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  1. HelenBaby2

    Theme Songs That Fit A Movie or TV Show Perfectly

    The Addams Family
  2. HelenBaby2

    What Would Be Your Fan Dedication Movie?

    My dedication would be to my parents and the film would be Battleground because it’s one of the first movies I remember seeing with them as a child.
  3. HelenBaby2

    Examples of Women on the Business Side in Film History?

    Gail Patrick was an actress who eventually became executive producer of Perry Mason (as Gail Patrick Jackson) from 1957-1964. She was also president of the production company started with her third husband, Cornwell Jackson. She was quite the achiever for that era.
  4. HelenBaby2

    Those T. C. M. film festivals and cruises

    I’m removing this post because I’ve obviously stepped on a few toes. Sorry
  5. HelenBaby2

    Fosse/Verdon series

    When the reporter (I think it was Rita Braver but I might be mistaken) was giving his background, Rockwell stated that he started as a child actor who danced, so I’m thinking he might be very good in this role.
  6. HelenBaby2

    Fosse/Verdon series

    There was a feature story about Sam Rockwell yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning. I’m impressed on how much Michelle Williams looks and sounds like Gwen Verdon.
  7. HelenBaby2

    News Broadcasting

    I HATE watching the news these days. Our local stations have taken to filling their schedule with newscasts pretty much 7-8 hours a day and I live in a city of about 200,000 with a viewing area of about twice that amount (just guessing about the amount of the population to which they broadcast.) I see so much filler with stories from all over the globe. It seems unnecessary and excessive. And there are SO MANY COMMERCIALS for ambulance chasers, like that’s the only ones who can afford the ad rates. I guess it’s cheaper than purchasing syndicated shows but it’s annoying as @#$&.
  8. HelenBaby2

    Where’s Ben?

    Ben has a magnificent head of hair as does his brother Josh. Must take after their mom’s side because Frank didn’t seem to have that trait.
  9. I get Now Playing twice a month.
  10. HelenBaby2

    Actor Richard Erdman 1925-2019)

    He’s one of those people who seemed to be in everything when I was a kid. Sorry to hear about his passing.
  11. HelenBaby2

    The Real Great Escape - 75th Anniversary

    That’s what I thought too. I didn’t remember being like 90 years old but I do feel like that age from time to time.
  12. HelenBaby2

    Where’s Ben?

    Ben is hosting along with each of these men.
  13. HelenBaby2

    25th Anniversary Cruise Announced

    I enjoy the cruises but I’m not about to spend $7000 + airfare to go to Alaska for the TCM cruise. Alaska cruises are typically port intensive and all about enjoying the scenery and nature. Honestly these types of cruises need to be more boring itineraries. If they don’t want to do cruises from the east coast of Florida then they could leave from Puerto Rico and do more Southern Caribbean routes.
  14. HelenBaby2

    New Poll: Favorite Male Screen Star

    That’s quite a list, but how could you possibly omit John Goodman?

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