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  1. I haven't had any tcm streaming problems for the past month or so (on a roll!), but tonight, March 5, there are problems with all of the films that I have tried to stream. The little white reel takes a long time to start spinning. Once it spins and the movie starts running, the picture and sound are interrupted, then the action repeats as if the film is skipping, then the film stalls altogether and goes black with the little white reel spinning again. I tried several films that expire today and tomorrow. It's very frustrating to begin watching a movie that is interrupted in this way. I remember during the 1950's when the projector went crazy, but that was usually corrected in a few minutes. This is awful, but no one at m seems to care. Back to my old, reliable vcr collection.
  2. starstricken

    WATCH TCM not working

    slim: There is no way of predicting which films will run and which won't. I had no problem accessing the Elvis documentary but had a problem accessing the most recent "on demand" films. Now I haven't had any new "on demand" films for several days, which is something new for me but not for other users. See my other comments about tcm not caring even to the extent of posting a response to the messages here. That, by itself, is beyond annoying!
  3. starstricken

    WATCH TCM not working

    Hi Stephan. As I mentioned in another thread here, what is most frustrating is that no one at tcm cares even to the extent of posting a response here. That is not only frustrating but infuriating. If the "on demand" access problems lie with a browser or a cable carrier, and I don't believe that they do as they lie with tcm, then why doesn't someone from tcm bother to check the message board to see what problems their users are having? I wonder how long tcm will be in business, but I guess they have unlimited funds from their very generous benefactor, Mr. T. Very lucky folks.
  4. starstricken

    "You Are Not Subscrbed to This Content"

    RBG: I guess that I'll have to fire Verizon then because they have disowned this repeated problem regarding "unsubscribed content". Now I have no new "on demand" movies for several days, so something else is going on. I believe that this is a tcm technical problem because users with different carriers are encountering similar access problems. What makes it even more frustrating is that no one from tcm will bother to respond to these technical problems even by posting a response. tcm just doesn't care about their users. That is very clear to me. Just have to live with it because it will not change.
  5. Here we go again. Just when I believed that tcm resolved their very serious "on demand" streaming issues, I am blocked from streaming "tcm on demand" again. I won't bother contacting my cable provider, Verizon fios, because it always ends up the same way with their confirmation that my channel lineup has not changed, and I am still subscribed to tcm. Very frustrating indeed. When will tcm begin to address their serious technical problems. I am paying Verizon big bucks each month, and I, personally, don't watch any other networks 9while my family members do). Furthermore, there is no way to contact a human being at tcm, so this forum is the only means to vent (without a resolution). Have a nice day, tcm freaks. I hope that you get to see the movies of your dreams, but please pity me while you're having fun.
  6. starstricken

    WATCH TCM not working

    By the way, I tried Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox with the same "you are not subscribed to this content" result, which is garbage on the part of tcm.
  7. starstricken

    WATCH TCM not working

    Andyg404, Wunderlong: Unfortunately, I have had this "access" problem with "tcm on demand" while streaming on numerous occasions. My cable carrier is Verizon, and today, when I mistakenly thought that tcm's OWN technical problems were finally corrected, I receive the message "your subscription does not have access to this content", which is nothing but garbage because every time I contact Verizon with this repeated problem, they tell me the same thing over and over again--that there has been no change by Verizon to my channel lineup and that I am still a tcm cable subscriber. When I don't watch any other tv channels, this is a big problem because I am paying Verizon big bucks each month to access only tcm (my other family members are a different story, but they don't pay Verizon, as I do!) When will tcm get its technical act together so that its viewers are not repeatedly inconvenienced and frustrated?
  8. starstricken


    Only if you have Ben Mankiewicz's personal telephone number. Otherwise, fuggedaboudit!
  9. starstricken

    tcm technical troubles again

    Now I can stream on firefox but not Microsoft edge or chrome. What's up with that? I'm going back to my ancient vcr collection anyway. I'm sick of this! It's like the old days when you're all set to watch a movie, and the projector suddenly goes dead. We've come a long way, baby. NOT.
  10. starstricken

    Watch TCM doesn't work on fire stick or Firefox?

    Lonchaneygoat: As of this week, the second week of November, I can't get tcm to stream at all. No response whatsoever from anyone at tcm. I usually access through Microsoft Edge, but I'll try the others. I believe I tried them in the past but no go. I'm suddenly losing my tcm habit. May not be a bad thing.
  11. starstricken

    tcm technical troubles again

    Thanks to Stephan55 and shutoo for taking the time and effort to respond. At least it's not just me. As I have already viewed tcm's ads for its cruise and annual festival many times, I started to skip over them, so maybe Mr. Mankiewicz and Co. don't approve of that. They became very annoying to me. Tonight, I again attempted to stream two films that are appearing for their final day with no response. I tried two different ways. When I click on the circled arrow for each film, the block for that film turns "tcm green" without any response. When I see the green response, I know that I'm in trouble. Same thing happens when I click the "i" circle and then try "play" on that page. Unlike before, the logo of my tv provider, Verizon, now appears in the upper right corner (rather than the previous, tiny "tcm green" box that was empty and unresponsive), but when I click the Verizon logo, I get nothing. As a die-hard classic movie fan, I have become far too dependent on tcm for classic movies. I already pay Verizon handsomely for very limited tv service while I haven't watched or streamed any other channels in months, so I won't pay extra for any other movie channels. It will be back to my ancient vcr collection again. I'm getting used to it now and may just forget about tcm in the future. What an absolute turnoff. Very exasperating. Thanks again for listening because Mr. Mankiewicz could care less about us.
  12. starstricken

    tcm technical troubles again

    Same thing happened again tonight 11.8.18. When I don't see my tv provider in upper right corner and just a blank, green box that doesn't even allow me to sign into my Verizon fios account, then I know that something is amiss, but apparently there is no solution. tcm never responded to my inquiry (so what else is new???) and no one else has responded to my first message, so I guess that it's just me. Everything had been going well with tcm for several months but now this. Back to my ancient vcr collection then. So be it.
  13. Just when I believed that all of my tcm technical troubles were over forever, I tried streaming tcm on demand tonight without success. In the upper right corner where the logo of my cable provider, Verizon fios, is supposed to be was a tiny, blank, ominous box colored "tcm green" that didn't respond to me in any way. So I missed two more films that were running for the last day. The sad moral of the story is that tcm is STILL technically unreliable, which is a darn shame. Oh, it's working now, of course, but the two movies that I wanted to watch YESTERDAY are gone until who knows when. starstricken
  14. starstricken

    New tcm Website?

    I think that I finally entered the Twilight Zone but can't find Rod Serling for assistance. I just attempted to check the latest tcm "on demand" offerings and received a totally new tcm website format. Viewers have the option of re-arranging the current selection into different orders, including "old to new" or "new to old", which seems very promising to me. There is also a new "information" button, but I could get no response when I clicked on a few selections. This doesn't look bad at first glance, but I couldn't get anything to work. In fact, I couldn't even access the new tcm website from my stored address/icon, which may mean that tcm has a new address? Perhaps it just went "live", has a few kinks, and I'll be able to access it without all of these problems tonight when the popcorn is ready, and I have my boxes of jujubes and dots handy. Fingers crossed. Thankfully, I have my old vcr library available just in case. Under the current circumstances, that ain't goin' anywhere!
  15. Once again, out of the blue, I cannot load movies for streaming without going through gyrations with very annoying adobe re-installations. As each browser has its own adobe install requirements, I suddenly, out of the blue, can no longer stream tcm at all with either microsoft edge or chrome. Only after enduring a lengthy re-install of adobe flash player, I can now stream with firefox only. When I installed the new version of adobe flash player on firefox, two separate mcafee security software systems automatically installed at the same time even though I didn't want them, don't need them, and had to uninstall them. Why all of these complications just to stream a tcm movie? Why am I repeatedly experiencing tcm loading issues when I pay my tv provider (verizon fios) very handsomely each month? The last time I had a tcm streaming problem (last month), it was caused by, of all things, a microsoft windows 10 update, which I found very bizarre. I believe that all of these loading problems are due to inadequate tcm technology for streaming movies, and it's getting more and more inconvenient and annoying. Eventually, I just won't be watching movies on tcm any longer. Another very annoying problem with tcm is that it offers absolutely no technical or customer assistance. Doesn't tcm receive fees from several tv providers? Why can't tcm provide any technical assistance to its viewers? I'm fed up with all of these tcm streaming problems, especially when I am paying my tv provider excessive fees only to stream from tcm and from no other channel/network.

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