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  1. describe the scene game

    Resurrection ? Ellen Burstyn and Eva La Gallienne
  2. What Are You Watching Now?

    Whispering Ghosts (1942)..starring Milton Berle, before his tv success. Berle hosts a radio show that solves cold crimes, and becomes involved in investigating the murder of a ship's captain, and the lore surrounding his secret stash of gems. While Berle seems a bit uncomfortable in the role, a good supporting cast keeps it moving and light (John Carradine as a hammy actor hired to frighten Berle, and Willie Best stand out). Pretty typical for the popular comedy/mystery genre of that time, with a double twist at the end that will make you go..huh? source: classic reel on Roku

    no, but she does look a little like her...4 was born in England,, lots of credits starting in 30's
  4. ClassiCategories

    Natalie Wood as the kleptomaniac who moves on to bank robbery..Penelope
  5. ClassiCategories

    Lurene Tuttle is nabbed on The Andy Griffith Show
  6. First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    Rap, Tap on Wood--Born to Dance (of course, her singing is dubbed..) next--sung while walking down the street..but not by Gene Kelly
  7. The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (the jail keys) next--shipboard romance

    okay:maybe these are clearer..on any pc or laptop they should be large enough, on any tablet, you can enlarge them and they don't lose any detail (I'm doing this on a touch-screen surface, and have enlarged each to check) 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  9. I Just Watched...

    Carry On Regardless (1961)--First time I've seen this installment of the 'Carry On' series. The gang all work for Sidney James' employment agency, Helping Hands..they promote themselves as willing to do any odd jobs. This sets up a great premise that allows a lot of leeway for the comedy, and it is more like a series of skits than a one plot film. Kenneth Williams gets the funniest bits as a chimpanzee walker and an interpreter for a squabbling couple. The group does get together for jobs at a home show, and cleaning up a dilapidated old house for their landlord-- both scenarios provide the most physical comedy. Lots of double-entendres, as usual..the one missing cog is Hattie Jacques who has only a tiny part in a hospital scene. I'm mixed on the series overall..some I like, some not so much. This one definitely goes in the 'like' column..moves quickly and ample laughs.
  10. I Just Watched...

    Crooked House (2017)--I read that this was one of Agatha Christie's favorite of her mysteries. Agatha and I don't agree. It's lovely to look at (the set designs are terrific, and there are a few wonderful 'filtered light' scenes that are exceptional)..but the story itself...well... It takes at least the first 30 minutes or so to figure out how everyone is related/important. Basically, a very wealthy man has died, and his grandaughter is suspicious that it was murder. Okay. She goes to her ex--Max Irons, a detective--for help. He, in turn, goes to his late father's pal at Scotland Yard (this whole police angle is totally irrelevant, it turns out). The huge manor is full of the old guys' family..son and daughter and their spouses and children, his first wifes' sister (well played by Glenn Close) and his slightly slutty trophy wife, Christine Hendricks (top billed, but relatively small part) .Along the way, Irons gets odd 'tips' from men who we never learn anything about, and everyone seems to have a reason to want the guy dead..yes, it's confusing. There is an unsigned will, then a new will turns up, evidence of the dead man's past deeds is destroyed, then the nanny is poisoned. I read a review that called the ending 'shocking'...I wasn't a bit shocked: I narrowed it down to the two most irritating characters and picked the killer--and I was right. All in all, it's ok, but not great Christie for sure. Some performances were quite good, but Irons, who really is the star, wasn't terribly impressive. A lot of the time, the blase' attitude of the cast feels contagious, and you really don't care much what happens. Pretty looking, but pretty average. source: terrarium.
  11. Password TCM

    artificial fruit shopping spree
  12. Actor/Movie Association Game

  13. A to Z of Characters

    Quale, S. Quentin--Groucho Marx in Go West
  14. *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Talmadge, Norma
  15. *A to Z of Movies*

    Quick, Let's Get Married

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