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  1. Mindycassle

    "Mame" (1974)

    You do have a point there. Too much plastic surgery!! So what if theses older stars had some wringles?? I think they would look better than a fake plastic surgery face!!
  2. Mindycassle

    "Mame" (1974)

    Actually I think Cher might be a good Mame. More than anything Mame must be a free-spirit, bohemian, lovable character. Of course singing and acting talent is essential (which Cher has) She has to be the right "type." Angela Lansbury never had the greatest voice range but was "MAME"
  3. Mindycassle

    On Broadway, but not in the movie

    TopBilled Thanks for welcoming me! Glad to be a part of these discussions.
  4. Mindycassle

    Theater Talk

    Do you guys watch Theater Talk on PBS 1 AM eastern time????? The show has great interviews, performances, and lots of "talk." Much of it also pertains to classic movies (musical and non-musical).
  5. Mindycassle

    "Mame" (1974)

    I saw the revival of "MAME" on Broadway (front row) with Angela Lansbury. I'm sure it wasn't near as good as the original Broadway production, but since it's one of my favorite shows of all time, I was thrilled. So glad that Jane Connell, the original Gooch was in it! Most people will never know how wonderful this show is, because they were so turned off by the movie. Lucy was an amazing comedian but so wrong for "MAME". The terrible voice was reason enough, but also she played the role like a clown, which is NOT the character. The movie does have Bea Arthur, Robert Preston, etc. who are fantastic! As we all know Hollywood rather puts the original broadway actor in the movie, which is usually a mistake. A big exception though is the fabulous Ellen Greene in "Little Shop of Horrors." I was so surprised that they didn't go for a movie star.
  6. Mindycassle

    On Broadway, but not in the movie

    Ethel Merman should have absolutely should have done the movie!! Rosalind Russell not only didn't have the voice but was the WRONG type. Too classy....not Mama Rose.

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