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  1. noah80

    Trump vs. the Press/Media

    GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING from Fox News (in other words WARNING: President Trump is a nut!)
  2. noah80

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    (To show support for her father), Ivanka Shines In Peach-Colored Suit During Event At White House
  3. noah80

    The Doris Day Appreciation Thread

    60 years ago today... On Oct. 6, 1959, Rock Hudson and Doris Day's Pillow Talk premiered in New York theaters. The film went on to be nominated for five Oscars at the 32nd Academy Awards, winning for its screenplay. The Hollywood Reporter's original review, headlined "'Pillow Talk' Hilarious, Sophisticated, Surefire," is below.
  4. noah80

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    a fiery Trump!
  5. noah80

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

  6. noah80

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Trump is the kid with his hand in the cookie jar – and Republicans know it by Robert Reich, a former US secretary of labor, is professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley Don’t assume the Senate won’t convict and remove a president who sees the danger and grows more desperate by the day He’s been acting like the spoiled child who gets caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar – denying his hand was there, blaming the person who caught him, blaming the cookie jar, blaming the cookie, throwing a tantrum, daring his parents to do anything about it. Trump’s off-the-wall accusations, tantrums and defiance illustrate the need for parental control. Pelosi and Schiff are the adults – somber and restrained. The more Trump is the out-of-control child, the more they look like responsible parents. A majority of Americans now support his impeachment. Trump refuses to allow any administration official to appear before the House committees considering impeachment. No matter, because Congress doesn’t need more evidence. The cookie is in plain sight. Everyone has seen Trump’s hand in the jar. House Democrats will vote to impeach, but will Senate Republicans vote to convict? Until now that seemed implausible. Democrats hold 47 Senate seats. If they all vote to convict, 20 Republicans would have to join them in order to have the necessary two-thirds of the Senate. What was implausible is now possible. If the vote were held in secret, says Republican strategist Mike Murphy, 30 Republicans would vote today for impeachment. Former Republican senator Jeff Flake puts the likely number at 35. Will they go public? Twenty-three Republicans are up for re-election next fall. Most are from red states that support Trump. But in a few months they’ll be safe from primary challenges. They’ll be free to vote him out. Trump remains hugely popular among Republican voters but most of them care more about the economy than about Trump, and the economy is slowing – in large part because of Trump’s trade wars. The manufacturing sector is contracting. Spending on warehouses, offices and factories is falling. Agriculture is taking a big hit. A fifth of the economy is effectively in recession. In September, wage growth slowed to weakest pace in more than a year. It’s still unlikely Trump will be pushed out of office before the 2020 election but the odds are rising by the day. And Trump knows it, which is causing him to behave more like a wild child who deserves to be impeached.
  7. noah80

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    A tactical signal? That's what NBC's Benjy Sarlin thinks the op-ed was. "There's a pretty massive tactical signal here," Sarlin tweeted, "which is to pivot away from defending the behavior (which has been a brutal slog so far for those who've tried) and instead toward arguing impeachment goes too far." BuzzFeed's Jon Passantino appeared to agree, tweeting Friday evening, "This is ultimately Tucker/Patel excusing away Trump's actions, fiercely advocating that he should not face any consequence for his actions and giving nervous Republicans cover: It's just Trump being Trump and that's what the voters wanted." And CNN's Abby Phillip reacted to the column this way: "This is a pretty transparent effort to provide a roadmap for Republicans looking for a way to publicly condemn Trump's actions but still oppose impeachment. Their argument is: what Trump did is bad and corrupt but we are so close to the election that voters should decide."
  8. noah80

    Democrats Begin Impeachment of Trump

    Trump is having a bad day....doesn't like impeachment
  9. noah80

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    "Nancy Pelosi hands out subpoenas like — you know, she has to approve it — hands out subpoenas like they're cookies," Trump said. "Yes, they are like cookies," quipped Stephen Colbert. "'Cause that's the way your presidency crumbles."

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