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  1. GGGGerald


    Soldier of Fortune (1955)
  2. I think that's what Tomb Raider (2018) was supposed to be. But, it didn't do well at all.
  3. GGGGerald

    Changes Coming for the Academy Awards

    Interesting that you mention comedy actors. One major complaint many have had for years is that there was never a specific comedy oscar. Unfortunately, comedy isn't what it once was today. But, think of all the comedy geniuses that never got the honor simply because it wasn't available. I believe Oscar, like any other long time institution needs to make adjustments to the times to stay relevant. But, I ask a very interesting question of you posters: Those of you who are complaining about this change. How many of you have actually watched each Oscars program the past few years ?
  4. GGGGerald

    Changes Coming for the Academy Awards

    Thanks for making my point. Miss America is removing the swimsuit competition. Another institution desperate to stay relevant in 2018.
  5. GGGGerald


    They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969) Gloria is dead, Robert (most likely) is going to prison. And we never find out who won the contest !
  6. GGGGerald

    Changes Coming for the Academy Awards

    Blockbuster Video had this idea long ago. They had an awards show based on "The top 50 box office hits" of the year. And all the categories were based on only those films. I think Oscar is trying to tap into that concept to stave off obsolescence . Remember, there was a time when Miss America was a major event. Now they can hardly find a T.V. channel to air the event. Oscar wants to avoid that happening to them.
  7. GGGGerald


    Jackie Gleason in Smokey and the Bandit (1977) Elton John in Tommy (1975)
  8. GGGGerald


    This topic is one of my favorite genres of film. Also, one reason not to knock newer films. Because sometimes a movie filmed later can shed light on people or events of the past. Sometimes an event (like a war) can be too sensitive at the time. But, decades later can be address at a less emotional level. The Color Purple (1985) - Set in the early 20th century
  9. GGGGerald


    They Shoot Horses Don't They ? (1969) - Set in 1932 Los Angeles Victor/Victoria (1981) - Set in 1934 Paris Henry and June (1990) - Set in Paris 1931
  10. GGGGerald


    The Million Eyes of Sumuru (1967)
  11. I think the idea is to dress in a period. Not necessarily that particular one. Some might only enjoy 40's fashions regardless of the film showing. I know of a performer who goes on tour and encourages fans to dress in styles of the past. I don't see this as any different than watching a football game with friends. And people wear the garb of their favorite team and have gear with that team's emblem. I can't blame TCM for promoting that same concept for a classic movie get together. I don't see it as much a need as much as a want. If you wanted to watch these films with others who would also love them, this is one possibility to do that. Some watch alone because no one they know wants to sit through a black and white film without explosions and CGI. And would like to find others to watch with once in a while. The idea is supposed to be fun. Not analyzing each and every little detail. And buying lots of TCM merchandise
  12. Love the new avatar!

  13. GGGGerald

    Disabilities on Film

    A couple of sad ones about blindness:
  14. GGGGerald

    Vanishing Movie Cliches

    My goto example of an Eastern accent from those days is how they say "Cheese boyga" That actually is an adult phrase.
  15. GGGGerald

    Exploitation Excesses

    I'm thinking 0.033% might be a bit high for exploitation films. I think of exploitation films differently than an A film. I grew up on the tail end of the drive in movie. And the pay once stay all day movie. When you would walk in and your film was already playing. And you watched the end, watched the B movie, then saw the A film in its entirety. That B film was a bonus, often wasn't even on the marquee. So if it had any redeeming value, it was a plus. You didn't expect much from it. Now if we watch a B movie, we planned to do it. We set up for it. So we pay a bit more attention to it, expect more from it. We watch the B movie when we could have watched some A movie instead. In that context, we notice more of the flaws of the B movie. I just sit back and enjoy them. Its easy for me to suspend disbelief. Because I remember the context of when they were produced. So If I see a boom mike or the shadow of the camera man in a reflection, I just laugh. Wooden acting, cheap sets, its all a part of the experience for me.

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