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  1. Polly of the Precodes

    John Barrymore Don Juan vs Errol Flynn Don Juan: Which did you prefer?

    The Private Life of Don Juan (starring Doug Fairbanks) has been on TCM. I love it because it's a perfectly poignant end to Fairbanks' career--a man recognizing that his glory days are past. I haven't seen the Flynn Don Juan, and did not think much of the Barrymore version.
  2. Polly of the Precodes

    DETOUR (1945) on Movies! channel---an "edit"!

    Advertisers. From the industry's perspective, content is the bait used to bring in viewers who will then see the advertising.
  3. Polly of the Precodes

    DETOUR (1945) on Movies! channel---an "edit"!

    I saw the last part of All That Jazz (1979) on Movies-TV. There were so many digitally blurred breasts and bleeped obscenities that it seemed almost pointless. But yes, as an OTA channel, they are subject to FCC regulation.
  4. Polly of the Precodes

    I Just Watched...

    Robinson and Mae Clarke have a certain chemistry...the sort that gives off foul odors and will go critical before you know it. They get some snappy lines out of it, but it doesn't transcend the mess at the center of the film.
  5. Summer Under the Stars: Most years one of the stars is from the silent era, and another has a predominantly non-English language filmography. As said above, the programmers usually include some lesser-known stars. Also as said above, while the big-name stars will be represented with their overprogrammed titles in prime time, in the off-hours the programmers sometimes screen interesting obscurities.
  6. Polly of the Precodes

    Why does TCM skip black history month every year..?

    Right now I have very little love for TCM's 31 Days of Oscar programming, but I'll take it as part of the network's film history mission. As for the African-American experience as reflected in film, for the last several years TCM has scheduled for Martin Luther King Day films of this sort--see their programming for 1/21/19: .
  7. Polly of the Precodes

    I Just Watched...

    Moreover, it was planned as a trilogy, only to be padded out to five movies. And based on the fanfic-level cliches in this second movie, I'm apprehensive as to what subsequent installments might bring.
  8. Polly of the Precodes

    New (OLD) Movies Please

    It wasn't lost, it was just tucked away so tightly in the Fox vaults it might as well have been. I saw it at Capitolfest this past August, and...was less than impressed. But if this is a precursor to more Fox precodes becoming more available (they also screened The Mad Game (1933, starring Spencer Tracy)), I'm optimistic.
  9. Polly of the Precodes

    New (OLD) Movies Please

    Is there a nice print of Just Imagine out there? Supposedly any good prints were lost in the 1937 Fox vault fire, and the only surviving elements are a workprint. This may explain why Fox hasn't issued it on DVD, and apparently allows it to be posted on Youtube and other backchannel sources.
  10. Polly of the Precodes

    New (OLD) Movies Please

    If you're in Canada, certain movies scheduled by TCM-US will be replaced with other titles. This is generally considered to be 1) a function of rights issues, and 2) deeply annoying.
  11. Polly of the Precodes

    New (OLD) Movies Please

    On the top menu bar, under "Community," is "Suggest a Movie." The TCM programmers have actually run a movie I requested.
  12. Polly of the Precodes


    Number Please (1920)?
  13. Polly of the Precodes

    Movies that won't be shown on TCM

    "...Only on Turner Crass-n-Sick Movies..."
  14. Polly of the Precodes

    Movies that won't be shown on TCM

    Silent movies outside of the relatively short list TCM has in rotation. There are probably reasons for this (the small audience for such movies, the effort necessary to license non-Turner library titles, the need to provide scores). But it's dismaying when TCM schedules Lilac Time (1928) only to quietly cancel it some time later.
  15. Polly of the Precodes

    April 2019 Schedule is up

    The way TCM keeps teasing silent film fans with Lilac Time (1928)?

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