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  1. Noir Alley

    Beginning Sunday, March 5 at 10:00AM, TCM will be debuting a new weekly film noir showcase, which will be hosted by the Czar of Noir Eddie Muller, formerly the host of TCM's 2015 Summer of Darkness and here lately the host of on-air spots for the TCM Wine Club. Noir Alley kicks off March 5 with THE MALTESE FALCON ('41). Subsequent titles in the series will include the following: DETOUR ('45, March 12) ACT OF VIOLENCE ('48, March 19) TENSION ('50, March 26) THE BLUE GARDENIA ('53, April 2) SCARLET STREET ('45, April 9) THE SET-UP ('49, April 16) BRUTE FORCE ('47, April 23) HE WALKED BY NIGHT ('48, April 30) TCM hosts Eddie Muller and Ben Mankiewicz in conversation at the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival.
  2. May 2018 TCM Spotlight: Movie Series

    May 15 - 17 A Family Affair You're Only Young Once Judge Hardy's Children Love Finds Andy Hardy Out West with the Hardys The Hardys Ride High Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever Judge Hardy and Son Andy Hardy Meets Debutante Andy Hardy's Private Secretary Life Begins For Andy Hardy The Courtship of Andy Hardy Andy Hardy's Double Life Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble Andy Hardy Comes Home Five Little Peppers And How They Grew Five Little Peppers At Home Out West with the Peppers Five Little Peppers In Trouble Young Dr. Kildare Calling Dr. Kildare The Secret of Dr. Kildare Dr. Kildare's Strange Case Dr. Kildare Goes Home Dr. Kildare's Crisis The People vs. Dr. Kildare Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day Dr. Kildare's Victory Calling Dr. Gillespie Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case
  3. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thirsdays in May May 1 - 3 Blondie Blondie Meets the Boss Blondie Takes a Vacation Blondie Brings Up Baby Blondie On A Budget Blondie Has Servant Trouble The Girl from Mexico Mexican Spitfire Mexican Spitfire Out West Mexican Spitfire At Sea Mexican Spitfire Sees A Ghost Mexican Spitfire's Elephant Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event Four Daughters Four Wives Four Mothers Maisie Congo Maisie Gold Rush Maisie Maisie Was a Lady Ringside Maisie Maisie Gets Her Man Swing Shift Maisie Maisie Goes to Reno Up Goes Maisie Undercover Maisie Look Who's Laughing Here We Go Again The Great Gildersleeve Gildersleeve's Bad Day Gildersleeve on Broadway Gildersleeve's Ghost
  4. May 2018 TCM Spotlight: Movie Series

    May 8 - 10 Tarzan the Ape Man Tarzan and His Mate Tarzan Escapes Tarzan Finds a Son! Tarzan's Secret Treasure Tarzan's New York Adventure Tarzan Triumphs Tarzan and the Mermaids Tarzan's Magic Fountain Tarzan and the Slave Girl Tarzan's Peril Tarzan's Savage Fury Tarzan and the She-Devil Tarzan's Hidden Jungle Tarzan and the Lost Safari Jungle Jim The Lost Tribe Mark of the Gorilla Captive Girl Pygmy Island Bomba the Jungle Boy Bomba on Panther Island The Lost Volcano The Hidden City The Lion Hunters Elephant Stampede African Treasure Bomba and the Jungle Girl Safari Drums The Golden Idol Killer Leopard Lord of the Jungle
  5. 20 films, Thursday nights, May 10 – 31 May 10 The Blue Angel (1930) with Emil Jannings The Scarlett Empress (1934) with John Lodge Shanghai Express (1932) with Warner Oland Morocco (1930) with Gary Cooper Blond Venus (1932) with Cary Grant May 17 Destry Rides Again (1939) with James Stewart Angel (1937) with Melvyn Douglas The Devil Is a Woman (1935) with Lionel Atwill Desire (1936) with Gary Cooper Knight Without Armour (1937) with Robert Donat May 24 A Foreign Affair (1948) with Jean Arthur The Spoilers (1942) with John Wayne Kismet (1944) with Ronald Colman Manpower (1941) with Edward G. Robinson Martin Roumagnac (1946) with Jean Gabin May 31 Touch of Evil (1958) with Charlton Heston Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) with Spencer Tracy Witness for the Prosecution (1957) with Tyrone Power Stage Fright (1950) with Jane Wyman Rancho Notorious (1952) with Arthur Kennedy
  6. News: TCM Hosts

    TCM announced today that they are expanding the channel's roster of permanent hosts, one year since the death of longtime host Robert Osborne. Joining Ben Mankiewicz, who remains the 'face' of the network, will be Dave Karger and Alicia Malone. Karger will be a familiar face to most TCM viewers, having guest hosted the channel several times in the last two years; he also inherits from Osborne the unofficial position of TCM's resident Oscar historian, having specialized in his coverage of the film industry's award season for twenty years. Alicia Malone is a longtime film enthusiast and TV presenter, from Australia originally; she has been the primary host of TCM's streaming service FilmStruck since the service launched in 2016. In other developments, TCM confirmed that Tiffany Vazquez has been removed from her role hosting on Saturday afternoons, but will remain involved with TCM, hosting events at the film festival and online presentations for TCM Backlot and TCM's social media sites.
  7. Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    Lewis Gilbert, who directed some of the most successful British films of the 1960s and 1970s, has died. He was 97. Credits include the WWII drama CARVE HER NAME WITH PRIDE (1958), the Michael Caine hits ALFIE (1966) and EDUCATING RITA (1983) and three James Bond films -- YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE (1967), THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (1977) and MOONRAKER (1983). See here for more:
  8. Tiffany and new male host, feb 2018

    The guest host is Dave Karger, of NBC's Today Show. He's been on TCM as a guest host several times in the last couple of years, filling in for both the late Robert Osborne and, this month, for Ben Mankiewicz on several weeknights.
  9. William Holden as SOTM April 2018

    Actually, Ben Mankiewicz said that he and Powers would be introducing 15 Holden films together. Looking at the schedule, my guess is they'll be introducing the first three films on the lineup each night of the festival.
  10. John Gavin (1931 - 2018)

    Actor John Gavin died on February 9, 2018. He was 86. Gavin had prominent supporting roles in many of Universal's most successful films of the '50s and '60s, including Douglas Sirk's IMITATION OF LIFE ('59), Stanley Kubrick's SPARTACUS ('60) as well as BACK STREET ('61) and THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE ('67). He was also cast effectively as Janet Leigh's boyfriend, who helps Vera Miles uncover the mystery of Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO ('60). In the 1980s, Gavin served as Ronald Reagan's ambassador to Mexico for several years. The Hollywood Reporter remembers John Gavin here:
  11. Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    Actor/singer Vic Damone dead at 89:
  12. William Holden as SOTM April 2018

    BORN YESTERDAY is going to be one of them, as Ben Mankiewicz mentioned on Twitter last week that he had watched the film in preparation for his conversation with Stefanie Powers.
  13. William Holden as SOTM April 2018

    Ben Mankiewicz and Stefanie Powers were in studio for TCM today (February 6, 2018) to talk about William Holden.
  14. February 2018 TCM Guest Host

    Today Show entertainment correspondent Dave Karger returns to TCM in February, filling in for Ben Mankiewicz on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons from February 1 through March 3. Karger will be a familiar face to TCM viewers at this point. He guest hosted previously in July 2016 and February 2017 and also hosted TCM's Spotlight on Gay Hollywood last June.
  15. February 2018 TCM Guest Host

    Here's a brief excerpt from an interview Ben Mankiewicz did with Danny Miller of Cinephiled (see: Ben was asked about the hosting situation. "Danny Miller: Do you know of any plans to bring on more permanent hosts, especially now with Tiffany Vasquez (sic) leaving? Ben Mankiewicz: Well, certainly nothing that they'd want me talking about! Look, they have a very keen vision for how the channel should look and they take these decisions very seriously, as they should."
  16. William Holden as SOTM April 2018

    I have it on good authority that TCM will be honoring William Holden in April. I don't know if Holden will be the SOTM officially, but I do know that Ben Mankiewicz and Stefanie Powers will be in studio for TCM next week, recording wraparounds for 15 Holden films that will air in April.
  17. What 4 films did David Letterman pick as a GP?

    Letterman co-hosted seven films on The Essentials with Alec Baldwin. Letterman's picks were THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL ('52), EAST OF EDEN ('55), GILDA ('46), NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS ('58), BRIEF ENCOUNTER ('45), THE LOST WEEKEND ('45) and THE BIG SLEEP ('46).
  18. Agreed. I would add something that is rarely mentioned in any articles on this topic. With Soon-Yi Previn, Woody Allen adopted two daughters in the late '90s and early '00s. The rigorous vetting process that all prospective adoptive parents are subjected to found no reason why children should not be entrusted to Allen's care -- and that was years after the much publicized allegations had come out, meaning Allen was probably under a closer microscope than most other people. I'm not saying that Dylan Farrow is not a victim (either of Allen or Mia Farrow), but I feel uncomfortable with this rush to judgment given the reasonable doubt and the lack of provable evidence one way or the other.
  19. William Holden as SOTM April 2018

    I agree, Holden seems like the obvious choice. SUNSET BOULEVARD pops up out of the blue on the March schedule, part of the Spotlight on 'great movie endings', so I have to assume they'll be bringing that title back in April.
  20. ​Friday nights in January ​Ronnie Cox, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty and Burt Reynolds on the canoe trip from hell in DELIVERANCE ('72). ​January 5 ​THE NAKED PREY (1956) DELIVERANCE (1972) ​THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME (1932) RUN FOR THE SUN (1956) ​THE WILD NORTH (1952) ​Dan O'Herlihy is the title character in Luis Bunuel's excellent 1954 film of ROBINSON CRUSOE. ​January 12 ​MAN IN THE WILDERNESS (1971) INFERNO (1953) ​ROBINSON CRUSOE (1954) INTO THE WILD (2007) ​THE SECRET LAND (1948) ​​Oscar-nominated Hal Holbrook and Emile Hirsch in the Sean Penn-directed INTO THE WILD ('07). ​January 19 ​​THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX (1965) THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972) ​FIVE CAME BACK (1939) BACK FROM ETERNITY (1956) ​ABANDON SHIP (1957) ​​You know Shelley Winters won't make it, but who else will be able to survive THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE ('72)? ​January 26 ​LORD OF THE FLIES (1963) MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN (1969) ​PANIC IN YEAR ZERO (1962) NO BLADE OF GRASS (1970) ​WALKABOUT (1996) ​​Director and star Ray Milland's family narrowly misses a nuclear attack on Los Angeles in PANIC IN YEAR ZERO ('62).
  22. Elizabeth Taylor as SOTM March 2018

    Yes, I'm surprised no VIPs on the lineup. A PLACE IN THE SUN is Paramount, so I guess harder for TOM to get the rights to. I also think it is interesting that after SOTM Richard Burton last March, we get Liz this March.
  23. Peggy Cummins (1925-2017)

    A remembrance of Peggy Cummins By Eddie Muller (via Facebook) "Irish-born actress Peggy Cummins, known to film noir fans worldwide for her unforgettable performance as sharpshooting sociopath Annie Laurie Starr in GUN CRAZY, died on December 29, 2017, eleven days after her 92nd birthday. She had earlier that month suffered a massive stroke, according to her son, David Dunnett. In recent years Peggy had enjoyed a public re-emergence, often appearing at revivals of her films, with GUN CRAZY always the touchstone. During the past five years Peggy and I enjoyed a globetrotting friendship, appearing together at events in Hollywood, San Francisco, Kansas City, Lyon, and Zagreb. We were first introduced by Robert Osborne at the 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival, where he graciously allowed me to interview her prior to a full-house screening of GUN CRAZY. In Lyon, I introduced Quentin Tarantino to Peggy and he playfully prostrated himself in admiration before the star of one of his favorite movies. As a group of us slumped into a shuttle at 4 am after carousing through the opening night festivities—there was Peggy, chatting up the driver, learning all about his family. Wherever she went, Peggy charmed people with her dry, sparkling wit and down-to-earth warmth, of which she'd simply say, "I'm Irish, you know—I get on with people!" Although born in Wales, Peggy spent her youth in Dublin, daughter of an architect and an actress (Margaret Cummins [nee Tracy] can be seen in the 1949 Columbia noir SIGN OF THE RAM). After being "discovered" waiting at a bus stop, she was accepted to Dublin’s Gate Theatre and by the age of 13 was appearing regularly onstage and in films. In 1945, at 19 years of age, she was "discovered" again, this time as the winner of a 20th Century-Fox talent search for an actress to star in the studio's grandiose production of FOREVER AMBER. After several weeks shooting, however, studio boss Darryl Zanuck replaced his discovery, claiming, after viewing rushes, that Peggy was too young ("Not sexy enough," sniffed Peggy) to portray a wastrel sleeping her way to the top of British society. Linda Darnell was cast instead. As recently as this past November, Cummins recalled the humiliation of her firing as "heartbreaking. I was devastated." She regrouped in Fox productions such as MOSS ROSE (1947), THE LATE GEORGE APLEY (1947), ESCAPE (1948), and GREEN GRASS OF WYOMING (1948)—but in the wake of the AMBER incident her love affair with Hollywood was over. She returned to England, spurning a host of American suitors (including young Sen. John F. Kennedy), to become the fiancé of affluent seed magnate William Herbert Derek Dunnett, whom she married in 1950. It was her 11th hour casting in GUN CRAZY and a rushed return to America that would provide her lasting cinema legacy. Only weeks before the start of shooting, agent Charles Feldman (who didn’t even represent Cummins) suggested her to producer Frank King, who was desperate to find a "delicate" actress who could withstand the rigors of his rough-and-tumble production. Peggy threw herself into the part, recognizing it as her farewell to Hollywood filmmaking. She imbued Annie Laurie Starr with a complex and seething mixture of venom and vulnerability, sweetness and sexiness—creating both a singular character and a larger-than-life archetype. She’d make another 15 movies, all in England—including terrific ones like HELL DRIVERS (1957) and NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1957)—but nothing would come close to recapturing the fire she’d shown in GUN CRAZY. She'd retire from acting in 1961. Peggy and Derek Dunnett remained married until his death in 2000. They had two children, David and Diana. Although she loved the attention GUN CRAZY sustained for her—she called her rapturous appearance at Noir City in San Francisco in 2013, "One of the highlights of my life"—she appreciated even more the opportunity to travel and meet new people. She was adept at playing the star when the lights went on, but was even better displaying her uncanny common touch with folks who had no clue about her movie career. To every person she encountered, Peggy instantly became the highlight of their day. Despite her advanced age, news of Peggy's stroke was a shock; my wife Kathleen and I had spent two marvelous days with her in London this past November, and we’d parted with every expectation of reuniting on the festival circuit in 2018, to further celebrate the ever-expanding thrall GUN CRAZY casts over viewers worldwide. Peggy's energy and vivacity was almost comical as she led us on excursions through the Victoria & Albert Museum, a nearby cathedral, and a shopping spree at famed Harrod’s department store. Our last glimpse of the indefatigable Ms. Cummins was her bounding onto a Brompton Road lorry and amiably chatting up the busman. Farewell, dear Peggy. You made an indelible impression in the cinema—and my life."
  24. Peggy Cummins (1925-2017)

    TCM's Eddie Muller spent an evening with Cummins in London on November 4. Here are two pictures of that evening, which Muller posted on Twitter.
  25. The films are frequently seen on TCM, but you'll at least want to catch the wraparounds for IN A LONELY PLACE and THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL when the two films air on January 7. Oscar-nominated actress Annette Bening, who plays Gloria Grahame in the new movie FILM STARS DON'T DIE IN LIVERPOOL, will join TCM's Eddie Muller to introduce the films.

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