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  1. Vautrin

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    Of course the fact that I was listening to Gordon Lightfoot at the time was purely coincidental. I had a whole seat full of CDs with me. Maybe Gordo was somewhat of a reverse inspiration for George Costanza's 'it's not you, it's me' routine.
  2. Vautrin

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    I like Gordon Lightfoot, but I have a bad memory of listening to Gord's Gold while stuck in a horrendous traffic jam around D.C., but I forgave him a long time ago.
  3. Vautrin

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    There is often some truth in our japes, no doubt about it. TCM and McDonalds are what America means to me . I got a laugh of of the Jimmy Stewart/Robert Mitchum documentary last night with the footage of Bob talking to the troops in Vietnam. Okay boys, let's smoke a little weed and then you go out and kill some red commie bastards. I'll stay here and roll a few more.
  4. Both my parents were mostly oblivious to rock bands. They wouldn't know the Beatles or the Rolling Stones from the Sons of the Pioneers. Looking back, I can now say that HH produced some nice melodic pop songs in their heyday, but at the time I wanted to run screaming, or not, from the room. Just on an appearance level I think Keith looked a lot better in the late 1960s and early 1970s when he grew his hair long, which also covered his somewhat prominent ears.
  5. Vautrin

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

  6. Vautrin

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I will gladly lie about the hamburgers next Tuesday for the hamburgers today.
  7. Vautrin

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Good to know there are no more racists, or even "racists", left in the U.S.
  8. Vautrin

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Um, you're looking right at one, fatso.
  9. Yes, I can understand why any mom and dad preferred a cute cuddly guy like Peter Noone to a rough looking type like Mike Jagger. I never worried about my father hating rock stars. He didn't even know who Mick Jagger was.
  10. Vautrin

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    That was written in jest. I'm sure there are people from other countries who enjoy TCM in addition to Americans who are abroad and like to see something familiar.
  11. I like Winter Light. Though I personally don't have much interest in the silence of God theme, it is also an interesting character study and a look at the claustrophobic environment of what I presume is a very small town. And the tiny attendance at the church always makes me chuckle, though I doubt that was Bergman's intent. I suppose in a way it's a mite pretentious, but in the main it's a rather stark and unadorned look at a certain way of life and the people who live it.
  12. Vautrin

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    My lungs thank you.
  13. Vautrin

    NOW I'M REALLY MAD ! ! !

    I only posted the song because of its opening lyric, I'm mad and that's a fact. The rest of the song really has nothing to do with it. Animals is not one of my favorites on Fear of Music. I prefer the two you mentioned plus Electric Guitar and Paper. I've always liked the cover too, with the metal grate motif, which is raised on the vinyl release. I'm not sure why certain movies aren't shown in Canada, unless it's another one of those notorious rights issues. OTOH, TCM is mainly meant for real Americans.
  14. The daughter of some friends of my parents was an absolute nut for Herman's Hermits. So when we visited them I had to endure a session of HH in her bedroom, which was filled with all things HH. That was enough of HH to last the rest of my life. I don't remember anyone fighting in school about the British Invasion bands. They were more likely to fight over sports teams, though even that was infrequent.

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