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  1. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    I haven't seen enough of her films yet to be a good judge, but I certainly like the photo! The off-the-shoulder look is very nice.
  2. David, We have a member named MovieCollectorOH who keeps a database with information on the movies that have been shown on TCM. According to these records, Bedknobs and Broomsticks has been shown 10 times in the past on TCM, with the last airing in November, 2009. From another reference it looks like Angela Lansbury has been Star Of The Month on TCM in October 1994 and January 2012. So Bedknobs and Broomsticks may have been shown in October 1994 to match your recollection, but unfortunately I can't confirm that from the information available to me. TCM has scheduled another evening of Treasures from the Disney Vault on October 15 (as TopBilled refers to above). Normally these evenings consist entirely of TCM premieres, but both the scheduled films Bedknobs and Broomsticks as well as The Black Hole (1979) will not be premieres, with The Black Hole last shown on TCM in December 2009 per the records. So these two films coming up meet the conditions of your question. A partial list of other popular Disney films that have also been shown on TCM several times in the past would include 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954), The Absent Minded Professor (1961), Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), and Freaky Friday (1976), to name a few.
  3. cmovieviewer

    The Vampire Bat

    For those so inclined, the UCLA Film & Television Archive restored version of The Vampire Bat has been released on Blu-Ray: I see that the TCM Shop has the DVD version of the restored film, but currently does not offer the Blu-Ray version for sale.
  4. cmovieviewer

    The Vampire Bat

    Yes, thank you clore for mentioning this. Sorry to say I missed it as well. With Halloween coming up TCM must be showing a million horror films in October, but wouldn't you know there is no repeat scheduled so far. Oh well, another good one to wait for.
  5. cmovieviewer

    Early Now Playing guide

    Here’s an early look at the TCM schedule for September 2018: (1) A replica ‘At A Glance’ schedule summary with TCM premieres is at the following link (7 pages in PDF format). AT A GLANCE.pdf - You may need to ‘right-click’ or ‘option-click’ on the above link to bring up a window. - The PDF file is stored in a Dropbox folder, but you do not need a Dropbox account to view or download it. - TCM premieres are indicated with ‘(P)’ preceding the movie title. - Thanks very much to MovieCollectorOH for the TCM schedule data. - Some of the daytime themes are best guesses since this information is not yet available. (2) For reference, the online monthly schedule for September is at: (Ignore the banner at the top which shows the Summer Under The Stars theme.) (3) The online weekly schedules for September are also available. See the “September 2018 Schedule Now Available” message thread for examples: Hope you find this helpful!
  6. cmovieviewer

    This particular Backlot Commercial is driving me crazy

    I'm just really impressed they could get Sarah Jessica Parker to do a wine club promo... 😉
  7. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    In the wrap-up for Scene of the Crime, Eddie mentioned that he would be in Chicago in August to help introduce films for a Noir film festival. I see on the Film Noir Foundation web site that the Noir City Chicago Film Festival is from August 17-23: Anyone living near the Chicago area (or traveling to) who is planning to attend? If so, I am very jealous. Looks like there are other locations for similar festivals each month through the end of the year. I guess this is how the Foundation helps pay for film restorations and continues the cycle for future festivals.
  8. cmovieviewer

    Glitch? Phone Call from a Stranger

    There seems to be a pretty good version of the movie on YouTube - sounds like you just missed the last 5 minutes or so: (Since TCM doesn't have it available, I hope they don't mind this reference.)
  9. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    Double Indemnity is currently scheduled for its first Noir Alley showing on December 30! (Not to say it hasn't been discussed here before.)
  10. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    Sorry I had to correct myself above, MCOH does have No Man of Her Own (1950) listed in the 'unscheduled Paramount' category, so that confirms that TCM has never shown it.
  11. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    No Man of Her Own (1950) is not in the current MCOH data. (Only the 1932 version has been shown.) Now that you've jogged my memory, there's also Crime of Passion, which got the full Eddie treatment last year. We had fun discussing that one.
  12. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    Looked it up in MCOH's data and Sorry, Wrong Number was last shown on TCM in December, 2012. We did get to enjoy Witness to Murder (1954) about this time last year (it made a big impression on me at the time since this was my first viewing). Hope TCM can show more Barbara Stanwyck noirs!
  13. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    Do we have to say SPOILERS here? I thought the relationship between Van Johnson's Det. Conovan and Lili was unusual to say the least. At first I wasn't sure what the detective was aiming for, but eventually just assumed he wanted to get in her good graces so she would confess anything she knew. Is a movie and some candy all it takes? Even after he admits that he is police and married? Is Det. Conovan's wife used to this sort of thing happening on a regular basis? I must admit that I was surprised when the Lili twist was revealed. It did make it seem cruel that Turk would reject her after everything she had done for him.
  14. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    You're welcome! - I updated the list above to add some Anita Louise and Virginia Mayo films. Hope there aren't many others that I missed.
  15. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    For those who are looking for Noir Alley -type films during Eddie's Summer Under the Stars hiatus, I made a list of some of those coming up that might qualify: Monday, August 6 - AUDREY TOTTER (she is the "Queen of Noir" this month) Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1946) Man in the Dark (1953) Sellout, The (1951) Set-Up, The (1949) Tension (1950) High Wall (1947) Lady in the Lake (1947) Unsuspected, The (1947) Friday, August 10 - DOROTHY MALONE Convicted (1950) Tip on a Dead Jockey (1957) Tuesday, August 21 - ANITA LOUISE Shadowed (1946) Wednesday, August 22 - DANA ANDREWS Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956) While the City Sleeps (1956) Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950) Fallen Angel (1945) Thursday, August 23 - VIRGINIA MAYO Flaxy Martin (1949) Backfire (1950) Friday, August 24 - PETER LORRE Face Behind the Mask, The (1941) M (1931) Crime and Punishment (1935) Mask of Dimitrios, The (1944) Verdict, The (1946) Monday, August 27 - AGNES MOOREHEAD Caged (1950) Journey Into Fear (1942) Tuesday, August 28 - LEW AYRES Unfaithful, The (1947) No Escape (1953) Fingers at the Window (1942) Wednesday, August 29 - LAUREN BACALL Dark Passage (1947) Big Sleep, The (1946) Friday, August 31 - JOAN CRAWFORD Sudden Fear (1952) (Of course some of these have already been shown on Noir Alley.) If you want to get a head start and have access to other sources, here's what's coming up on Noir Alley in September: 9-02 The Locket (1946) Robert Mitchum, Laraine Day 9-09 Desperate (1953) Steve Brodie, Audrey Long 9-16 Angel Face (1952) Robert Mitchum, Jean Simmons 9-23 The Stranger (1946) Orson Welles, Loretta Young 9-30 The Gangster (1947) Barry Sullivan I hope nobody strongly objects to any of my suggestions. I used the IMDB descriptions to pick out the crime dramas and film-noir category films.

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