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  1. Honestly, if Robert Osborne with TCM’s backing couldn’t make it happen, I doubt that Ben could. I think she did participate in a documentary about Errol Flynn but she hasn’t seemed to be forthcoming about her own life.
  2. Robert Osborne's Private Screenings series

    It might have something to do with getting rights to show the clips included in the interviews.
  3. Verboten Message Board Topics

    Someone wasn’t too complimentary to Dave Karger and that post is still there. And every time Natalie Wood’s name is mentioned, all the gossip pertaining to her or her husband is duly noted and it’s not removed. If posters start attacking each other, that is not allowed, along with colorful language. If someone reports a post, those are removed no matter the tone or subject. It doesn’t bother me because I know the terms of conduct and when I joined, I agreed to abide. I haven’t always been successful but I also don’t bother with folks who upset me anymore.
  4. If you go to the top of the page, there’s a tab for “Magazine” and you just enter your information so you will get the email with the digital Now Playing guide. I received two for April and it has the schedule you can access from the email.
  5. Actor Harry Anderson (1952-2018)

    I loved that guy. I’m really sad about this.
  6. Stingy Time Warner did it again

    Oh Mike you’re 😂!
  7. Michael Douglas on Live TCM slurring his words?

    They didn’t mention a lot of his films. There just wasn’t enough time.
  8. The End of "TV"

    I think all of the on air talent have a stylist. Even Robert had one when he was still there.
  9. Aprils 2018 Schedule is From March in Now Playing

    I just looked at my email (I got it last week) and it seemed to be correct, but I just spot checked a few things, like April 10 with Jane Powell and the nights of Holden’s films. And I clicked on every place the schedule was linked.
  10. Noir Alley

    I knew that you know the difference. Just messing with you. 😉
  11. Noir Alley

    It’s Robert Young, not Montgomery.
  12. May Schedule Is Up

    Yeah, White Comanche has to be seen to be believed. It’s trying to be a Eastwood/Leone film but fails on every level. It’s good for a few laughs if you can make it through the process of watching it.
  13. May Schedule Is Up

    I was able to look at the first week by clicking on the “week of” link while on the May 8 week and then clicked on May 1 when the calendar popped up. I like some of the series scheduled but I can already predict there will be a lot of complaining posts from people new to the message board. 😉
  14. Hubert de Givenchy has died

    I was surprised to find out Givenchy was still living to be honest. But I was pleasantly surprised when our local newscaster did the story & pronounced his name correctly, being in Alabama and all.
  15. "The Crown" - disturbing family situation

    The reason that I find Queen Elizabeth fascinating has less to do with any romantic notion but more to do with the fact that she’s just always been on the world stage my entire life. She’s been through numerous prime ministers and met all the presidents except the current one. I find myself wondering how she feels about her place in history. Is she a deep thinker, or does she just go through the motions of what’s expected of her? She seems to try to keep up with the times but is part of an antiquated system. I don’t know how I’d feel if I was one of her “subjects” but I think I’d like to get to know her. I wonder if she’s ever had friends. I do love her jewelry though.

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