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  1. claudia22

    Films about fancy looking gas stations

    Sepia, I did not read it, so have no clear idea of the character's persona outlined in the book. Turner looked too well turned out, neat, clean, well dressed, sort of classy. Behaviorally/morally, yes, she was loose to be sure. Still, not the sort of woman I would imagine in the down scale situation portrayed in the film. Some cognitive dissonance here. I cannot see Smith in the role.
  2. claudia22

    Films about fancy looking gas stations

    1946 Postman Always Rings Twice with Lana Turner and a hunky John Garfield? Hey, it was full service and a diner! Turner was miscast, I think. Not trashy enough for the role. Slutty Jan Sterling would have been a better choice.
  3. In general, so do I! In Germany, I once sipped a bit of the really dark brew. It triggered a severe asthma attack, requiring a trip to the E.R. The doc said, not all that unusual. It is the grain.
  4. ps- what;s the song that gets played over and over in DETOUR??? Anyone??? Hi Lorna. Would that be "I can't believe that you're in love with me?"
  5. How about "Dead Ringer," with Bette Davis in a dual role, nice guy Karl Malden, and Peter Lawford, cast as her dead sister's playboy, drunken boyfriend? Davis, in a fit of jealous rage, shoots her doppleganger/twin sister, assumes her identiy. [but the dog knows, doesn't he?] Surprise surprise. Murdering twin is then saddled with the consequences of her dead twin sister's life which was darker than she could have ever imagined. There are those who feel the earlier Mexican film, "The Other One" basically the same script and starring the beautiful Delores DelRio, is superior to "Dead Ringer." DR, for my money, is slightly camp, though considered noir.
  6. Lorna, I was being reserved as a newbie, not wanting to come across as hyperbolic. Yes, agree, "The Window" is pure undulterated noir, inspired by Woolrich's "The Boy Cried Murder." The squirm factor for me as a child viewer was the boy having witnessed and KNOWING a murder had occurred, but with a history of tall tale telling, doubted by his distracted, somewhat disaffected parents. Drove me crazy. Still does when I watch it as an adult. Woolrich also inspired "Rear Window." Do you suppose he might have been a closet voyeur? Come to think of it, Woolrich's personal bio was a dark story in itself. I do know about poor Driscoll's sad end. Unhireable, homeless, broke, drug addicted, endng with an unfortunate, tawdry death. P.S. Thanks for the welcome. Have lurked here a long time.
  7. Anyone viewed "The Window" with Ruth Roman, Bobby Driscoll, and Arthur Kennedy? Saw it as a kid, nearly scared the wits out of me. Very noir-ish.
  8. Appears Reiko smoked herself to death. Dead at 77. What a shame.
  9. I cannot watch TCM when Tiffany is hosting. Her stiff, almost robotic demeanor is distracting. An unfortunate choice, in my opinion. One wonders why she was chosen.
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