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  1. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Message: I care.
  2. SCOTUS battles

    Abramson was also the co-author of a book about the Thomas-Hill controversy, one that gives the best case for the truthfulness of Hill's accusations. Remember there was a second woman ready to come forth and make similar allegations about Thomas, but she was mostly shunted aside at the time.
  3. Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    Lucky guy. The next morning it is implied that she gave him a ride too. White Heat was one of the first classic films I recall seeing. My parents were visiting some friends and I was left alone in their cozy little TV room and on came White Heat. Wow.
  4. Johnny Rocco vs. Cody Jarrett....

    I can see clever Cody sneaking up on ol' Rocco and blasting him away while he sits in the bathtub chewing on his cigar. Cody had obvious psychological problems that needed treatment whereas Rocco was just one mean, low down, cruel s.o.b. OTOH, no one should be allowed to slap Virginia Mayo around like Cagney did. That's an unforgivable black mark against Jarrett.
  5. joe

    Well that's a matter of individual preference, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Gronk didn't catch it. Ha ha.
  6. America's Gun Culture...

    The only folks who accuse the left of chronically supporting communism are those who know little about leftists and communism. Hey, maybe these kids were using social media. Ya think?
  7. The onus is on Donny since he's the one who apparently wants to end the DACA program. Right now it's tied up in the courts anyway.
  8. joe

    It's been a while since the Cowboys were a Super Bowl threat, so that lessens the dislike a bit. And watching the Pats fall short on that Hail Mary play was just as enjoyable.
  9. If Donny wasn't trying to put an end to the program, there would be no need for a deal, but since he is...
  10. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    The old there is a group of traveling actors who show up at the latest school shooting is a right wing kook thing that took off after Sandy Hook. Naturally, when they find one nonsensical idea they just kept at it over and over again.
  11. America's Gun Culture...

    The truly unfortunate die with it. The U.S. government, inadvertently, has managed to invent a slow motion perpetual killing machine that once put in motion just keeps running under its own steam.
  12. joe

    Any day that is a bad day for the Cowboys is a good day to me.
  13. joe

    Yeah, especially around school buildings, now that going postal seems to be just a piece of nostalgia, thank goodness. Of course if you wanted to split hairs, you could say that Joe wants to shoot just one particular person and not everyone in his path. Still, that ain't cool.
  14. America's Gun Culture...

    One of the first persons to point out the alienating effect of capitalism on the worker was of course good old Karl Marx. Just to give credit where credit is due. You don't have a society spinning out of control, you have a society that has certain laws that allow some unbalanced people to do these types of things. It really has its own rather gruesome logic. Just have to learn to live with it.
  15. joe

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