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  1. Or the Tale of Some Gentlemen Hoist by Their Own Peters. And containing Several Matters Natural Enough perhaps, but LOW. Sooner or later, the jig would have to be up. When the men folk lost the power of the purse, which is very important in a mega consumer society, in the late 20th century, well that was all she wrote.

    Some of 'em look like righteous vessels of the Lord, others (not going to name any names, hint, photo above) like meth heads in search of the next dose.
  3. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    You can have my serving.
  4. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Too bad Granddad Fred left the Fatherland. Trump does use scapegoats in a manner similar to Hitler, to keep his followers salivating and permanently angry. What's kind of funny is the triviality of the scapegoats. Not the international communist conspiracy, but the NFL and college football players. Yes it can happen anywhere, I just don't think it's likely to happen here. Happy Thanksgiving.
  5. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    The **** Trump woman is back. She is now selling bumper stickers with the **** Trump logo on them, proceeds going to her local Democratic party. There is also the drawing of a middle finger in there too, but it's hard to see if the image is blacked out. You go, girl.
  6. Barton's nude pics show that not everything is bigger in Texas.
  7. I don't think the great majority of people get enjoyment in someone being executed, they just feel it's an appropriate punishment. I disagree, but I can understand, to some degree, their feelings.
  8. I'm against capital punishment, but I can see reasons, mainly emotional, that many people are for it and I wouldn't call them uncivilized. There are some cases that are so heinous that one can understand why that person should be put to death, but if you're against capital punishment, I think you have to be consistent and against in those cases too, however hard that can be.

    I wonder where that puts RC Cola quaffers.
  10. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I would love to see Lynch go beast mode on Donny MAGA. Mashed potatoes. Yuck. I always have a nice hot baked potato with plenty of margarine. Gotta have nice big rolls too. And some pecan pie/chocolate cake. Yum.
  11. Come a long way from good old LOL.
  12. I don't think anyone is condoning him. It appears that he will spend the rest of his life in prison with no possibility of parole, which is fine with me. I just don't see any reason to cheer people being raped, especially by rapists who could be rapists or murderers themselves.
  13. I can see why the Washington Examiner put quotes around the word evidence.
  14. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Too bad they have to wait for an old fashioned call to the cops. Get back to me when they can see me kill someone in my living room or what I'm having for breakfast. No, not Victory Puffs.
  15. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    You're welcome. Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right.

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