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  1. starstricken

    New tcm Website?

    I think that I finally entered the Twilight Zone but can't find Rod Serling for assistance. I just attempted to check the latest tcm "on demand" offerings and received a totally new tcm website format. Viewers have the option of re-arranging the current selection into different orders, including "old to new" or "new to old", which seems very promising to me. There is also a new "information" button, but I could get no response when I clicked on a few selections. This doesn't look bad at first glance, but I couldn't get anything to work. In fact, I couldn't even access the new tcm website from my stored address/icon, which may mean that tcm has a new address? Perhaps it just went "live", has a few kinks, and I'll be able to access it without all of these problems tonight when the popcorn is ready, and I have my boxes of jujubes and dots handy. Fingers crossed. Thankfully, I have my old vcr library available just in case. Under the current circumstances, that ain't goin' anywhere!
  2. Once again, out of the blue, I cannot load movies for streaming without going through gyrations with very annoying adobe re-installations. As each browser has its own adobe install requirements, I suddenly, out of the blue, can no longer stream tcm at all with either microsoft edge or chrome. Only after enduring a lengthy re-install of adobe flash player, I can now stream with firefox only. When I installed the new version of adobe flash player on firefox, two separate mcafee security software systems automatically installed at the same time even though I didn't want them, don't need them, and had to uninstall them. Why all of these complications just to stream a tcm movie? Why am I repeatedly experiencing tcm loading issues when I pay my tv provider (verizon fios) very handsomely each month? The last time I had a tcm streaming problem (last month), it was caused by, of all things, a microsoft windows 10 update, which I found very bizarre. I believe that all of these loading problems are due to inadequate tcm technology for streaming movies, and it's getting more and more inconvenient and annoying. Eventually, I just won't be watching movies on tcm any longer. Another very annoying problem with tcm is that it offers absolutely no technical or customer assistance. Doesn't tcm receive fees from several tv providers? Why can't tcm provide any technical assistance to its viewers? I'm fed up with all of these tcm streaming problems, especially when I am paying my tv provider excessive fees only to stream from tcm and from no other channel/network.
  3. starstricken

    Dreaded ''Not Authorized" Window

    jersey: I realized that Microsoft did a windows 10 update the night before this tcm problem started. On a hunch and because I have had previous issues with these windows 10 updates before, I contacted Microsoft, and they instructed me to "undo" their update of yesterday, so I did that. If you have windows 10 and it was updated since you used tcm normally, you might have to reverse that update in order to get tcm to work again. To me, this sounds crazy as I write it, but it corrected the tcm issue. Good luck. Hope all is well in Jersey. I left 3 years ago and never looked back. I sure wish that tcm had actual technical assistance. I never had problems with Million Dollar Movie back in the 50's, but I'm sure that there were too many commercials. As the immortal Gilda Radner once said, "It's always somethin'". I hope this helps. Very frustrating! Frank ****
  4. starstricken

    "Wings of Desire"

    Hi Stephan55 (My buddy, Norman, that is). I started another topic tonight after the dreaded box appeared stating "you are not authorized to view this content by your tv provider". Exasperating because I AM authorized to view tcm by Verizon fios but get this lousy message all too often. In fact, once is more than enough. Microsoft updated my computer last night, so that may be related, but this is very frustrating for me when tcm is the only tv network that I watch, an there is no one at tcm who can help me, certainly not Mankiewicz who is too preoccupied with the usual pontification of his leftwing drivel. Thanks for listening.
  5. Here we go again. Just when I thought that tcm had finally gotten its act together, I was dead wrong. The first sign of trouble tonight occurred when I was asked to sign in with my tv provider (Verizon), a message which I haven't received in several months. I signed in to Verizon and then clicked onto the movie of choice and then comes the dreaded box "You are not authorized by your tv carrier to view this content", which is nothing but a load of hogwash because I AM authorized to view tcm by my tv carrier, Verizon. Unfortunately, I have been through this exercise too many times before. I know that good ole Microsoft updated my computer last night. If that is the cause, I can just forget about convincing them of it. The real problem is that tcm employes no technicians who can help viewers with these problems. It's back to my old vcr collection. You can laugh, but it never once has failed me as tcm repeatedly fails me. Anyway, I'm fed up with Mankiewicz's arrogant, "holier than thou" leftist interpretation of everything as he just assumes all tcm viewers automatically share his leftist opinions, which is entirely wrong on his part. I'm very tired of this nonsense over and over again, especially when the only network that I watch is tcm. Tired of paying Verizon every month for this garbage. Have a nice evening.
  6. starstricken

    "Wings of Desire"

    I was about 3/4 through the German film "Wings of Desire" via on demand, and it suddenly blacked out with the "You Just Watched" screen. The problem was that I didn't "just" finish the movie. It was to run until 1/29, and this was still 1/28 on the east coast. There is nothing more annoying than to be absorbed in a film and then to have the projectionist pull it from under you. Every time I tried to watch it again from the place where it stopped, the same problem would recur. This stuff is happening far too often now on tcm. Those dialogue boxes in the lower left corner are sure signs of trouble. Perhaps tcm needs a bit less leftwing political indoctrination from Ben Mankiewicz and a bit more technical expertise so that your viewers can actually finish a movie when streaming from "on demand". Thank you.
  7. starstricken

    Watch TCM

    Still having trouble streaming "tcm on demand", and the actual browser doesn't matter. I get a black screen for ALL "tcm on demand" movies for the past two entire days, 12/26 and 12/17. Thankfully, I have an extensive vcr film library because I already pay Verizon fios a very handsome monthly fee for no purpose other than the ability to stream tcm films. Does anyone at tcm care? Obviously, this is a problem that has nothing to do with our cable carrriers, our personal hardware or software, or our browsers (doesn't work with chrome or explorer either). The problem pertains to tcm. Let's get with it, folks! This service is NOT free for us!
  8. starstricken


    I think that this is, once again, a "tcm on demand" website issue, but they never seem to respond or care. They will blame it on our Internet service or on our individual hardware/software, which is obviously NOT the case! The fact is that I subscribe to a very expensive cable tv service (Verizon fios) featuring many other channels, which I do not watch, for no reason other than to stream tcm on demand. You would think that tcm would show the slightest bit of interest in the fact that so many of its subscribers can't stream the movies for which they are paying very expensive carriers such as Verizon, but they don't care! I'm very glad that I have an extensive vcr library upon which to rely because that appears to be my only alternative. When I am already paying Verizon such a steep price to watch only one channel, tcm, I won't pay extra to stream any movies. That won't happen!
  9. starstricken

    What's Up with TCM ON-DEMAND? Again....???

    More problems with "TCM On Demand", which is becoming very unreliable to the point where I will need to find an alternative classic movie source. In the past, I had problems loading certain movies but not all of them. If that issue were a problem with my hardware (pc) or from my end at all, why then would I be able to stream ANY '"TCM on demand" movies when I can in fact stream others? Today, I attempted to stream films from "TCM On Demand", and I received an ominous, hateful message in a nasty dialogue box that "I am unauthorized to view this content. Check with your tv provider", which I did (Verizon Fios), who insisted that there has been absolutely no change in my home tv channel lineup and that I am still a valid Verizon FIOS subscriber. What makes this even more frustrating is that there is no tcm customer service whatsoever. Even if there were, these frequent tcm streaming access issues always occur late at night, so even if tcm had customer service agents, they probably wouldn't be able to respond late at night anyway. Seems like I have no alternative but to search for alternatives to tcm. Oh well.
  10. I don't understand why certain films being offered on "TCM On Demand" won't load today or yesterday while others will load. It doesn't matter which specific browser platform is used. If some films will load while others don't, this seems to be a TCM technical issue and not one at my user end. In the past, TCM has advised that the technical problem is mine or my cable provider's, but I do not believe that this is the case. The latest films that won't load are "Madame Bovary (49), "Man's Castle", "Bullets or Ballots" and the Indian film "Charculata". These films don't expire until 9/18 through 9/20 but today is only 9/17. I find this very annoying, especially since this is not the first time, and TCM has provided no reasonable response in the past as TCM apparently won't acknowledge its own streaming limitations.
  11. starstricken

    tcm "on demand" streaming problem

    Thanks for your replies. The "tcm on demand" blackout and freeze problems were especially bad last night, 1/25 and into the early morning hours of 1/26. What makes this worse is that there is apparently no interest on the part of tcm about the "on demand" streaming problems of its viewers. I hadn't had any problems for a couple of weeks, then suddenly they occur again which makes for a very unpleasant viewing experience. When I returned late last night, which was actually early this am (too early!), I was able to finish the movie that I had started viewing but only after numerous attempts earlier last night. If the movie would load later in the night/early the next morning, I'm led to believe that this is a tcm technical problem and not an adobe, Internet/wifi provider (Spectrum), or pc issue. I don't experience any of these problems with any other website. Unfortunately, I will be forced to view movies elsewhere, which is sad as I have been a loyal tcm viewer for many years. For the record, I have no cable tv service at my current location in FL., only Internet wifi service, and I access "tcm on demand" from my Verizon FIOS account at my other house in the frozen north, but that shouldn't affect this problem. Or should it?
  12. starstricken

    tcm "on demand" streaming problem

    As a follow up to my earlier message, the "tcm on demand" streaming blackout/freeze problem seems to correct itself after certain hours. When I return to the same movies later in the night (very late!), I have no blackout or freezing problem. I wonder if this is a volume issue that occurs when too many people are streaming the same movie? At the moment, I have no other Internet issues. This is a problem that is only occurring when I stream "tcm on demand". It doesn't seem to happen with the streaming of live tcm broadcasts, either east or west.
  13. Stephan55 (or is it actually Norman?): Since the 1st of the year, possibly earlier, I have had a similar problem streaming "tcm on demand", and it occurs on all three major web browsers, so in my case the actual web browser is not an issue. I don't think that tcm will ever respond to the problem, so I may need to find an alternative for classic movies. It was especially bad when I tried to watch "Cool Hand Luke" two nights ago and "The Magnificent Ambersons" last night, well before the expiration date kicked in. It will initially boot up and then a few minutes into the movie, the screen will suddenly go black. After 10-15 minutes, I return and the movie boots up again but then goes black again. Tonight, it's happening with "Tomorrow". Instead of going black, this time I get the rotating circle. I'm not sure if this has to do with an adobe upgrade. I have Windows 10, unfortunately, so anything is possible. Very frustrating and a very unpleasant viewing experience, but tcm apparently (1) doesn't care or (2) has no ability to remedy the situation.
  14. When I was streaming "Cool Hand Luke" last night from "tcm on demand", the screen suddenly blacked out several times. I switched from google chrome to explorer and then to firefox, but it occurred on all three. Lately, I noticed this happening more frequently when streaming "tcm on demand", and it is very frustrating, especially when I couldn't boot it back up at all ten minutes before the end of the movie. Why is this happening? It creates a very unpleasant viewing experience. I access "tcm on demand" from my Verizon FIOS account.
  15. starstricken

    tcm on demand question

    I noticed that tcm has started to remove "on demand" movies before their expiration dates. It just happened with "Cool Hand Luke" and "Citizen Kane", among others. Does anyone know why? Also, why doesn't tcm keep the movies until the end of the expiration date instead of removing them at unpredictable times of the day, which is any time after midnite? I try not to view movies on the last day or even late night before the expiration date, but it's not always possible. There's nothing more annoying than having the plug suddenly pulled on a movie that one is actually enjoying. Also, why do some movies aired by tcm never get to "on demand"?

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