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  1. YabbaDabba

    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1992

    Ok, thanks - sorry I messed up and did the whole decade. I got too excited.
  2. YabbaDabba

    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1992

    Now that I have found you all.... I think the 1990s were one of the best decades for foreign movies. JMO. In no particular order.... 1. My Father’s Glory (1990) – Yves Robert, France (Except this one. an all-time favorite) 2. My Mother’s Castle (1990) – Yves Robert, France 3. Raise the Red Lantern (1991) – Yimou Zhang, China 4. Life is Beautiful (1997) – Roberto Benigni, Italy 5. Chungking Express (1994) – Wong Kar Wai, China 6. Three Colors: Red (1994) – Kryzsztof Kieslowski, Poland (OK, also Blue and White, but, a list of ten) 7. Run Lola Run (1998) – Tom Tykwer, Germany 8. Il Postino (1994) – Michael Radford, Italy 9. Akiro Kurasawa's Dreams (1990) – Akiro Kurasawa, Ishiro Honda, Japan 10. Belle Epoque (1992) – Fernando Trueba, Spain I also loved The Thief, Ponette, Kolya, Europa Europa!, Cyrano de Bergerac, Open Your Eyes, Eat Drink Man Woman.....there are way too many to list here!
  3. YabbaDabba

    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1992

    Oh, and I know I missed the 1980s....but from one of my favorites, my bichon Ziggy also seems to like it as well...
  4. YabbaDabba

    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1992

    I don't come here often. But I just binged all 91 pages of posts in this thread! I applaud all of you who have seen so many of the older films - I have just made a huge list of everything I want to see. I wouldn't know where to find half of it, especially the German films from the 20s and 30s. Also, everything you find on Youtube and elsewhere seem to not have subtitles. But I *will find them! Thanks for all your efforts!!! Freddie
  5. YabbaDabba

    Time for Marcello!

    Now that we've got him for a SUTS day.....Mastroianni deserves a month!
  6. YabbaDabba

    2018 SCHEDULE

    Next on my list to request...>>Belmondo<< It would be great to have a French New Wave month, but that's another thread, another board...
  7. YabbaDabba

    2018 SCHEDULE

  8. Didn't even take two months, let alone two years. They're stopping it in August.
  9. YabbaDabba

    TCM to discontinue print editions of Now Playing

    Just found this out today - when for the second time in three months I have not received my NP in the mail, I went to complain, and it sent me an email with a link. It figures. First RO dies, then IMDB got rid of its boards (I wonder if the boards here are next???) and now no more Now Playing. Why would I want to print out their email? They better make sure we get the answers to the last month's puzzle, too.
  10. You might be right. Dad loved this movie, though, and he wasn't a pacifist. Not to mention that Heston is in it....lol But when he got his first DVD player, this is one of the movies I got him to go with it. Big Country *also wins for the music. That theme gives me chills, the best theme from a western ever, hands down.
  11. Huh? Unforgiven was terrible. My dad was a western connoisseur, and I was raised on them. He hated that movie, thought it was pretentious. I had to agree. His favorite was Lonesome Dove. I am surprised that no one has mentioned that. Ok, it's a "tv movie" - it doesn't matter. THAT is the grandpappy of all of them. Tommy Lee Jones flying thru town on that white/gray dapple horse. The pigs following the wagon. Gus and the women. My favorite is actually Broken Trail. There is nothing like Duvall - "You will not hurt these children. No sir." Other than that.... The Big Country High Noon Shane Good Bad & Ugly the Magnificent Seven Stagecoach True Grit (Both, actually.) Open Range And I see a place on the list for The Hateful Eight as well.
  12. YabbaDabba

    IMDb eliminating its message boards

    I suppose that if you can remember most of it, you could always post your opinion as a "User Review"..... It really is irritating. I never noticed trolls (Except the occaional person posting "is such and such gay") or people selling bootleg DVDs. I stick mostly to the classic movies. And so many of those boards had posts from cast and crew of movies, many long gone. There was one 80+ yo Italian actor who was only ever in a few movies, and he used to come to the board for his most famous movie and answer people's questions. It was endearing. It happened a lot. History is just not important in the money-making scheme of things, I guess. Sigh.
  13. YabbaDabba

    31 Days of Oscar 2017: A to Z

    I am liking the mix we're getting with the A-Z, it's been fairly good. Do agree about Dreamgirls. I am one of those sticklers for the 25 year mark being used for classic movies. So, Blazing Saddles would make it in - but not Dreamgirls. What has bugged me - I know they cannot put all the movies on On Demand. But, for those of us without DVR, the ones in the middle of the night.....couldn't they just have some common courtesy for once? I mean, I'm not staying up until 3:00 am to watch Mon Oncle D'Amerique - but if you're going to have it - to actually play a foreign movie (heaven forbid) - couldn't you at least make it MORE available?
  14. YabbaDabba

    TCM Remembers

    And who picked this trite music? Ugh.
  15. YabbaDabba

    TCM Remembers

    So they put in Anton Yelchin, but left out Anne Jackson? @@

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