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  1. GGGGerald


  2. GGGGerald

    A STAR IS BORN (2018) trailer

    Looks promising
  3. I like having so many emojis. But, on the drop down menu they are so tiny, I can't see them well enough to use them.

  4. You might want to believe its a political issue but, its really quite simple. 1) Advertisers cater to those under 40 because commercials don't really work on people 50+. You already know what detergent you're going to use, which make of car you will buy, what bank you will use. People 50+ are set in their ways. No commercial for a Hyundai is going to sway someone who has driven Toyotas for 30 years. A younger person on the other hand doesn't have that history therefore, might be open to new brands. So they are whom the advertisers appeal to. And without Advertising, entertainment comes to a halt. Unless you wish to pay for your entertainment. 2) People 50+ don't get out to theaters these days. Too many have home entertainment systems with big screen and stereo sound. No waiting in lines, expensive concessions, kids crying, $20 tickets etc... It makes no sense to make too many films for 50+ in theaters if they refuse to attend them. On the other hand, OTA channels on free television are catering to the older demographic. There's TCM and FilmStruck. And a wealth of historical dramas on the various streaming channels. The only real question is: In 2018, why depend on Hollywood to produce your entertainment ?
  5. GGGGerald


    M (1931)
  6. GGGGerald


    The Cassandra Crossing (1976)
  7. Kids today are too busy texting to notice any subtle nuances, witty dialogue or anything clever. Only an explosion can make they look up at the screen away from their cell phones. Language is not necessary for car chases, fights, shoot outs, explosions etc... so action films are perfect for a worldwide audience. And now we have the technology to premiere a film all over the world the same day. So they do. It'll break even eventually but, its far below expectations. Profits from Black Panther and Infinity Wars will more than make up for the loss. Might just have been too many action films released too close together. Overkill can happen to any genre.
  8. "Classic Art degrades women it the name of "ART." It is total crap. I am beyond sick of seeing nudity in paintings and sculptures." - Fig leaves anyone ?? I'd love to know who is forcing anyone to sit through a film ? Is this at gunpoint ? Would you feel better if there were more male nudity ? There are a multitude of places where that can be found. Are you advocating a return to the production code ? Where are all these horribly exploitive films being shown ? Thanks to companies like Disney, most films that make big box office are very PG and family friendly. I get the feeling the poster hasn't been to a theater in decades and is just spouting. I have always been against censorship. Adults have the choice to watch or stay away from any film and they do it everyday. And with the price of tickets these days, no one is going to a movie unless they know full well what to expect.
  9. GGGGerald

    A to Z of Characters

    No need to skip x Dr. Charles Xavier - Patrick Stewart in X-Men Dr. Yuri Zhivago - Omar Sharif in Dr. Zhivago
  10. GGGGerald

    A to Z of Characters

    Ratchett, Samuel played by Richard Widmark in Murder on the Orient Express
  11. GGGGerald

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    One, Two, Three (1961) Next: The beginning of summer
  12. GGGGerald

    Double Feature

    MARS ATTACKS ! (1996) next: Red Dust
  13. GGGGerald

    A to Z of Characters

    Carter, Jack -- played by Michael Caine in GET CARTER
  14. GGGGerald


    Wikipedia lists over 100 Film and TV productions done at Vasquez Rocks Magnificent Seven Ride ! (1972)
  15. GGGGerald


    Planet of the Apes (1968)

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