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  1. Have you seen someone you know in a movie?

    A guy I used to date many years ago was on the production staff of the Space Camp movie made back in the 1980’s and he was in a scene near the beginning of that movie.
  2. Hank & Jim

    Eyman and his wife were on the final TCM cruise in November 2016 and my SO & I went to his talk about this book. However, I really don’t remember much that I can contribute to this discussion. I do remember that the book seemed like it would be interesting. He gave his talk and showed their segment from On Our Merry Way, which may have been their first collaboration on film. We sat next to Eyman’s wife and she was very nice.
  3. Stella Dallas where he plays Stanwyck’s drunken buddy and The Sisters where he plays Anita Louise’s much older rich husband.
  4. Why is Fredric March forgotten?

    I have a friend who is 39 years old. She collects anything to do with Fredric March and is writing a book about him. It’s a work in progress. Her 7 year old treats him like he’s a long lost uncle. Not exactly what that proves other than he does have younger fans.
  5. Just love James Cagney!!!

    My favorite is Footlight Parade.
  6. Just love James Cagney!!!

    He’s my favorite actor.
  7. What stars have you never actually seen?

    Yeah, I don’t think I have either. I’ve been thinking about this and I don’t think I’ve seen much of the Ritz Brothers other than a clip from a movie. They seemed sort of corny.
  8. Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    We were watching an episode of Petticoat Junction yesterday and Bannon had a small role on it. Weird.
  9. Looking at Wikipedia there have been several scores produced for the film, the most recent was from 2011 by Michael Nyman. That might be a place you can look to see if any of the orchestra or groups ring a bell.
  10. re: Forum Update 10/17/2017

    Am I signed in? I can’t tell. I guess I am. Darn updates.
  11. Anthony Perkins

    According to IMDb Tall Story was released in April and Psycho was released in September.
  12. What does any of this have to do with Ileana's showcase on trailblazing women. Take it to off topic, please.
  13. I haven't seen everything he's done but i do love The Descendants and Up In The Air.
  14. Looking for movie title

    Is it Operation Crossbow?
  15. I was looking this up while you were posting this. The directors were featured in this first installment in Oct. 2015 and the thread I looked at stated that there was a Wertmuller film scheduled but no one in that thread posted which movie it was. I could probably dig out my Now Playing for that month if it's important. I guess the point I'm trying to convey is that she wasn't ignored.

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