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  1. 1kaleman

    That movie was filmed HERE?!

    Harold Lloyd Jr's "The Flaming Urge" released in 1953 was filmed entirely in Michigan. The city of Monroe was used for most of the scenes. The Ellis library in Monroe is filled with clippings about the movie.They even shot in citizen's living rooms.Rarely if ever seen today. It sure must have had a limited release. Maybe it was a hit in Monroe.
  2. 1kaleman

    Silent Sundays - July, 2014

    Lulu should never had that Christmas kiss under the mistletoe!
  3. 1kaleman

    Niagara (1953)

    When Marilyn reported to work on location for "Niagara", there were 70 newspaper and magazine and TV reporters waiting for her! This paparazzi frenzy of today is nothing new.
  4. 1kaleman

    Any ideas who will be November's SOTM?

    Has Dorothy Malone ever been SOTM? She was in films for 50 years.
  5. 1kaleman

    These Hammer noirs are pretty good!

    "Stolen Face" seemed to be the best of the bunch. Wonder why Edith Head designed the costumes for Ms. Scott in such an unimportant pic.
  6. 1kaleman

    "Hurricane Island"

    Agree Windsor did look better in black and white. In Robin Cross' "Big Book of B Movies or How Low was my Budget,In discussing fifties floozies remarked Marie Windsor, the 60 cent special ,looked like Loretta Young with touches of Edmond O'Brien. He also added she was superb as an undercover cop masquerading as a gangster's hard-bitten widow in "The Narrow Margin,"
  7. 1kaleman

    "Hurricane Island"

    I was amazed that the color print of "Hurricane Island" was so clear and crisp. Most B's from the 50's are not that well preserved. It made a fun adventure tale more enjoyable to watch.
  8. 1kaleman

    Silent Sundays-May 2014

    Never realized William Haines was such a fine comedy actor until "The Smart Set."He reminded me of Jack Lemmon and a bit of Tom Hanks No wonder he was tops at the box office in 1930! He gave depression audiences laughs and humor then. And even today his acting style doesn't seem dated and is fun to watch.
  9. 1kaleman

    Aki Kaurismaki

    Belated kudos to TCM for airing "The Match Factory Girl" and "Ariel".Kaurismaki is a brilliant director as these films proved The images in his films stay with you. More of his imports on TCM!
  10. 1kaleman

    Shepherd of the Hills

    The Big Bear Lake scenery was beautiful. The print was crisp and clear.Betty Field's apparel looked too stylish for a mountain gal. Same for her hair.
  11. 1kaleman

    Mickey Rooney has passed away at 93

    Rooney had a messy kind of life. Looks like it will be a messy kind of a funeral. Sad that he was almost penniless tho.

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