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  1. HelenBaby2

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    My late sister and I loved Paint Your Wagon and it’s panned by everyone I know who’s seen it. I find the non-singers charming. I still get a kick out of watching it. I also quite fond of Camelot with Richard Harris & Vanessa Redgrave.
  2. HelenBaby2

    Why not Peter Bogdanovich???

    He hosted The Essentials the first year.
  3. This dinner is a fund raiser and the honoree needs to be willing to participate. That might be why some people are honored while others are not.
  4. Back in the early days of cable (probably late 70’s early 80’s, TBS was showing old movies & tv shows. In fact, every Monday they showed the roadshow musicals from the 50’s and early 60’s, even having call in voting for some of them. When TNT went on the air, Sunday evening was dedicated to showing international films. So Turner had some of these ideas before AMC went on the air. Robert told the story that he was contacted for a job with AMC but Turner hired the people he talked to and they in turn told him to not accept the AMC job since Turner was starting their own 24 hour channel. AMC, when they were classic films showed a 12 hour block that was then repeated. Ted Turner has Lewy body dementia so he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. I saw a story about him on CBS Sunday Morning and his condition seems more akin to Parkinson’s.
  5. HelenBaby2

    September Schedule Up-- SOTM Sidney Poitier

    I have a lot of nostalgia for Yours Mine & Ours. It was the first time I remember seeing Tim Matheson and I had a huge crush on him as a 14 year old. Of course in retrospect Lucy & Henry were a little too old for their roles but in 1968 I thought all adults were ancient. 😆 But it’s a fun movie.
  6. HelenBaby2

    September Schedule Up-- SOTM Sidney Poitier

    I noticed there are quite a few Lucille Ball films being shown during the month. Many of them during the weekdays but that should make you happy.
  7. HelenBaby2

    Murder, She Wrote Appreciation Thread

    Mariska Hargety appears in an episode of In the Heat of the Night where she plays the girlfriend of a pathological murderer. It seems to pop up on WGN about every other week.
  8. HelenBaby2

    Murder, She Wrote Appreciation Thread

    Another show I have been watching a lot lately is Perry Mason. It has a lot of stars from the 30’s & 40’s plus many up & comers who were doing a lot of episodic television at the beginning of their careers. And it had a great regular cast. Even the made for TV movies they did in the late 80’s early 90’s were very good.
  9. That was probably me because I did ask him a question on one of the cruises and prefaced my remarks by stating I was active on the message boards. I was asking about showing newer films (post 1980) on TCM and how it was controversial here at that time. Maybe it still is but doesn’t seem to be as much of a sticking point.
  10. I was listening to a podcast where Ben was interviewed and he stated that he did read the message boards when he first started appearing on TCM. He said something to the affect that it was discouraging and hurtful so he quit reading it.
  11. HelenBaby2

    Stormy Weather (1943)

    I was reading this thread yesterday and wondered why no one had mentioned the Greatest Dance Number Ever Committed to film. They are amazing in this.
  12. HelenBaby2

    Actor-comedian Tim Conway (1933-2019)

    It makes me sad.
  13. HelenBaby2

    The Doris Day Appreciation Thread

    She could wear clothes so well. She looked great in anything.
  14. I haven’t seen it yet but I did read some spoilers on another message board. I think the murder is solved and Anton Lesser is featured in the new season. It’s probably going to be on PBS this summer. It’s already been shown in the U.K.
  15. HelenBaby2

    Dancing Lady -- What A Mess!

    Were there any young actresses in the early 1930’s that got roles that were right for them 100% of the time? At any studio? The number of films studios were cranking out back then is mind boggling. And the studio heads really were learning on the fly about what worked & what didn’t. I’m not saying that studios today are much better but at least the actors have more autonomy these days.

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