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    No, it was willy nilly.

    That's a dilly.

    Also odd.... and I just noticed.... my number of posts dropped by about 5,000....

    William C. Haines was a real-life scientist. There's also a cowboy actor named William Haynes whose films occasionally show up in Haines' filmography.

    TCM now lists With Byrd at the South Pole(1930) in the William Haines filmography. Haines was a big star in the 1920s and 30s, famously teamed with the likes of Marion Davies, Mary Pickford, Joan Crawford, Anita Page, Eleanor Boardman, Lon Chaney, Jack Benny, etc. The documentary film has a real-life meteorologist named William C. Haines in it. NOT THE SAME GUY!
  6. Don't forget Marion Davies' Peg o' My Heart on TCM Saturday the 17th at 6:30 AM Eastern Time. This was the first film that had a significant write-in campaign for an Oscar. William Randolph Randolph Hearst launched a best actress campaign for Marion Davies, but there were only three nominees that year and she didn't make the cut. The next year, there was a big write-in campaign for Bette Davis in Of Human Bondage, but she did not make the cut. The next year a write-in campaign WON an Oscar for Hal Mohr's cinematography and the Academy banned write-ins!
  7. A Wrinkle in Time

    It has a 3.4 rating on IMDb making it the worst film of the year. Total stink bomb by all accounts.
  8. On Dangerous Ground 1917

    My 9th Kickstarter project completed and ready to mail out.
  9. Dorothy Malone (1925-2018)

    Yup. You are right. This was the worst. Name after name of people I'd never heard of.
  10. Dorothy Malone (1925-2018)

    Dorothy Malone won an Oscar and still didn't get mentioned during the In Memoriam segment on Oscar night. Badly done!
  11. The original production of The Fantasticks in 1960 starred Jerry Orbach, Rita Gardner, and Kenneth Nelson. It was a piece of perfection in its simplicity, and the soundtrack on record, tape, CD has sold millions of copies. There was a terrible NBC production in 1964 and and an even worse film in 1995 that could not capture the simple perfection of this piece of gossamer. And to think Harvey Schmidt could not read or write music!
  12. Oscars the Academy Should Take Back

    To each his own. I just didn't like anything about the film except for Andre Holland in the last part of the film.
  13. Oscars the Academy Should Take Back

    It also features a terrific and Oscar-nominated performance by Bessie Love and was a huge box-office hit.
  14. Oscars the Academy Should Take Back

    The copy of East Lynne (1931) I've seen is missing the final reel (although the complete film apparently survives at UCLA). It's a good film, based on an old-fashioned play. Ann Harding is terrific as Isabella. The 1925 silent version survives, starring Alma Rubens in the same role. To my knowledge East Lynne is the only Oscar-nominated best film that's never been released on VHS, DVD, BLU etc. As for Cimarron, it's a sprawling film that utilized "sound" in location shooting in new ways, so it was a technical "marvel" for 1931. I like the film except for Richard Dix' hammy performance. As for best film of the year I would say it was close between Cimarron and The Front Page with Skippy, East Lynne, and Trader Horn, being the other nominees. Skippy seems an odd choice.

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