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  1. The Shootist

    CBS once again validates colo(u)rizing

    If there is no audience, keeping films in black and white will not matter.
  2. The Shootist

    Portrait in Black

    I watched Portrait in Black last night for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not more than a minute after it finished, Ben Mankiewicz is telling me how it bombed at the box office and is known for being so bad, it's good! I had some qualms with the ending of the film, but the vast majority of the movie seemed fine to me. I did question having Sheila be the one who wrote the letters, but it was certainly a plot twist I wasn't expecting. There were plenty of chances to go with a more cliché ending that you see in other films. It would have been interesting if Blake was the one who wrote the letters, but that would probably have made the story too long. Ben also said that critics claimed Anthony Quinn was miscast. I'll admit that I had trouble with it in the first few scenes, but he played his part well. So, am I alone in really liking this movie?
  3. The Shootist

    CBS once again validates colo(u)rizing

    I welcome colorization in most cases, especially on TV shows. The color alone makes it seem more relatable to modern times. I'm 22, and nearly everyone dismisses old movies because they're in black and white. When I was in high school, we watched A Streetcar Named Desire. I watched how people reacted to the film and a lot of people dismissed it in part because it was in black and white. Similarly, I guarantee The Wizard of Oz wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is today if it was shown in black and white. That's not to say I think we should colorize everything. I've yet to see a film noir that I'd prefer in color. There are other individual circumstances where black and white is better, whether it be because of the setting, dress, or whatever. There's a Facebook page called Pop Colorture that you guys should check out. He does amazing work colorizing short segments of TV shows. Hopefully someone hires him!

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