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  1. drednm

    Your Choice For 1964 Best Actor Oscar

    Rex Harrison was apparently a major a-hole. On Broadway Julie Andrews avoided him like the plague and was offended by his constant disparagement of Moss Hart (who directed the show) as that Jewish C***. I'm not sure he was any easier to work with in the film version.
  2. drednm

    Your Choice For 1964 Best Actor Oscar

    Anthony Quinn, since Burton and O'Toole canceled each other out. The other two were hugely overrated.
  3. drednm

    TCM Remembers 2018

    No one asked for "everyone." But I'm sure they keep a running list as the year goes on. Carlisle, McLerie, and Rae were prominent players. Since there's no time restraint, there's no reason they couldn't add these people and the others that have been mentioned. Need more time? Play a longer song.
  4. drednm

    TCM Remembers 2018

    Also left out Charlotte Rae, small roles in lots of films
  5. drednm

    TCM Remembers 2018

    The omissions of Allyn Ann McLerie and Mary Carlisle are sad. McLerie had roles in Calamity Jane, The Desert Song, Where's Charley, Phantom of the Rue Morgue, They Shoot Horses Don't They, Jeremiah Johnson, The Way We Were, and a whole bunch on TV work. Carlisle had more than 60 film credits up to 1943.
  6. drednm


    MARION DAVIES stars with Dick Powell, Pat O'Brien, Mary Astor, Patsy Kelly, Frank McHugh, Lyle Talbot, and Allen Jenkins.
  7. drednm


    MARION DAVIES in her winter finery...... from GOING HOLLYWOOD (1933).
  8. drednm

    New Additions to Film Registry Announced

    Seems like TCM knew about the "winners" a long time ago.....
  9. Well as I said, it's ONE reason..... The bio I read on De Mille really stressed the POLITICS of the 50s and the DGA. It was pretty much EXACTLY what we have now but in a little microcosm or egotistical white men who'd all been in the studio system for decades, many of whom went back to silent films. De Mille was an extreme right-winger radical. Yes, I'm sure the split votes hurt the liberals in the room, but this was also De Mille's ONLY Oscar nomination for directing. Hard to believe. I believe it all added up to throwing him a bone. He also won 2 special Oscars in the next few years ... but he never won for directing.
  10. One reason Greatest won for best picture was because of De Mille. At the height of the McCarthy Red Scare years, De Mille wielded much power in the Directors Guild of America. He also headed the De Mille Foundation for Political Freedom, which worked hand in hand with HUAC to turn in Leftists to supposed Communist leanings. On the opposite side of the aisle at DGA were people like John Huston, John Ford, Stanley Kramer, and ... surprise ... Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Ford, Kramer, and Huston both had "best picture" contenders that same year. The win for Greatest is probably a sign of the times, a time when De Mille and his right-winger cohorts were at their most powerful. His win can also be seen as a slapdown of the Lefist directors. Ford won for directing, but De Mille got the big one!
  11. drednm

    New Additions to Film Registry Announced

    Obviously I can't. Just another conspiracy theory I'll have to live with. 😁
  12. drednm

    New Additions to Film Registry Announced

    Possibly. But I suspect too many corporate hands in the pie.
  13. drednm

    New Additions to Film Registry Announced

    Directly..... 1. Why the frantic rush to broadcast the "winners"? 2. Are the "winners" based on what TCM has licensed and ready to show? The process is very secretive. Behind closed doors. Who is on the committee that chooses these films. What connections do they have to broadcasting, movie studios, etc?
  14. drednm

    New Additions to Film Registry Announced

    So........ the National Film Registry is somehow connected to TCM?

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