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  1. revrnd

    Noir Alley

    I get teased about the 'u' as well. We'll get over it and in my books, some Canadians are acting stupid too, I hope they don't have any relatives or friends in the States. Back to the movies...I was confused too about the LA setting and Wrigley Field. Seeing that Charles McGraw was in the train movie recently departing Chicago, I thought that was the connection. Glad Eddie cleared it up at the end of the movie.
  2. revrnd

    Noir Alley

    You aren't/weren't the only one...
  3. revrnd

    Noir Alley

    Check IMDB for the 'morals' charges against Talman. According to the IMC(ar)DB the jalopy was a 1925 Ford Model T. Pretty good resource in figuring other the various cars and trucks.
  4. revrnd

    Noir Alley

    I was thinking of this too when I posted. Looking at the atlas I have, it would've been plausible to start the journey with CB&Q power. I didn't check the atlas closely but I'm pretty sure Illinois would've been at the western edge of NYC territory. Even thru all the mergers and break up of Conrail, the former CCC&StL yard in Indianapolis is still known as Big Four Yard. I'm aware of a Lehigh Valley passenger train that ran between Toronto, Ontario and New York City, via Buffalo. I'm pretty sure their equipment ran thru all the way to Toronto, not sure on which railway's trackage though, Canadian National or Canadian Pacific.
  5. revrnd

    Noir Alley

    Yes, the 'continuity' of the train footage was lacking. I'm pretty sure they departed Chicago and showed a PRR locomotive. Not sure of the intermediate trains, but the last couple of shots showed SP locomotives in the 'Daylight train' paint scheme. I checked the Rand McNally Railroad Atlas of 1927 and if the route the train took was exclusively on AT&SF trackage. I guess the railroad wouldn't co-operate or RKO didn't want to spring for actual footage along the route. One nice touch was the station agent getting the 'flimsy' via bamboo hoop.
  6. revrnd

    Noir Alley

    Thanks for all the great replies gang. I checked the IMCDB & this is the pic they showed: (which isn't a great pic) After posting here, I Googled (1950 Nash Ambassador Six Super Brougham 'Airflyte') & fopund a lot of decent pics of the car in question, even 1 from the movie: Being born in '61 most of the cars seen in this era were long gone from the roads. I do recall the Nash Metropolitan in pics. The other cars that bewildered me was on the Sat' night movie shown a couple of weeks ago (not Mystery Street). I had never seen the sedans that were being used as taxi w/ suicide doors. Most of the vehicles I'm familiar w/ from the 40s & 50s are Chev & Ford pickups & large trucks, plus the '55 & up Chevs which are well known cars.
  7. revrnd

    Noir Alley

    In Cry Danger, does anyone know the make and model of the LOOONG coupe? IMCDB doesn't show it.
  8. revrnd

    What--No Beer?

    Thanks, I guess I could've looked into when the Hayes Code was put into effect.
  9. revrnd

    What--No Beer?

    I caught part of the movie the other day and was surprised when I saw the wet dress scene involving Barry and Keaton. Is this movie considered Pre-Code? If not I don't know how the censor didn't want some snipping.
  10. revrnd

    Movie in Northeastern Georgia

    Thanks for the quick reply. Oh growing up in Canada, you'd better include the 'u' in your schoolwork or there would be 'sp' marked on it when it came back from the teacher.
  11. A while back I watched a movie on TCM about a preacher in turn of the century Georgia. I can't think of the name but it was filmed in colour in the early 50s and the lead actress later relocated to the area. The preacher and a church elder (I think) were always racing their horse and buggies.
  12. I'm just curious if anyone can identify this movie. It was in black and white and about civilians being interned after the Japanese occupation of the Dutch West Indies. I only caught a portion of it, so I don't really have any more details. There were no male actors in the scenes that I saw.

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