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  1. Studio Styles

    I appreciate this thread. This is one area I have little knowledge of, which studios specialized in what ? I have only just started researching this. This thread was quite helpful.
  2. ClassiCategories

  3. notes on eurospy

    They brought back "The Man from UNCLE" ,"Get Smart" and "The Avengers" (The John Steed ones), and they all bombed. I guess Hollywood loves to throw away good money after bad.
  4. notes on eurospy

    Actually, eurospy is one of my favorite genres in films. I liked most of the films you names but, Modesty Blaise was unwatchable for me. I like the tongue in cheek 60's versions as well as the more modern , serious ones. That's why I like these boards. There's always a variety of opinions here. Whatever you name, someone will pop out of the woodwork and claim they love it !
  5. "The Crown" - disturbing family situation

    They're like nephews/nieces. We get all the perks of pretending they're ours. But, when its time to pay for them or do for them, we send them back home ! She could have stepped out the moment Charles turned 18. Anything after that is her own choice. Or maybe the fact he was pro nazi might have had something to do with it ? He was such a risk, he was sent to Jamaica during the war. Now, there's evidence that he might have been in a plot to regain the crown if the Germans had defeated England. His own father didn't want him on the throne. These people won the genetic lottery. If the queen is locked in a cage, surely its made of solid gold.
  6. I would suggest you wait and see how this new deal with Filmstruck works out. With them bringing in Warner Archives, that might be the best deal. They also have something called TCM Select with BM doing some announcements there. Your chromcast can access it now, without any other hardware.
  7. Its basically that way on SlingTV. So films that show early in the morning, I can catch later at my leisure. They make you pay one way or the other . I'll don't mind my $30 a month. I think the streaming service will eventually shuffle all of their films into availability as time goes on. I thought that was the idea.
  8. Apparently, Warner Archive is merging with Filmstruck into a bigger selection of films. Its a bit confusing to me but, it seems to be something I will definitely look into. Yes, there are different packages you can order. One starts at $6.99/mo. I'm not sure what you mean by "reproducing the live schedule." I was under the impression all the films there were VOD.
  9. They already have something like that called Filmstruck. Funny how Filmstruck has different tiers and it apparently works just fine for them.
  10. But, Prime gives you free shipping and lots of programming. I've had Prime the last few years (although not any more), and they also have original programming and other benefits. If that's the model they wished to follow, that was a poor choice. Follow netflix, $8. I'd certainly join for that. The only "survey" that counts is when people actually come out of the pocket. Anyone can say anything in a survey. Often time people are ashamed to tell the truth in those.
  11. Is everyone a fan of Fred and Ginger? smoking?

    On many of the boards I post on, one of the major complaints is "there's already a thread about that" . Well, this poster actually resurrects those old threads instead of making new ones. Isn't that why we save all this stuff ?
  12. Another way they could go is to have a two tier membership system. A lower rate just to be a member with limited benefits. And the full rate for all the bells and whistles. I would have thought their first step would be to see how many people would be interested at all. And after they get in, try to up sell them. I would rather grow wide than tall and get as many members as possible. Then sell that info to the wine companies and whomever else. That would get them in the black. But, of course its not my company and I don't drink wine. So there you go
  13. Your Three Favorite Actresses of All Time

    In no special order: Ginger Rogers Marlene Dietrich Emma Thompson

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