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    Watch TCM

    We’re aware of an issue that’s currently preventing users from playing some movies on Watch TCM. Our teams are working on fixing this now, and hope to have this resolved soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we get this sorted.
  2. @spence Is this the image you want to use for your avatar? I normally don't do this, but knowing how much you struggle with the forums I am willing to upload one for you. Either this one or another.
  3. TCMModerator1

    TCM Stars of the Month

    1994 May: Greta Garbo June: Glenn Ford July: Greer Garson August: Edward G. Robinson September: Barbara Stanwyck October: Angela Lansbury November John Garfield December: Best of '94 1995 January: Esther Williams February: Ronald Reagan March: TCM Salutes the Oscars April: Doris Day May: Myrna Loy June: Errol Flynn July: Gene Kelly August: Paul Muni September: Jane Powell October: Clark Gable November: The Barrymores December: Best of '95 1996 January: Deborah Kerr February: Robert Young March: 31 Days of Oscar April: Irene Dunne May: James Stewart June: Rosalind Russell July: Fred Astaire August: Ann Sheridan September: Van Johnson October: Kathryn Grayson November: Robert Mitchum December: Best of '96 1997 January: Humphrey Bogart February: Eleanor Parker March: 31 Days of Oscar April: Ava Gardner May: George Brent June: June Allyson July: John and Walter Huston August: Cary Grant September: Ida Lupino October: Walter Pidgeon November: Katharine Hepburn December: Best of '97 1998 January: Lana Turner February: Charlton Heston March: 31 Days of Oscar April: Red Skelton May: Olivia de Havilland June: James Cagney July: Lucille Ball August: Joan Crawford September: John Wayne October: Cyd Charisse November: Claude Rains December: Best of '98 1999 January: Elizabeth Taylor February: William Powell March: 31 Days of Oscar April: Dennis Morgan May: Bette Davis June: Mickey Rooney July: Natalie Wood August: **** Sellers September: Norma Shearer October: Gregory Peck November: Ginger Rogers December: Burt Lancaster 2000 January: Debbie Reynolds February: Robert Ryan March: 31 Days of Oscar April: Spencer Tracy May: Alexis Smith June: Wallace Beery July: Judy Garland August: Film Debuts September: Jane Wyman October: **** Powell November: Frank Sinatra December: Lauren Bacall 2001 January: Elvis Presley February: Jean Hagen March: 31 Days of Oscar April: Knighted Actors May: Jean Harlow June: W.C. Fields July: Ann Sothern August: James Garner September: Robert Taylor October: Lana Turner (repeat) November: Glenn Ford? (repeat) December: The Marx Brothers 2002 January: Marlene Dietrich February: Kirk Douglas March: 31 Days of Oscar April: Barbara Stanwyck (repeat) May: Edward G. Robinson (repeat) June: Greta Garbo (repeat) July: Sidney Poitier August: Joan Crawford (repeat) September: Van Heflin October: Final Films November: Shelly Winters December: Montgomery Clift 2003 January: Doris Day (repeat) February: John Garfield (repeat) March: 31 Days of Oscar April: Harold Lloyd May: Olivia de Havilland (repeat) June: TV Actors in Films July: Lee Marvin August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: James Mason October: Boris Karloff November: Shirley MacLaine December: David Niven 2004 January: Katharine Hepburn (repeat) February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Charles Chaplin April: Judy Garland (repeat) May: Greer Garson (repeat) June: Cary Grant (repeat) July: Stars That Died Before Their Time August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: Myrna Loy (repeat) October: **** Lorre? November: Clark Gable (repeat) December: James Stewart (repeat) 2005 January: Canadian Actors February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Claudette Colbert April: Errol Flynn (repeat) May: Orson Welles June: Ingrid Bergman July: Audrey Hepburn August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: Greta Garbo (another repeat) October: Robert Mitchum (repeat) November: Joan Fontaine December: Bing Crosby 2006 January: Robert Montgomery February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald April: Deborah Kerr (repeat) May: Bette Davis (repeat) June: Anthony Quinn July: Elizabeth Taylor (repeat) August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: William Holden October: Child Stars November: Lucille Ball (repeat) December: Gary Cooper 2007 January: Jean Arthur February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Gene Kelly (repeat) April: Rita Hayworth May: John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn (repeat for both) June: Ida Lupino (repeat) July: Randolph Scott August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: A Star Is Born October: Henry Fonda November: Guest Programmers December: Irene Dunne (repeat) 2008 January: James Cagney (repeat) February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Acting Dynasties April: Hedy Lamarr May: Frank Sinatra (repeat) June: Sophia Loren July: Rosalind Russell (repeat) August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: Kay Francis October: Carole Lombard November: Charles Laughton December: Joseph Cotten 2009 January: Jack Lemmon February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Ronald Reagan (repeat) April: Funny Ladies May: Sean Connery June: Great Directors July: Stewart Granger August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: Claude Rains (repeat) October: Leslie Caron November: Grace Kelly December: Humphrey Bogart (repeat) 2010 January: Method Acting February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Ginger Rogers (repeat) April: Robert Taylor (repeat) May: Donna Reed June: Natalie Wood (repeat) July: Gregory Peck (repeat) August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: Vivien Leigh October: Fredric March November: Ava Gardner (repeat) December: Mickey Rooney (repeat) 2011 January: **** Sellers (repeat) February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Jean Harlow (repeat) April: Ray Milland May: Esther Williams (repeat) June: Jean Simmons July: Singing Cowboys August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: Kirk Douglas (repeat) October: Buster Keaton November: Battle of the Blondes December William Powell (repeat) 2012 January: Angela Lansbury (repeat) February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Karl Malden April: Doris Day (another repeat) May: Joel McCrea June: Teen Idols July: Leslie Howard August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: Lauren Bacall (repeat) October: Spencer Tracy (repeat) November: Constance Bennett December: Barbara Stanwyck (repeat) 2013 January: Loretta Young February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Greer Garson (another repeat) April: Laurence Olivier May: Tough Guys June: Eleanor Parker (repeat) July: Paul Henreid August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: Kim Novak October: Vincent Price November: Burt Lancaster (repeat) December: Fred Astaire (repeat) 2014 January: Joan Crawford (another repeat) February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Mary Astor April: John Wayne (another repeat) May: June Allyson (repeat) June: Rock Hudson July: Maureen O'Hara August: Summer Under the Stars (see SUTS thread) September: Melvyn Douglas October: Janet Leigh November: Silent Stars December: Cary Grant 2015: January: Robert Redford February: 31 Days of Oscar March: Ann Sothern April: Anthony Quinn May: Sterling HaydenJ June: Pin-Up Girls July: Shirley Temple August: Summer Under the Stars September: Susan Hayward October: David Niven November: Norma Shearer December: Frank Sinatra
  4. TCMModerator1

    Star Of The Month Board

    Check your messages, please. It's the little envelope at the top.
  5. Hello everyone This is an important topic, and one that sparks strong opinions on all sides. We have removed all posts that violated our Code of Conduct. We do this so the discussion may be allowed to continue, rather than be removed. But please be advised that if any further violations occur, we will be forced to close it down. While we realize emotions can run high with this type of discussion, we also request that those of you participating remember our guidelines. If you feel someone is making comments to "bait" you, disregarding them is the best course of action. Instead, report the post, and we will review it. We remove threads only as a last resort, and/or when they contain too many posts with violations and cleaning it up would remove a large portion of the discussion. We hope this discussion can continue in a polite, and constructive fashion. Thank you!
  6. As this topic has created multiple times, this thread has now been locked. To continue this discussion, please check out the following thread in General Discussions:
  7. We are making a slight change to our registration process. After you have created your account, and responded to the validation email, your account will need to be approved before you can engage in any of our discussions. Accounts will be approved the same day, generally within a few hours. Thank you for your patience, and cooperation!
  8. Our apologies, it was removed in error. It's been restored now.
  9. TCMModerator1

    New tcm Website?

    Hello Everyone We are aware that there have been some updates to Watch TCM. Often times, an old bookmark, or one that has been previously cached, may not take you to exactly the right place. Try using this URL: It might also be helpful to clear your cache/history. It could also be possible they have not cleared all redirects, and put new ones in place. For those using IE, we suggest trying another browser, like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. We here on the message boards have no specific information, but these are general suggestions when there has been an update to some program. Hopefully this will help. If not, hang tight, it's possible they are still working on getting it all organized.
  10. Apologies, I forgot to include the link:
  11. Hello This is from the Mad about Musicals Canvas site: Do I need access to TCM to participate in this course? No. For non-TCM subscribers, we will have free links to online public domain films and/or provide access to brief film clips, so anyone can participate fully in this course. But it is advisable, if you do not have access to TCM, to try to rent certain key films – a short list of essential films that students should rent on their own will be provided in the course. While this is not On Demand, hopefully it might help some of you locate links where you can watch the movies that go along with this course.
  12. We've removed the duplicate thread for you. You can always edit your own posts; however, only we have the ability to delete posts. If you need a post removed, you can always report your post or send us a PM with a link to the post you wish to have removed.
  13. This issue is in regard to an available system update; which will be performed shortly. Thank you for your patience.
  14. Hi spence,

    I understand you are having issues trying to remove old messages from your inbox. I will try and explain how you can delete them.

    The first thing you need to do is go into your Inbox. 

    Once there, you will see a list of all of the messages that you have received from other members. On the left side of each message in that list, just below the picture of the sender is a little box you can click on. When you click in this box a little checkmark will appear in the box. This is how you select the messages you want to delete.

    When you click on the checkbox, two new buttons will show up at the bottom of your screen. One of these boxes will have the image of a trashcan on it. Click on the trashcan to delete the message permanently. 

    You can select multiple messages this way and delete them all at once. Just be careful. Once deleted, I cannot undo it.

    I hope this helps.

    1. spence


      THANX & WILL TRY!  But my still ongoing biggest dilemmais what seems simnolkew, but isn't fior some reason for thgis fan


      JUST GETTING AN "AVATR" next to my name & profile??


      IUt seems easy, but is hard when trying to do so???

  15. TCMModerator1

    All Quiet on the Western Front

    Merged ‘TCM, you outright discourage viewers from watching’ and 'what does .tcm do for an encore?' into this thread
  16. TCMModerator1


    Hello Stephen55 Your post was only removed because you already had a post re the same topic. I have passed your concerns on, but please be aware that we do not have any information as to what may, or may not be, going on with On Demand at any given time. Since there is already a thread with this topic, this discussion will be locked. Thank you!
  17. TCMModerator1

    Can’t watch TCM app AS USUAL

    Hello everyone I believe the issues with Fire TV have been fixed. This was an issue with a new Amazon feature that allows users to remain logged in. You no longer need to use the page during sign up. The best thing to do is uninstall and then reinstall the apps on your Fire TVs, or update to the newest version. I hope this helps!
  18. TCMModerator1

    TCM desperately needs a fans favorite survey!?

    Hi Spence Please check your private messages. Thanks!
  19. TCMModerator1

    Urgently need your help!

    Hello Spencer I'm sorry you experienced difficulties when attempting to post. I'm not sure what could have happened, and we have had no other reports of problems. Could you maybe try recreating your post?
  20. TCMModerator1

    Text is One LONG Horizontal Line

    I don't believe that Windows 7 is an issue, but IE might be, or some setting within. Can you try the Firefox browser?
  21. TCMModerator1

    TCM App almost useless at this point

    Hi Folks I just want to let everyone know that TCM is aware of these issues, and is investigating. If I hear any further info, I will surely pass it along!
  22. TCMModerator1

    Movies not playing

    Hi Folks I just want to let everyone know that TCM is aware of these issues, and is investigating. If I hear any further info, I will surely pass it along!
  23. TCMModerator1

    Text is One LONG Horizontal Line

    Hi Dan2E Can you try in a different browser? Chrome, for example?
  24. TCMModerator1

    My New Fanfiction Series

    The question of copyright usually involves legal issues. I apologize, but the best answer I can give you is to seek legal advice. Sorry we can't be of more help!
  25. TCMModerator1

    My New Fanfiction Series

    Hello We are not qualified here on the Message Boards to answer questions about copyright, and we would hate to steer you in the wrong direction. Sorry we can't be of more help!

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