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  1. GGGGerald

    Joe Buck's AM/FM radio

    What local radio around here is playing today, was playing when that movie was released.
  2. GGGGerald

    Joe Buck's AM/FM radio

    Nah, kids are already coughing and wheezing from vaping
  3. That's entertainment in 2019. I had this very conversation with a good friend of mine. Come November, we'll have to do just that, cobble together what works for us. He's married so he has to factor in his wife's tastes. No one can afford all of those channels. And those who could probably have better things to do. That's another advantage of home viewing. You can always hit pause. Or with Video on Demand, you can simply catch up with it later. HBO did something novel, back in 2011, they turned Mildred Pierce into a mini series. That gives time to flesh out characters and you're able to watch it in "bite sized pieces". Rather than the hours long epic. The theater near me has very reasonable prices so a movie doesn't have to be brilliant for me to watch it. And if I wait a week, the theater is almost empty. So its as if I have the theater to myself.
  4. (For those who are old enough to remember), We basically are reliving the early 1970's all over again. Back then, the studio system was basically over. There was so much good programming on television, people would rather stay home than go out to the theater. That was the era of TV Movies, Movie of the Week. etc... I was listening to an old podcast recently and Eddie Muller was the guest. And he mentioned that people ask him often "what happened to noir?". And he would answer, "they all just went to television". And today, that's what happened to dramas, for the most part. If you're looking for dialogue, story telling, acting, then TV is where to find it. As you posted yourself. You mention the special effects, explosions and such. Back then it was Jaws, Towering Inferno, Star Wars, Superman etc... Today its CGI, buildings exploding, Star Wars and Superman . We've all been here before. Its nothing new. One thing people have to do is not look down on TV. Entertainment changes with the times. Frankly, I feel the home is the best place to watch a drama. No one walking up and down the aisle, talking, laughing. And I can hit the pause anytime. Every type of entertainment you describe does exist. Its just at home, at your fingertips
  5. Oh, it makes sense. Its just that we all have our own idea of what's essential viewing. I like that each host has their own movies they like. Then you can simply follow he host you like and watch their movies.
  6. I can see we aren't going to agree on any of this... In those days, very rarely were movies made with an all black cast. So when it did happen, it tended to be an all star production. Therefore, a really good film that many would be put on lists of great films. So yes, it would be predictable. In the early silent era, the movies were considered a niche industry. Women and black people did have more opportunities in those days. If you're showing silents, you would be showing films made by these people. If you don't like silents, that your choice but, many here do. Following RO is an inenviable, impossible task. So having a variety of hosts is the only want to proceed. I like many hosts who all have a different expertise, different take on films. And different choices of films to watch.
  7. I see Essentials like a movies hall of fame. And its suffering the same issue that Professional sports halls of fame is having. There are only a few films that should be considered "the absolute best". Therefore to keep it going, you have to constantly lower the bar. And you end up with films that aren't all that essential at all. They really should re title the whole show. Each host should simply list the films they love and would like others to see. If you're going to do that, then just have AFI come in and show the movies on their 100 list. I would like to see films that weren't so lauded and yet, are good films. I learn nothing from hearing about the same films over and over.
  8. As long as there's action and shooting and fighting, I'll take a look
  9. GGGGerald

    Every Disney movie, TV show available day one on Disney+

    I think the idea is to encourage new customers to join. Not chase potential customers away.
  10. GGGGerald


    M (1931) (1951) Pygmalion (1938) My fair lady (1964)
  11. GGGGerald


    A Band Called Death (2012) Punk: Attitude (2005)
  12. GGGGerald

    Who is the Best Director of All-Time?

    Just like how someone makes a top ten list. And people want to add more names without removing any.
  13. Could you post a link to this list ? Does one have to be a member to see it ? I have never had Apple nor any of its products so I don't know how it works.
  14. GGGGerald

    R.I.P. Ric Ocasek

    Well, he did co write the song "Moving in Stereo" which accompanied a very memorable scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982). I won't go into detail here as this is a family site. But, when anyone around my age who hears that song, that's probably the only thing that comes to mind. In my world, he made cinematic history I was and still am a big fan RIP
  15. GGGGerald


    Bad Boys (1983) and (1995) Notorious (1946) and (2009) Twilight (1998) and (2008)

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