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    Actress Carol Channing (1921-2019)

    This is an absolute must see. This pay TV telecast from 1961 is the entire Broadway production of SHOW GIRL starring CAROL CHANNING and JULES MUNSHIN. Channing is amazing! She won a Tony nomination for this, and it was three years before she starred in HELLO, DOLLY!
  2. drednm

    Actress Carol Channing (1921-2019)

    RIP CAROL CHANNING. One-of-a-kind star who became a household name even though most of her work was on the stage. Channing had her first major film role in 1956, co-starring with Ginger Rogers in The First Traveling Saleslady. She got to sing "A Corset Can Do a Lot for a Lady." Rogers once quipped that this was the film that finally killed RKO. In 1965 Channing and Rogers appeared together as "mystery guests" on What's My Line to publicize that Rogers was replacing Channing in the mega-hit Hello, Dolly! Channing earned an Oscar nomination for Thoroughly Modern Millie, which Channing made as a sort of "audition" for the proposed film version of Hello, Dolly! The role went to Barbra Streisand.
  3. And that is just plain stupid....
  4. Holden had been in films for over a decade. Sunset Boulevard brought him his first Oscar nomination and finally established him as a major A-list star.
  5. Gloria Swanson's performance is neither "bizarre" nor "over the top." It's appropriate to the character she's playing, who may be seen as being bizarre or over the top. There's a difference.
  6. Julie Andrews does a smashing number from Lady in the Dark in her Gertrude Lawrence biopic Star! It's the "Poor Jenny" number.
  7. My all-time favorite film
  8. drednm

    Reclusive Ida Lupino

    In 1959, Ida Lupino and Howard Duff guest-starred on The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. They played two couples mistakenly booked for the same woodsy cabin and trying to cohabit the cabin while having romantic getaways. Lupino showed a deft comic touch.
  9. drednm


    In 1919, MARION DAVIES starred in her first comedy, GETTING MARY MARRIED, a story about about an orphaned young woman who outsmarts her grasping Boston relatives who are after her money. Directed by Allan Dwan and co-starring Norman Kerry and Matt Moore. Marion Davies with Norman Kerry
  10. drednm

    Awards season 2018-2019

    Gee they missed the Best Female Actor in a Female Role Playing a Female Wearing Female Clothes category....
  11. drednm


    MARION DAVIS, Robert Montgomery, and director, Edmund Goulding, on the set of BLONDIE OF THE FOLLIES (1932).
  12. Yes, I'm posting more about MARION DAVIES. After 25 years, TCM has still never honored Davies with a SOTM tribute. There is a birthday salute scheduled for January 3 and she has been given a tribute in the August Under the Stars programming. But she's never been SOTM. Davies was featured in the compendium Silent Stars of the Month salute a few years ago and was included in the recent FUNNY LADIES salute. But she's never been SOTM. Davies starred in nearly four dozen films between 1917 and 1937, transitioning from silent films to talkies. Davies was never an extra, a bit player, a supporting player, or even a leading lady to a male star. She was the star of every feature film she appeared in (with the exception of the all-star Hollywood Revue of 1929). Davies was named Queen of the Screen (Rudolph Valentino was King) by theater owners in 1924 as the #1 female box-office star of 1923. She's actually referred to by this title in the 1935 short film, Pirate Party on Catalina Isle. Davies reigned at MGM for a decade along-side other major star actresses (at various times) as Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Mae Murray, Lillian Gish, Jean Harlow, Marie Dressler, Greta Garbo, etc. TCM has access to the following Davies sound films: Ever Since Eve, Cain and Mabel, Hearts Divided, Page Miss Glory, Operator 13, Going Hollywood, Peg o' My Heart, Blondie of the Follies, Polly of the Circus, Five and Ten, The Bachelor Father, The Florodora Girl, Not So Dumb, Marianne, and The Hollywood Revue of 1929. TCM has access the the following Davies silent films: Show People, The Patsy, Quality Street, The Red Mill, When Knighthood Was in Flower, Beauty's Worth, The Bride's Play, and Enchantment. ... more than enough for a month-long SOTM salute.
  13. drednm

    Everything from 1923 is Public Domain Now.

    Of course films from 1923 and before CAN still be copyrighted. So if Kino or some other company/entity has a copyrighted version (original music, translated intertitles, tinting, editing, merging prints, etc) you can't use it, but you can use the public domain elements. If they used, let's say, two public domain versions of a film and merged them (missing scenes, better quality, etc.) into one NEW work, the NEW work can by copyrighted but the original source material is still in the public domain.
  14. drednm

    Everything from 1923 is Public Domain Now.

    Just because the 1923 films have fallen into the public domain does not mean they will all be available. Individuals and companies can still control PRINTS of these films, and if they hold the only print, then there's nothing anyone can do to pry if from them. Someone mentioned Universal. Same goes for archives like UCLA and Eastman. Cohen Media Group controls lots of public domain films held by Library of Congress because when they bought the Raymond Rohaur collection, they also got his "donor restrictions" he had placed on them when he donated them. So yes they are public domain, but no LOC cannot sell copies as they can other public domain films. If someone has a print or a copy of any of these "held" films, they are free to use them if they are in the public domain. But if these entities hold the only print, then we're SOOL.
  15. drednm


    Birthday salute to MARION DAVIES. Here's a clip from THE CARDBOARD LOVER (1928) in which she impersonates Jetta Goudal for Nils Asther. Music is mine (clunkers and all).
  16. Patsy and Edina must be spinning in their graves! Dame Twiggy!! What about Dame Lulu??
  17. My new Kickstarter for LITTLE OLD NEW YORK (1923), a brand new scan from a 35mm print from Library of Congress and with a new score by Ben Model.
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    It hasn't worked for days.
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    Even a generic search (like a film title), not just searching the message boards, comes up with a secondary page from whic I can choose ALL or SHOP. ALL goes blank, but SHOP works.
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    Dead, Deader, Deadest.
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    Won't work at all for me.... It did a few days ago....
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    LOL.... My typing is dead too!
  24. drednm


    MARION DAVIES posing as Prince Oscar in BEVERLY OF GRAUSTARK (1926).

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