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  1. HelenBaby2

    TCM cruise guest list

    I went on all but number four and can’t remember which stars were on which cruise but here are some that attended. Tippi Hedren, Eve Marie Saint (twice), Ernest Borgnine, Mickey Rooney, Debbie Reynolds, Norman Jewison, Norman Lloyd, Angie Dickenson, Tab Hunter, Louis Gossett, Roger Corman, Robert Wagner, Margaret O’Brien, Sally Ann Howes, Theodore Bickel, Ruta Lee, Jane Powell If you went on the one with Leslie Caron, I guess you know who was on that cruise. Diane Baker, Jerry Lewis, Michael York, Kim Novak, Lucie Arnaz, Dick Cavett There were others that attended various cruises like Alex Trebek, Wink Martindale, Kate MacMurray, Frank Mankiewicz, Scott Eymann, Casey LaLonde (Joan Crawford’s grandson) I’m leaving people out I know but here’s a partial list anyway.
  2. HelenBaby2

    Noir Alley

    I’m with you about the script; I thought it was very literate and well written. You just don’t hear dialogue that good these days.
  3. The minute it hit the theaters in the 1970’s.
  4. What does that even mean? I’ll grant you that Cher’s outspoken about politics and the creators of Hamilton had a moment with the VP but the rest of the honorees? I’ve never heard any of them mention anything to do with anything even slightly political.
  5. I love her. She’s a survivor which counts for a lot in my book.
  6. I haven’t seen the Mamma Mia sequel or the original either for that matter, but isn’t the plot sort of a flashback to Meryl’s character when she was young? It makes sense that Cher would be the mom in that instance.
  7. HelenBaby2


    He’s got 2 films coming up on July 31 but they’re on in the afternoon. Footlight Parade at 4:30 EDT and Blonde Crazy at 6:30 EDT.
  8. HelenBaby2


    Oh, they’re aware of the comments here. Trust me on that.
  9. HelenBaby2


    It was actually a 3 day tribute. Friday night they showed films for which he composed the music.
  10. Looking at moviecollectoroh’s database Tomorrow is Forever has been shown 35 times, the last being January of this year. I didn’t look up Bob Carol Ted & Alice but I feel like it’s a similar amount of showings. ETA: Bob Carol Ted & Alice has only been shown 9 times, the last time was Nov. 2016. It’s a Columbia film so that might explain why it’s shown less often.
  11. HelenBaby2

    Actor Tab Hunter (1931-2018)

    TBS, back in the 80’s, used to show musicals on Monday evenings and I think Damn Yankees may have been shown there.
  12. HelenBaby2

    Goldfinger, the best Bond film?

    I’m in the minority here, but I loved Roger Moore as Bond. Live & Let Die is my favorite of his. Great theme song by Paul McCartney, pretty Jane Seymour as the love interest (among others) and Yaphet Kotto as the villain. There’s a lot to like about it, including the fact that it has enough plot for about 3 movies. The first Bond film I saw was Thunderball and for the life of me I never can remember much about it except that there are several scenes underwater. The second one I saw was On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and I love that one a lot too. Too bad Lazenby didn’t stick with it. He got bad advice.
  13. HelenBaby2

    Well, It's happened again. . . .

    Robert Preston is imminently watchable in a role he seemed to be born to play, even if he appears a little too old for Shirley Jones. But if they’d had an older woman play Marian then she’d been too old to play Winthrop’s sister.
  14. HelenBaby2

    seven brides for seven brothers

    Jeff Richards, who played Benjamin, was not a dancer and remained hidden through most of the dance numbers. He appears at the end of the barn raising dance to catch Julie Newmar when she jumps in his arms but that’s about it.
  15. HelenBaby2

    "The Swimmer"

    It’s an odd but compelling film.

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