Hitchcock set up the shot where the knife flies out of Alice's hand so that it registers a shock in his audience? Pay attention to both what is happening visually and aurally. Be specific. The ups and downs of the sound, the drowning out of the drone and hearing only the word knife, knife, knife until it's all you hear, loudly causing Alice and the audience to jump. 3. Why do you think this particular use of subjective sound is not used frequently in cinema? Unfortunately I think nowadays especially it's too subtle. However, I have seen this used in other films, still causing the audience to jump or react to the sudden sound.
  2. This is my first silent Hitchcock film. The scene where we are looking through the binoculars to see what the viewer sees is definitely a signature scene for me.
  3. wittc1

    SUE SUE II...

    I got my matinee pass, wish it was more but circumstances won't allow this year. Last year was my first year and I did standby(i live local), that was brutal. Never knew if you'd get in after a long wait. I cannot wait to go and hear what films will be presented. So fun
  4. wittc1

    TCM 2014 Night before activities

    A close by good mexican food is 3Dog Cantina. Do you all meet and get together at the festival. I live locally and this is my first year attending. I've done standby previously. None of my friends are interesting in spending the money for this event so going anyway.

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