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  1. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    Just in time for Father's Day, TCM is running a promo for Noir Alley entitled "A Tale of Two Eddies," where our Eddie talks in detail about his father, Eddie Senior, and what it was like growing up with a famous sportswriter. The promo includes clips from classic newspaper and boxing movies as illustration, and also includes photos of a young Eddie and his dad the writer. A really nice promo and I hope everyone gets a chance to see it.
  2. cmovieviewer

    This Month on TCM: May 2018. Did I miss it?

    I know this is really late but I finally caught the TCM highlights segment for June (I tend to not pay attention to the material in between the movies). The choice of haunting music together with the multiple iconic images from the June films makes for a stunning combination, and another well-done promo. Here is a sample link for the song artist Melanie De Biasio if anyone interested:
  3. cmovieviewer

    The Mondo Films

    Just to keep the record accurate, MovieCollectorOH is the master behind the TCM movie schedule database. I do have the privilege of summarizing his results once a month for the TCM Premieres thread, but I am merely standing on his shoulders. 😊
  4. cmovieviewer

    Someone says TCM's playing LESS movies now. True?

    Don't get me started on the constant overlays popping up during the shows you're watching. 😊 It seems these channels are paving the way for life after cable, and are willing to hasten the demise of their current cable services in order to do it.
  5. cmovieviewer

    Someone says TCM's playing LESS movies now. True?

    An interesting parallel is what's happening to ESPN, the king of cable sports. Recently ESPN has created their own streaming service called ESPN+, which hosts additional sports that aren't available on the cable channel. In addition, they've moved some things that used to be on the cable channel to now be exclusive to the streaming service (such as the 30 for 30 documentaries). For that you have to pay another ~$5 per month. People that watch ESPN are familiar with the scroll along the bottom that shows current scores and breaking sports news. The kicker is that now the scroll is constantly being used to periodically advertise the ESPN+ service. If I was a cable provider I'm not sure I would appreciate ESPN using their channel to advertise in this manner. A worst-case equivalent for TCM would be if they decided FilmStruck would start showing films that would no longer be available on TCM, and then advertise that service before, during, and after movies you watch on TCM. How long before some people get fed up and just drop out altogether?
  6. cmovieviewer

    Silent Sundays - 2018

    This comment is a bit off-topic, but Leonard Maltin has a nice article about the San Francisco Silent Film Festival and a few of the films featured there this year: Among the films mentioned is a restored version of the Lubitsch film Rosita (1923) featuring Mary Pickford. I would encourage you to follow the link in the article which takes you to a video presented by Dave Kehr from the Museum of Modern Art that talks about silent films and shows several samples from the restored film. The difference between the source material and the final restoration is stunning. I really hope and pray that some day TCM is able to show this newly restored Rosita on Silent Sunday Nights.
  7. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I don’t want to be piling on, but here are a few comments about Eddie Muller: I myself have taken issue with some of the more bombastic things Eddie has said, but as Eddie explained on this very message board, part of that is Eddie trying to promote Noir films and engage more viewers for the channel. As part of the program, Eddie is playing with the themes that are inherent to the Noir genre itself that attract people to the subject matter - the more sensational aspects of crime stories, the tough guy protagonist, the femme fatale, etc. Eddie is winking at us while giving us the basics as to what went in to making these films. There probably wouldn’t be a Noir Alley without Eddie. Eddie has gone all-in with TCM to create a series that gives us 5-minute introductions and wrap-ups almost every week (extensive time for TCM) that he personally writes. I think Eddie also has a strong (perhaps exclusive) role in selecting the films as well. Eddie was born and raised in San Francisco and his father was a boxing writer so he almost literally has Noir in his blood. Eddie is also founder of the Film Noir Foundation, and the work they do to restore and promote classic films has to be appreciated. Eddie and TCM are trying to make a fun series that we all can enjoy and learn from, and for that I am grateful. In an age of tremendous cable downsizing, the fact that TCM is still showing movies complete without commercials is something of a miracle to me and I want to enjoy that as long as I can. For that I am willing to look the other way during whatever is promoted in between the films. For anyone who enjoys classic films, I would encourage them to not take Eddie’s persona too seriously and just go with the flow and try to appreciate something that we are fortunate to have access to every week.
  8. cmovieviewer

    Noir Alley Showing of "The Letter"

    I have seen The Letter before so for the late Saturday broadcast I only watched the introduction and the conclusion for Eddie's material. I did notice that at the beginning of the film the picture was 'zoomed in' to fill up more of the 16x9 TV aspect ratio. But then at the end of the film it looked normal again (similar to 4x3 aspect), so I would guess that maybe this was just a technical mistake that was corrected sometime in the middle of the film. I didn't see the showing Sunday morning so I'm not sure what happened at that time. For what it's worth, The Letter is posted on the WatchTCM site complete with Eddie's intro, and it looks like the film has the correct aspect ratio there.
  9. cmovieviewer

    Early Now Playing guide

    Here’s an early look at the TCM schedule for July 2018: (1) A replica ‘At A Glance’ schedule summary with TCM premieres is at the following link (8 pages in PDF format): AT A GLANCE.pdf - You may need to ‘right-click’ or ‘option-click’ on the above link to bring up a window. - The PDF file is stored in a Dropbox folder, but you do not need a Dropbox account to view or download it. - TCM premieres are indicated with ‘(P)’ preceding the movie title. - Thanks very much to MovieCollectorOH for the TCM schedule data. - Some of the daytime themes are best guesses since this information is not yet available. - The “50 States in 50 Movies” Spotlight films are identified. (2) For reference, the online monthly schedule for July is at: (Ignore the banner at the top which shows the current star of the month theme.) (3) The online weekly schedules for July are also available. See the “July Schedule is up” message thread for examples: Hope you find this helpful!
  10. cmovieviewer

    48 States in 49 Movies

    I believe the Rhode Island film is High Society (1956) and the Minnesota film is Cass Timberlane (1947). (These are both the first film on the next day's morning schedule, so the evening schedule is 'running over'.)
  11. cmovieviewer

    My Favorite Brunette print

    Yes, I realize you were referencing a different film. I wanted to mention the 1934 film as well since it was also not the best and the Bulldog Drummond series in general had been brought up. Bulldog Drummond at Bay is also currently available on WatchTCM.
  12. cmovieviewer

    My Favorite Brunette print

    Per TCM's program guide and our best reference (MCOH), The Return of Bulldog Drummond (1934) shown at 4 am ET this morning was a TCM premiere. I only watched it for a few minutes because it was a very sub-standard presentation. (It looked to be poorly digitized and the audio was off.) If Criterion has a good print available on Filmstruck, that makes this all the more disappointing. (The same version is showing on WatchTCM if anyone wants to see what I am talking about.)
  13. cmovieviewer

    TCM Premieres

    Here are the TCM premieres for June, as determined by MovieCollectorOH’s report published on May 2. Note that TCM has premiere showings of the 1938 Red Barry and 1935 Tailspin Tommy serials on Saturday mornings along with selected cartoons, so these are listed separately. Jun 4 - Leslie Howard: The Man Who Gave a Damn (2016) (2 showings) (repeated on the 18th) Jun 6 - Treasures from the Disney Vault: Trip Through the Walt Disney Studios, A (1937) Best of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures, The (1975) Legend of Lobo, The (1962) Greyfriars Bobby (1961) Society Dog Show (1939) (animated) Pluto's Purchase (1948) (animated) Big Red (1962) Moose Hunters (1937) (animated) Benji The Hunted (1987) Biscuit Eater, The (1972) Jun 10 - No Down Payment (1957) Jun 17 - Fighting Elegy (1966) Jun 23 - Man Who Cheated Himself, The (1950) (repeated on the 24th) Jun 23 - All-American Boy, The (1973) - Saturdays: Red Barry and Tailspin Tommy serials Jun 2 - Red Barry Ch 12: Enemy Within, The (1938) Jun 9 - Red Barry Ch 13: Mission of Mercy (1938) Jun 16 - Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery Ch 1: Wreck of the Dirigible (1935) Jun 23 - Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery Ch 2: Roaring Fire God, The (1935) Jun 30 - Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery Ch 3: Hurled From the Skies (1935) - Saturdays: cartoons Jun 2 - MGM Cartoons: Day at the Beach, A (1938) Jun 9 - MGM Cartoons: Sleepy-Time Squirrel (1954) Jun 16 - MGM Cartoons: Papa Gets the Bird (1940) Jun 23 - MGM Cartoons: Three Little Pups, The (1953) Jun 30 - MGM Cartoons: Cellbound (1955) Thanks very much to MCOH for providing the data!
  14. cmovieviewer,

    Wondering, are you going to post a list of JUNE premieres?



    1. cmovieviewer


      June premieres per MCOH have been posted.



  15. cmovieviewer

    This Month on TCM: May 2018. Did I miss it?

    Going further out on the tangent, they could suggest drinking games to go along with the Wine Club, such as taking a swig any time Russian Roulette comes up during The Deer Hunter, etc. (Thanks for the inspiration, CaveGirl.) Sorry if this nonsense gets the thread shut down.

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