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  1. cmovieviewer

    TCM Premieres

    My thanks to LawrenceA who has posted in another thread that some of the TV schedule services are showing that the movie Amazons of Rome (1963) has been replaced with The Revolt of the Gladiators (1958) late Thursday evening (4:30 am Friday morning Eastern time). The Revolt of the Gladiators also goes by the title The Warrior and the Slave Girl, as well as the Italian title 'La rivolta dei gladiatori'. Since I don't see any of these titles in MovieCollectorOH's data, The Revolt of the Gladiators may be a TCM premiere. (Amazons of Rome was not a scheduled premiere.) The online TCM schedules are currently not listing this change but past experience has shown that the other TV schedule services may be more up-to-date.
  2. jeannecrain - If you are using a Mac or iPhone with Safari browser, I assume you are typing some text into the search box to start with - what text are you searching for? If I type in "Conversations with Robert Osborne", the Google search engine takes over and returns many different links with related results. If this happens for you, what link are you going to next to continue? I don't see any direct links to the TCM shop when I do this. A little more information on the steps you are using might help to determine what is happening.
  3. I apologize if I'm being redundant, but I think what is happening is that the first search is being done generically (through Google most likely) and is returning an old link that is no longer supported and is therefore 'insecure'. (I think TCM is now using "" links instead of "secureshop".) As some confirmation, when I go to the TCM Shop, I don't see the 'Conversations with Robert Osborne' DVD listed there. (I'm guessing this is what you are interested in.) The DVD is, however, listed for sale on Amazon: There's also currently a less-expensive used version at I hope TCM does not mind me showing these links here. As has been stated above, you should be OK if you go to the TCM Shop first and then start searching there within the shop.
  4. cmovieviewer

    2019 TCM Big Screen Classics

    I agree with you, Lawrence, that they zoomed in for the TCM promo. Sorry to say it is a bit of deceptive advertising in that regard. The trailer on the Fathom Events web site uses a different approach by placing information on the right side of the image to fill out the frame: I couldn't see them zooming in for the actual theatrical presentation. Wouldn't the point be to see it in the same way it was originally shown?
  5. It appears this may be another case of a glitch in the way the daily schedule is shown on the web site. The weekly and monthly schedules are listing Mabuse at 12:00 am followed by Colossal Youth at 4:45 am, with the Hollywood My Hometown documentary dropped from the schedule. (Morning Glory is also dropped from the Monday morning schedule.)
  6. cmovieviewer

    Early Now Playing guide

    Here’s an early look at the TCM schedule for February 2019: (1) A replica ‘At A Glance’ schedule summary with TCM premieres is at the following link (7 pages in PDF format). AT A GLANCE.pdf - You may need to ‘right-click’ or ‘option-click’ on the above link to bring up a window. - The PDF file is stored in a Dropbox folder, but you do not need a Dropbox account to view or download it. - TCM premieres are indicated with ‘(P)’ preceding the movie title. - Some of the daytime themes are best guesses since this information is not yet available. (2) For reference, the online monthly schedule for February is at: (Ignore the banner at the top which shows the current star of the month theme.) (3) The online weekly schedules for February are also available. See the “February 2019 schedule is up” message thread for examples: (Thank you LawrenceA.) Hope you find this helpful!
  7. cmovieviewer

    TCM Premieres

    The TCM schedule for late night January 4 has been changed: The scheduled premiere of Frogs (1972) has been replaced with the film Stranger Than Paradise (1984) (not a TCM premiere). The list of premieres above has been modified to reflect the change.
  8. We are beyond Christmas now but Ben is still trying to wake us up - This evening while introducing Smokey and the Bandit for the Burt Reynolds tribute Ben compared it with the other big box office hit of 1977 and said it was a better movie than Star Wars! Now he's treading on hallowed ground 😊
  9. cmovieviewer

    TCM Premieres

    Here are the TCM premieres for January, as determined by MovieCollectorOH’s report published on December 4. Note that TCM is continuing to premiere selected cartoons on Saturdays, so these are listed separately. Jan 4 - Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things (1971) Jan 5 - Mandrake, the Magician serial Ch. 12: The Reward of Treachery (1939) Jan 5 - Gunfight at Comanche Creek (1963) Jan 6 - Colossal Youth (2006) Jan 9 - Man on a Tightrope (1953) Jan 10 - The Minotaur (1960) Jan 13 - 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her (1967) Jan 14 - James Stewart, Robert Mitchum: The Two Faces of America (2017) (doc.) Jan 18 - Butcher Baker, Nightmare Maker (1983) Jan 20 - A Dancer's World (1957) (doc.) Jan 23 - The Ernie Kovacs Show, Episode 1 (1961) Jan 23 - The Ernie Kovacs Show, Episode 2 (1961) Jan 23 - Wake Me When It's Over (1960) Jan 23 - The Ernie Kovacs Show, Episode 3 (1961) Jan 24 - The Tyrant of Lydia Against the Son of Hercules (1963) Jan 24 - Hercules Against the Mongols (1963) Jan 24 - Hercules Against the Barbarians (1964) Jan 27 - Querelle (1982) - Saturdays: cartoons Jan 5 - MGM: Wags to Riches (1949) Jan 5 - Popeye: Never Kick a Woman (1933) Jan 12 - Popeye: Little Swee' Pea (1936) Jan 19 - MGM: Barney Bear's Polar Pest (1944) Jan 19 - Popeye: Hold the Wire (1933) Thanks as always to MCOH!
  10. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    Thanks for your reply, midwestan. That's an amazing observation about the William Talman photo! You also raise a good point about the source material. Eddie touched on the long list of the evolution of the screenplay - from short story to radio drama to Broadway play to film. I have not been able to find the date of the original short story, The Man, but Wikipedia says that one of the radio shows (with Frank Sinatra) was presented in 1945. So the original story was likely written prior to WW II (or at least prior to the completion of WW II), and subsequent presentations may have been staged to be faithful to the original story. As far as the Christmas elements in Beware, My Lovely, I thought the author used this in an unusual way to reveal Robert Ryan's character (breaking the ornament, for example) and also to create opportunities to add tension to the story (such as the children bringing the presents into the house). But I guess no Noir film can ever be considered a "Christmas classic" due to the subject matter.
  11. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    Just curious if anyone has any thoughts as to why Beware, My Lovely was specifically set in the year 1918. I recall Eddie discussing the careful use of period items in the sets, but I don't think there was any mention of why this year was chosen. My obvious thoughts are this was just post- WW I, so it was a time where perhaps there were more men out of work and maybe it was more common to hire 'strangers' to do odd jobs. There was also the aspect that her husband had been killed in the war, so that ties in as well. But I would think this could also have been done in 1952 as a post- WW II story for the same reasons. Perhaps from a 1952 perspective, they thought that people in previous generations were more trusting of each other, just as we think prior times are more innocent from today's perspective.
  12. Another example I noticed this evening in the intro for The Holly and the Ivy, Ben says something like "There's really just one shopping day left 'til Christmas. Which means if you haven't shopped for your loved ones yet, you don't really love them." Sort of caught me by surprise.
  13. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    At least on my devices, Beware My Lovely wasn't available for live streaming this evening on WatchTCM either, so I'm curious if any of the other streaming services were able to show it.
  14. cmovieviewer

    Finanal Jeopardy - "Water"

    Per your comment Sgt_Markoff, there was some controversy this past September when the Texas Board of Education had initially decided to remove Helen Keller (and a certain candidate for President) from the history curriculum. Later in November they reversed course and reinstated the material. I don't want to veer this thread into politics, but here is a summary:
  15. cmovieviewer

    4K Detour Restoration

    I agree with Lorna 100% that the quality of the movie you watch can directly increase your appreciation of the film. For me it reminds me of when HD TV first came around - I could watch anything all day just because of how good it looked compared to what had been on before. I also have trouble watching many of the films from the 70s and 80s because the currently showing versions seem to be from bad DVD productions with poor color and image detail. That said, the print they have been showing on TCM is not too bad. Unfortunately, I don't currently see it scheduled for the next couple of months. There are also some older DVDs for sale on TCM Shop and other outlets, but the comments on Amazon for these DVDs would seem to indicate buyer beware as they may be from public domain sources and would not be equivalent to what TCM has been showing. When the restored version does becomes available, it will also be sold in a DVD version which is currently $10 cheaper than the blu-ray price (comparing on Amazon). But the bottom line on any purchase is a personal decision of how much you value the differences in what is offered versus what you are willing to spend. The other nice thing about Criterion titles is that they also include many special features of interest to go along with the film, so that may help soften the blow.

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