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  1. drednm

    interesting poll on IMDb

    Unfortunately, they are too many lost films to choose from.
  2. drednm

    Funny Ladies.

    I also love the bit where Arthur gets the black market dress that does not fit. A comedy for grownups. And Dietrich's singing of 'Black Market" is worth the price of admission all by itself. Great film!
  3. drednm

    Funny Ladies.

    Yes I think it's a comedic role but in that droll Bill Wilder manner.
  4. drednm

    Funny Ladies.

    I agree. I remember FOREVER DARLING as a dud. Another Jean Arthur comedy that doesn't get much attention is THE IMPATIENT YEARS. And if they really wanted to showcase Marion Davies, CAIN AND MABEL would have been a good comedy talkie. She works really well with Clark Gable.
  5. drednm

    Funny Ladies.

    Carol Burnett always said Lucille Ball was a great influence on her comedy. Lucille Ball always said Marion Davies was a great influence on her comedy. I'm not sure if anyone was a great influence on Davies' comedy. I think it started with her; she invented it as she went along. Davies may have borrowed from contemporaries like Mabel Normand and Constance Talmadge and maybe from Mary Pickford (everyone borrowed from Mary Pickford), but Davies' comedy was mostly original and based on her own real-life personality. She found humor in everything. There's a story in the trades where Davies was at a swanky dinner and sitting nearby was character actor Vince Barnett. He was famous (infamous really) for trying to upset haughty Hollywood ladies by punking them at the height of their glamour. As Davies, dressed to the nines, was eating her salad, Barnett yelled out something like, "And stop spitting those olive pits all over the floor!" Davies laughed so hard she nearly fell off her chair. The other star Barnett could never punk was Marlene Dietrich, though he tried hard during the filming of Seven Sinners. Kind of like Tim Conway on the old Carol Burnett show, he tried everything to break her up while the cameras rolled but she never did. But as soon as the cameras stopped, she was practically on the floor laughing.
  6. drednm

    Funny Ladies.

    It was nice to see MARION DAVIES included in this retrospective, but she did a lot more comedies than SHOW PEOPLE.
  7. drednm

    Funny Ladies.

    Jean Arthur had shaved off a few years in her bio and assumed most filmgoers would have forgotten she had been in silent films dating back to 1923 (where she was never really a star). She sometimes gave 1905 and other times 1908 as her birth years and so seems quite a bit younger once she finally hit stardom. Her age eventually caught up with her and after a 4-year hiatus returned for the marvelous A Foreign Affair (1948) in which was was actually 48 years old but claiming 40. She was a year older than co-star Marlene Dietrich but looked older. Of course Dietrich used to deny she had ever appeared in silent films! Mae West also famously lied about her age, shaving off 6 or 7 years.
  8. drednm

    Hollywood Running Out of Ideas?

    Plus I think we're losing actors who can carry traditional drama and comedy. As the old-time directors like Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese and even Spielberg, the Cohens, and Eastwood, directors who like to tell stories about people, start to dwindle and slow down, we're losing films about reality. The younger directors seem to have grown up on comic books and endless fantasy foolishness. Other than indie films, there's not a lot of real stories coming out of Hollywood. For every THREE BILLBOARDS or BOOK CLUB, there are dozens of CGI fantasy crap movies.
  9. drednm

    interesting poll on IMDb

    What lost silent film would you most like to find? https://www.imdb.com/poll/HY5MhhyhHe0/?ref_=po_ti
  10. drednm

    Hollywood Running Out of Ideas?

    It's not that they ran out of ideas. It's that they stopped making films for adults who care about human stories. They pander to the kiddies who live in fantasy worlds and can only relate to superheroes, monsters, cartoons, and more fantasy.
  11. Screening tonight at Pordenone Film Festival and coming to TCM in 2019
  12. drednm


    Tonight at the Pordenone Film Festival in Italy and coming to TCM in 2019.
  13. drednm

    And the "Tony Award" Goes To...

    I can hear it now: "There's a play-yay-yay-yay-yay-yay-ce for u-u-u-u-u-u-s
  14. drednm

    And the "Tony Award" Goes To...

    Elgort looks a lot like a young John Inman from Are You Being Served?
  15. All the TV stuff is on YT. No I've never contacted them. No my book only deals with the silent films. I am, however, working on another book....

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