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  1. Noir Alley

    I would like to alert Noir Alley fans to a somewhat special showing coming up this weekend on Apr 21 & 22, namely the film Cry Danger (1951). I first became aware of Cry Danger when it was shown on TCM during the primetime hours back on January 17, 2013. The theme for that evening was “Noir City” and featured films selected by Eddie Muller, who was co-host for the introductions along with host Robert Osborne. Cry Danger was the first film shown that night, and was featured because it had recently been restored by the Film Noir Foundation that Eddie is associated with. (The restored film had first been shown in public at the TCM Film Festival the year before.) To my knowledge the restored version of Cry Danger has not been shown on TCM since that night in January 2013, so this is a relatively rare opportunity to catch it again.
  2. Is there an archive for TCM's scheduled program?

    Shentenza, Welcome to the TCM forums. I can add that I have heard that one benefit of the TCM Backlot program is that it gives you access to digital copies of the back issues of the Now Playing Guide that TCM used to publish, so you might be able to find the information for a given date that way. (If you are not familiar with it, the Now Playing Guide was a monthly magazine that gave listings for the TCM schedule.) TCM Backlot is a subscription service, however. I must say that I am not a Backlot member so I can't 100% positively confirm the Guide access, but perhaps a member can reply. Sorry but I don't have any other way I can suggest.
  3. Where the hell is "Solaris"?

    Sort of off on a tangent, but I have high respect for anyone who can watch the entire 4-hour version of Greed on TCM "live" without using a DVR. I know I could never make it that far.
  4. Where the hell is "Solaris"?

    Looks like they went ahead and started Solaris late and now the first movie on the Monday schedule Spooks Run Wild is being preempted. I guess things will synch back up with the next scheduled movie Big Jack once Solaris finishes.
  5. Noir Alley

    Sorry, this is not for the squeamish: The point I was (poorly) trying to make was for the baby to be far enough along to have bones that could be found after the murder would imply that the conception would have to occur months before the day in question, and no such long-term relationship had been established. But perhaps you are saying they only had to be together one time prior to the fateful day... I agree this film didn't seem as noir-ish to me as most of the previous films in the series. I try to not get hung up on noir and sub-noir etc definitions, but Eddie's description of the film as a procedural seems more appropriate to me.
  6. Noir Alley

    Some comments on Mystery Street as shown tonight on Noir Alley (* spoilers ahead *) - The connection between the accused and the victim with her pregnancy as a factor in the motive seems dubious to me, since they had only been seen together on one day and his phone number would not be present in her address book. - Why am I not surprised that the accused had escaped police custody so he did not have an alibi when the assault at the boarding house took place? - At the end of the film I was expecting the detective to also notice the phone number on the wall at the boarding house to ultimately bring things to a close. Of course, finding the claim ticket instead leads to a much more dramatic finish at the baggage office followed by the chase through the train yard. - Why do people think they are safe in trying to blackmail murderers? What could possibly go wrong?
  7. Noir Alley

    I'm not sure anyone is as nuts as I am about this aspect of the films, but the restored print of Suddenly was really terrific, so thanks to Eddie for giving credit to Serge Bromberg who rescued it from the public domain versions. For me watching a mint-restored film is like traveling through time, you can see all the details in the buildings and the cars etc. as well as the actors performances. I think there's a high-def aspect that really enhances the viewing enjoyment, regardless of everything else in the film.
  8. Early Now Playing guide

    Here’s an early look at the TCM schedule for May: (1) A replica ‘At A Glance’ schedule summary with TCM premieres is at the following link (8 pages in PDF format). AT A GLANCE.pdf - You may need to ‘right-click’ or ‘option-click’ on the above link to bring up a window. - TCM premieres are indicated with ‘(P)’ preceding the movie title. - Thanks very much to MovieCollectorOH for the TCM schedule data. - Some of the daytime themes are best guesses since this information is not yet available. - The listings this month are more complete to include all films for the daytime themes as well as the Memorial Day weekend marathon. - An overview schedule for the Movie Series Spotlight is also included. (2) For reference, the online monthly schedule for May is at: (Ignore the banner at the top which shows the current star of the month theme.) (3) The online weekly schedules for May are also available. See the “May Schedule Is Up” message thread for examples: Hope you find this helpful!
  9. TCM Premieres

    For anyone following the premieres closely, I thought I should mention that TCM had originally scheduled a premiere showing of The Comancheros (1961) on April 25th as part of the Spotlight series on director Michael Curtiz. This has now been replaced with another Curtiz film, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960) (which is not a TCM premiere). Also, the scheduled repeat showing of the TCM Underground film Evil Dead 2 (1987) on April 27th has been replaced with the film Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988), which is a TCM premiere (according to MovieCollectorOH’s records).
  10. TCM Premieres

    Here are the TCM premieres for April, as determined by MovieCollectorOH’s report published on Mar. 18. Please note that TCM is continuing the premiere showing of the 1938 Red Barry serial on Saturdays along with selected cartoons, so these are listed separately. Apr 2 - Dear Ruth (1947) Apr 3 - Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival: Michael Douglas (2018) Apr 3 - Romancing the Stone (1984) Apr 6 - The Night of the Strangler (1972) Apr 8 - Down by Law (1986) Apr 15 - The Smallest Show on Earth (1957) Apr 16 - Death Curse of Tartu (1966) Apr 20 - Funny Side of Life (1963) Apr 20 - Hercules (1983) Apr 20 - Boys Beware (1961) (short) Apr 22 - Tampopo (1985) Apr 22 - The Funeral (1984) Apr 26 - Stealing Home (1988) Apr 26 - The Mudlark (1950) Apr 27 - Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) Apr 28 - The Story of Alfred Nobel (1939) (short) Apr 30 - The Earthling (1980) - Saturdays: Red Barry serial Apr 7 - Red Barry Ch. 5: Desperate Chances (1938) Apr 14 - Red Barry Ch. 6: The Human Target (1938) Apr 21 - Red Barry Ch. 7: Midnight Tragedy (1938) Apr 28 - Red Barry Ch. 8: The Devil’s Disguise (1938) - Saturdays: cartoons Apr 7 - MGM Cartoons: Little Tinker (1948) Apr 7 - Popeye: Seasin’s Greetinks! (1933) Apr 14 - MGM Cartoons: Drag-A-Long Droopy (1954) Apr 14 - Popeye: Wild Elephinks (1933) Apr 21 - MGM Cartoons: Bear and the Bean (1947) Apr 21 - Popeye: Sock-A-Bye, Baby (1934) Apr 28 - MGM Cartoons: Early Bird and the Worm (1936) Apr 28 - Popeye: Let’s You and Him Fight (1933) Thanks again to MCOH for providing the data!
  11. I Just Watched...

    The last 2 showings on TCM have been listed using the "First of the Few" title (May 2014 and Nov. 2015), and the film has been presented as the complete version both times. Coincidentally, TCM has scheduled the film to be shown again on June 25th (Howard is SOTM). Although the film is listed as "Spitfire" this time, it still has the full 119-minute duration on the schedule.
  12. TCM Presents Vertigo (badly)

    From How are Fathom Events broadcast in movie theaters? Currently, Fathom Events has access to more than 17,000 screens and more than 750 live broadcast theaters in the top 50 markets in the United States. Fathom Events beams live and pre-recorded events via satellite to audiences in cinemas via our digital broadcast network. So I suspect the same digital projectors that are used to show regular movies are being connected essentially to a streaming source instead. The quality that we see in the theaters would then be dependent on the quality of the digital stream and how good the projectors are and how well they are operated. A good Blu-Ray may actually look better at home depending on how the streaming data was created.
  13. Noir Alley

    Beautiful photo! FYI for those who had not heard yet, the movie this week is No Questions Asked (1951).
  14. I Just Watched...

    I stuck it out watching Madigan last night as well. Can you be psychic about a movie that was made 50 years ago? After watching I went to the Wikipedia page and your comment about being a TV pilot was on the money as in fact Madigan did result in a TV show of sorts. I won't spoil the movie ending by revealing the details, but they brought the Madigan character back as part of an NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie series. (The Madigan episodes only lasted one season.) Wikipedia also explained that some of the dubbing you noticed was due to some in-fighting between the producer of the film, Frank Rosenberg, and the director Don Siegel. Rosenberg appears to be somewhat a horse's a** as he made them go back and correct some dialog to match what he thought it should be against the director's wishes. There are some other interesting stories there about the making of the film if you want to check it out.
  15. TCM may be missing out on another potentially big money-making venture. The presentation of the new venture could go something like this: “For a small monthly fee, you too can be a part of the TCM Junior Admin Club! TCM Junior Admins are carefully selected individuals who are willing to periodically log on to the TCM message boards during the wee hours of the evening, and they are awarded special privileges to disable spam accounts and eliminate spam messages before they can amount to anything. Show your love for TCM and classic movies by keeping the TCM message boards squeaky clean through your participation as a Junior Admin!” Sometimes I get so discouraged by the recurring spam that I would almost be willing to pay to be able to personally blow it away.

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