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  1. Racism in Trump's America

    Generous profit sharing plan and stock options. All the cotton candy you can eat.
  2. Where Is Barack Obama?

    Somewhere around, happy in the knowledge that whoever is compared with Trump looks better just by that fact. And that coming between Dumbya and Donny is one sweet spot.
  3. one man's line-up

    Yeah their chocolate donuts are very good. I get them once in a while as a treat. They now have mini crumb cakes, but they aren't as good as the regular crumb cakes.

    I really don't care how loony Moz gets, the Smiths are still a wonderful outfit.
  5. one man's line-up

    I threw up half a Red Baron pizza, a white chocolate cupcake, a few half digested pork rinds, a piece of Entenmann's crumb cake, and a Brandy and Yahoo Alexander half way through a particularly dull episode of Gunsmoke last night. But I feel better today.

    I'll never forget the night that Cowboy Bill Watts turned on Sammartino when they were tag team partners. Say it ain't so, Cowboy Bill.
  7. The End of "TV"

    Thanks for the information. I had forgotten the details. She certainly got some bad vibes from him and made the right decision.
  8. The End of "TV"

    I wish I had a nickel for every time Bob Eubanks used the phrase make whoopee. One of the serial killers in a true crime show I watched was a contestant on The Dating Game. Can't recall if he was picked or not. He likely had more important things to do anyway.
  9. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Donny has always been sensitive about the topic of his real wealth. In the past he has threatened to sue reporters who he feels are underestimating it, though I don't think he has ever gone through with those threats. Donny and Rudy, they're just members of the adulterers club, not officers. These two sleazebags deserve one another for sure.
  10. I Just Watched...

    Come to papa Mink, bennie baby. I'm flying tonight, daddio. Don't give me the slip, I'm hip, waiting for that cool mothership. Hey honey, you see my bongo drums around? Death In Small Doses (1957) Peter Graves, Mala Powers, Chuck Connors. It's 1957 and a specter is haunting America, the specter of...DRUG ABUSE. This time it's truckers hooked on amphetamines, bennies, happy pills, truckers' friend. (Jack Webb did this better in his rapid fire style on the 1960s Dragnet). It's a serious problem that calls for gov't investigation. Peter Graves, with his usual non-modulated performance, plays the gov't agent who heads to LA to go undercover as a truck driver to bust the bennie ring. He finds lodging at the house of a trucker's widow who rents rooms to truckers between hauls. Mala Powers plays the widow, a gal with a nice pair of headlights as a truck driving man might put it. It is there that Peter meets fellow truck driver Mink, played by Chuck Connors. Mink is a hoot, a bennie gobbling guy who spouts endless hipster chatter. Mink loves nothing better than to get in his benniemobile, head down to the local gin mill and grove to some cool jazz. He's no square, daddio. Not exactly the usual image one has of Connors. Without Mink the film would be a pretty pedestrian tale. Graves eventually discovers who is peddling the bennies and to his sorrow Mala, who he was getting serious with, is involved. Ouch. As the cops lead Mala away, the audience is relieved to know that the bennie ring has been broken up and they can travel the highways and byways of the good ol' USA without having to worry about hopped up bennie goblers out on the road. Not a bad little Allied Artists low-budget flick with a few nice touches, but nothing very special. By far the best part is hipster Mink, who elevates this thing slightly above the average.

    The Moz knew. Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ.
  12. Noir Alley

    What a dump.
  13. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Miranda would be both, a rainbow and a vibrant personality. Orson Welles was pretty colorful, but not exactly a laff riot. Living Colour
  14. Escapism was baked into the studio era years. Expecting a lot of realism at the movies from that period would be like going to the circus and expecting the ringmaster to recite Chaucer. So knowing more or less what to expect, I just sit back and enjoy it for what it is. And what was never great in the first place can never be made great again.
  15. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Sure. Rodney Dangerfield was funny, but not particularly colorful. Carmen Miranda was colorful, but not particularly funny, at least on purpose.

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