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  1. emmasdilema

    tips for festival

    Thanks SueSue...Oh my gosh ! I am over the moon as more and more announcements are being made about celebrity attendees ! Ryan O'Neal...oh gee...my experience will be complete if Jon Voight shows up..
  2. emmasdilema

    tips for festival

    WJR and Izcutter ! Thanks so much for your replies ! I am attending with a girlfriend and she and I are much encouraged by your responses ! We purchased the Classic because it seemed to be the "middle of the road" pass and we do not care about the red carpet.... I will take your advice about chatting up with the people in line. Thank you again; you have been most kind.
  3. emmasdilema

    tips for festival

    Thanks so much for all the great information ! But, Oh dear... I have a Classic Pass so it looks like I am low man on the totem pole.....does anyone have any info on how many seats are available for the screenings ?? ball park, of course. just wondering what my chances are with my Classic Pass.......
  4. emmasdilema

    tips for festival

    I am a very excited first-timer attending this year. am wondering if there are any tips that can be shared regarding entrance into screenings. For example, I would love to attend the screening and discussion with Margaret O'Brian....how difficult is it to get in ? would I have to wait in line hours before the screening ? thanks to all for any tips.

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