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  1. GGGGerald


    David Fincher
  2. GGGGerald


    Frankly, the whole Bullock family in My Man Godfrey (1936)
  3. Some may think you're splitting hairs but, I actually agree with you on this one. I don't like to be negative about any A film as long as they were trying to make a good film. Maybe it could have been phrased "Could have won best picture" to spark a debate rather than to denigrate the film that won. We have to remember the times of 1952. Noir was in full swing but, movies were still a place where people went to escape reality. The best picture isn't always the one with the most dramatic acting. Some times its as simple as the film people liked best. And let's face it. All through the studio era, there are several films each year that could be best picture. You have to choose between John Ford, Cecil B. DeMille and John Huston among others ?? How can anybody say one is superior to the other ? But yes, the theme could have been presented a bit more positively.
  4. I also listen to all sorts of music from all eras. We are in a unique moment in time where you can listen to virtually any genre or music ever recorded at your fingertips. I listen to stuff from the 20's all the way to today. Even Brian Ferry's album of his tunes done in a 1920's style. Now is not a time to be a prisoner of the moment. You can always just pick another decade till you find something you do like. If I listen to country, its 1980 backwards. CD's do have that tinny metallic sound. FLAC files can sound good though. When I think of vinyl, I only remember walking past the turn table and the needle skips. Now the record is ruined. Not a good memory. I heard Fleetwood was behind the dismissal. Lindsey is suing so it will come out eventually. Remember, they were a very different band when they began. And it took change to eventually get to that classic lineup.. A band is very much like a marriage. And today, you can't expect people to stay together for so long. You have your lps to listen to, we all do. Nothing stays the same.
  5. GGGGerald


    I could be wrong but, I believe Titanic (1997) has a scene like this where the lady appears modern day in the beginning and at the end of the film.
  6. Def Leppard - Sure. They were really big in the eighties Stevie Nicks - Well, she did have some hits on her own. And the rock industry didn't really give women many chances so okay I say yes. Roxy Music - I'm a fan so I'm biased. They were experimental and very influential so I would definitely put them in. Radiohead - I don't know their music so I can't comment. I know the one song "creep" is good. The Cure - They recorded during my adolescence so I know them well. But, I would love to know which rock stations played their music during the 80's. Normally, I had to tune into college stations or the one station with an alternative format. Now, all of a sudden they are main stream The Zombies - One hit, one good album they didn't even tour to support. Odyssey and Oracle has benefited by revisionist history. As good as it is, think about how many "great" albums were being recorded at the same time. I really don't have much respect for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Its basically "If you played CBGB's in the 70's, or if you're a good friend of the head of Rolling Stone magazine, you're in." This actual hall is of minimal interest. Why do you think the hall is in Cleveland yet, the show is in NYC ? Because they are afraid that if it were held in Cleveland, the A- listers wouldn't show up. Its all about the show getting ratings, hence the inclusion of Janet Jackson, who has nothing to do with rock and roll. Too many great bands had to wait while mediocre pop stars get elected. But, I am normally very strict when it comes to any hall of fame. I don't normally watch the show. Also, do you notice, the feuds among former bandmates tend to get more coverage than the act. Too much drama and not enough about the music.
  7. GGGGerald


    Island of Lost Souls (1932 film),
  8. I always thought the issue with Spectrum was the price. I didn't know the service was bad too. I thought with a direct cable hooked to the tv, there would be no issues at all. I would never have that service unless it was the only one available.
  9. GGGGerald


    Siberiade (1979) White Sun of the Desert (1970)
  10. GGGGerald


    Kathy Bates Steven Seagal
  11. How are you able to download anything living in Alaska in a log cabin all by yourself ?
  12. GGGGerald


    Rocky (1976) Octopussy (1983)
  13. GGGGerald

    Bye Bye Birdie Live

    Unfortunately Dargo, "you're all I got tonight" !
  14. GGGGerald


  15. GGGGerald

    Charming or Disgrace?

    Its only mainstream in that people don't hide them as much as the past. Its a fad that , once it fades away, the ink will be there. Expect people to start preaching about "don't discriminate against inked people" any day now.

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