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  1. Polly of the Precodes

    I Just Watched...

    I know I found it amusing, in a sick sort of way. But I've never seen a Hitchcock movie that didn't have some amount of black humor.
  2. Polly of the Precodes

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    *That* hurts (although I'm sure rights issues are involved). Joseph Losey directed it (under a pseudonym) while he was in Europe because of the blacklist, and I was hoping to catch it.
  3. Polly of the Precodes

    Noir Alley

    Gimme a good resonant baritone. Ideally coming out of a handsome, well-marbled piece of beefcake.
  4. Polly of the Precodes

    I really think tcm should set up free live streaming on this site

    If that's true, it means ad-supported. I'm lucky enough to have access to RCN, a small regional cable provider. But I pay a lot for that privilege, and really need to take a look at an alternative like Sling.
  5. Polly of the Precodes

    Which Lost Film Would You Love to See?

    The Great Gatsby (1926) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1928) And then there are scads of pre-1935 Fox, Universal, and Columbia films that aren't lost, but are so tightly held by the studios or archives they might as well be gone.
  6. Polly of the Precodes

    Noir Alley

    I saw that this weekend at Noir City DC! With an introduction by Eddie Muller himself.
  7. Polly of the Precodes

    Noir Alley

    As serendipity would have it, I Wake Up Screaming is on Movies! right now...and Laird Cregar rather pushes my buttons. I've known for some time I like my beefcake with a nice amount of marbling, but...dang.
  8. Polly of the Precodes

    Noir Alley

    Maybe Bureau of Missing Persons (1933)? He and Bette Davis are good in that.
  9. Polly of the Precodes

    Noir Alley

    A cursory search suggests a younger Pat O'Brien. (Has anyone ever admitted to finding him attractive?) Possibly a good sidekick or antagonist, but as a leading man?
  10. Polly of the Precodes

    Noir Alley

    I always think EGR looks like a frog (something about the chin). Or else an English bulldog.
  11. Polly of the Precodes

    Noir Alley

    THIS. Cute child actors often grow up to be bizarre-looking adults, but Rooney.... Even allowing for the studios' power over the press, I cannot believe the moviegoing public loved him to such a degree. To say nothing of the multiple Mesdames Rooney....
  12. Polly of the Precodes

    Noir Alley

    I was at that screening tonight! I didn't try to talk to Eddie, but tomorrow or Sunday I do mean to ask him some things about Underworld USA...in light of the things he said about Pickup on South Street.
  13. Not on today's schedule, but in 1954's Pushover Kim Novak wears a couple of outfits that pretty clearly do not have a bra underneath....
  14. Polly of the Precodes

    Which movies would you most love to see in a theatre?

    I'm waiting for the opportunity to see The Godfather I and II on a suitably big screen. I held off on seeing 2001 until it came to the main screen at AFI Silver, and I'm glad I waited.
  15. Several years ago when cigars were fashionable I had the misfortune to be at a concert near someone who was smoking a vanilla-scented cigar. A good cigar doesn't smell bad, but the combination was terrible. Speaking of Golden Age actors and cigars... Yes, that cigar is lit.
  16. Polly of the Precodes

    I Just Watched...

    I have an album of Parker reading some of her poems. What I don't have is a working turntable right now. Excuse me while I check YouTube....
  17. Polly of the Precodes

    Movies About Movies - Need Suggestions

    https://letterboxd.com/peterhildebrand/list/characters-who-are-stuntmen-stunt-performers/ A list of films about stunt performers, an important element of filmmaking.
  18. Polly of the Precodes

    On that note what are your favorite Spencer Tracy films?

    THIS. Apparently all of Tracy's Fox films have either been restored or are scheduled for restoration. I've seen The Mad Game and Disorderly Conduct at film festivals, and they deserve to be better known.
  19. Polly of the Precodes

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    Or if you've read Nabokov, "Nymphet."
  20. Polly of the Precodes

    If you could turn any book into a movie, who would you cast?

    The Better Things (1931) From the serial The Better Things in Life (1930), by Anita Loos, later reworked as No Mother to Guide Her (1961) Director: Dorothy Arzner Screenplay: Anita Loos Elmer Bliss: Harold Lloyd Viola Lake: Miriam Hopkins Lansing Marshall: Lee Tracy C.C. Cahoon: Guy Kibbee Aunt Minnie: Marie Dressler Cal Barco: Charles "Chic" Sale
  21. Polly of the Precodes

    Actors You Would Have Liked To See Play Bond?

    Baker was actually shortlisted for the first Bond movie. But that's the face of a man who drinks beer, not a martini made to exacting standards.
  22. Polly of the Precodes

    you will not hear the word 'damn' on MOVIES!

    1) These digital subchannels are broadcast via the public airwaves and therefore subject to FCC regulations. (TCM and other cable channels are exempt from those regulations.) 2) These networks' Standards and Practices departments appear to exercise even more stringent policies. This may be done in order to not offend "viewers of a certain age" and/or the advertisers looking to sell their products to these audiences. 3) I still think it was pointless for Movies! to air All That Jazz, given the number of obscenities that had to be bleeped and bare breasts that had to be blurred.
  23. Polly of the Precodes

    Who Has Gone to any of the TCM Fathom Events, or Plan to?

    I went to the Dracula (1931) double feature (the English-language and Spanish-language versions) several years ago. It was really fascinating to see the two versions back-to-back. But Carlos Villarías' performance doesn't come near to Lugosi's performance in the title role (he doesn't own the role to the degree Lugosi does). More recently I saw the Fathom Events presentation of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. It wasn't very well attended, but at least the crowd looked diverse.
  24. Polly of the Precodes

    Films Which Are Considered Classics Which You Can't Stand.

    See also Lolita (1962)--I don't hate it but when Sellers cuts loose he completely wrecks the mood and narrative.
  25. Polly of the Precodes

    Films Which Are Considered Classics Which You Can't Stand.

    *Nods sympathetically* Art direction and sound design to die for, but colder than Antarctica.

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