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  1. JoeMastro

    Jerry Lewis (1926-2017)

    There are 3 great Lewis movies that are never shown on TV: The Errand Boy, The Ladies Man and The Family Jewels. I hope TCM shows them. RIP Jerry, you've brought a lot of love, laughter, and hope to the world. Labor Day weekend will always remind me of the telethons that I watched for so many years. God Bless!
  2. In his opening intro to "Marty", Ben Mankiewicz stated that Ernest Borgnine had played mostly heavies prior to "Marty", in fact he had killed Frank Sinatra two years earlier in "From Here To Eternity"..."...a fact that the people in the Brooklyn neighborhood where Marty was filmed never let Borgnine forget. I've checked multiple sources and they all stated that "Marty" was filmed on Bronx locations and the borough of Brooklyn was never mentioned.
  3. JoeMastro

    The Man Who Came To Dinner

    GMJLeo2036 LOL!! Thanks, Banjo!!!
  4. Let me preface my comment by saying that I absolutely love classic movies and TCM. My father got me interested in them when I was growing up (in the 50's). Many fond memories of watching "The Early Show", "The Late Show", "Million Dollar Movie"...and for the last 21 years "Turner Classic Movies". But there are some movies that when I watch as an adult, I see things that I didn't grasp as a youngster. Monty Woolley falls and breaks/fractures his hip so is forced to stay at someone's home until he is well thereby wreaking havoc on everyone...the premise of the movie. As I watched this last night, I remember thinking " why didn't they call an ambulance and take him to a hospital?" I mean was healthcare so different in 1942 that no one even thought or suggested it? I love this movie and have seen it before, but it never dawned on me until yesterday that the whole premise of having an injured person be treated with home care instead of a hospital stay seemed just a bit absurd. Well, as I said, maybe not so far fetched for 1942.
  5. JoeMastro

    Holy Matrimony with Monty Wooley

    Thanks, Casablanca, I see your point and obviously that's how the screenwriter hoped the audience would see it, but it does seem a bit of a stretch. Also, as you point out, her knowledge of her real husband's skin plays a large role later during the trial. Again, I see this as weak also as the woman apparently hadn't read a newspaper or talked to anyone who had, or she would have known about the moles. The headlines screamed about the moles for days....but again, don't want to be too critical as I enjoyed the movie.
  6. Just finished watching "Holy Matrimony" with Monty Woolley and Gracie Fields. If anyone out there saw this movie also, please explain to me how Mrs. Leek could claim that Woolley was her husband, when he looked nothing like Eric Blore ( who was the real Mr. Leek). She had three sons with him, so you'd think that she could tell the difference. I enjoyed the movie, but I think this was rather a large plot hole.
  7. JoeMastro

    "White Heat"

    Terrence, After Cody breaks out of jail, there is a scene between Verna and Big Ed, where Verna says that she had to shoot Ma in the back because she (Ma) had the drop on him.
  8. Still not fixed see attached screenshotBachelor......pdf Bachelor......pdf
  9. I can see other movies via On Demand, but I haven't been able to get the "Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer' to work for the last two actually plays but the screen is off center so only a small portion of the left side is visible. Any else having this issue? It would be nice if there was a definitive, easily findable technical help section for issues like this.
  10. I know that Memorial Day just passed, but it would've been nice for the programmers at TCM to have at least acknowledged the 70th anniversary of D-Day...some of us still remember.

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