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  1. umop apisdn

    What do you want for Oscars month?

    I would like to see them too. East Lynne and The White Parade are the last 2 left on my Oscar nominated Best Picture project. When TCM showed Skippy earlier in the year, I finally "finished".
  2. umop apisdn

    What classic movies does TCM not show?

    I read this on one of the film forums that I frequent: There is one executive at Warner Brothers who is blocking any US release of The Devils. We will never see it until Criterion convinces them to release it.
  3. umop apisdn

    Movies You Were Too Young to See But Saw

    I was 6 years old and lived in old Victorian house. I saw The Changeling with George C. Scott and I was convinced that the child ghost was going to come up out of the floor in my bedroom and take me away or something. I think I slept with the lights on for at least 2 weeks afterwards. I still think it's one of the best ghost story movies ever made.
  4. umop apisdn

    The FilmStruck Thread

    No, I don't believe this is by chance. Over the last few years I have noticed more parallels between what is being released by the Criterion Collection and being screened by Janus Films and what airs on TCM. When the Criterion Collection released the restored Apu Trilogy on 11/15/2015, TCM showed the whole trilogy on 11/30/15. TCM then aired Jalsaghar (The Music Room) and the Satyajit Ray documentary by Shyam Benegal right afterwards. Both of those were on an earlier Criterion release. This year, Criterion is releasing the long awaited Marlene Dietrich & Josef Von Sternberg box set. TCM showed most of the movies in that box set during SoTM. I managed to see a few of those for the first time. There are others I am sure, but those stick out to me in my memory.
  5. I love soundtracks and a lot of my favorites have been mentioned already here's some more of my favorites: The Tales Of Hoffmann The Changeling (1980) Romeo & Juliet (1968) Spartacus For A Few Dollars More To Kill A Mockingbird Amadeus (I know it's cheating) Cinema Paradiso The Mission Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon House of Flying Daggers Individual pieces: Zbigniew Preisner - Lacrimosa from "Tree Of Life" Carl Orff - Gassenhauer from "Badlands" Deborah's Theme from "Once Upon A Time In America"
  6. umop apisdn

    The FilmStruck Thread

    Lili was added as part of the theme it expires October 5th
  7. umop apisdn

    The FilmStruck Thread

    That's a nice list of movies with a good variety of things to watch. I've seen all the early Scorsese, but I wouldn't mind watching them again. I watched Antigone earlier in the week which I hadn't seen in about 20 years. The Cinema Passport theme is one of their most interesting ones since it spotlights countries other than Italy, France and Japan.
  8. umop apisdn

    The FilmStruck Thread

    I've been a huge Criterion Collection fan for decades, so I signed up immediately when Filmstuck launched. It's made a lot of improvements from what it was in the beginning. I hope they add more streaming options like the Xbox One, PS4 and finally creating a Samsung's SmartTV app. I was disappointed that the TCM selection wasn't as impressive as the Criterion side. However, I was elated at the Warner Archive news. Looks like things are slowly trickling in. I too would like some more lesser known titles. Here is Filmstruck's page for what is coming and leaving the site. Some Filmstruck titles are part of the Criterion price tier, so those are noted by the "Wacky C." Say Hello & Say Adieu I also just found this website posted by a Reddit user, which allows you to sort by some categories. It is a work in progress so it's quite rough. I still think it's very useful. Reddit posters are giving suggestions to make it better. I also use to keep track of all streaming services. I use it primarily to find out where movies I want to see are streaming and to see what is new.
  9. umop apisdn

    30 Days

    I liked quite a few of the movies shown, mostly the ones that don't get shown repeatedly. I enjoyed watching Nicholas and Alexandra. Te day devoted to documentaries was great, even though I had seen many of them already. I recorded Tess since it's been a few years since I have seen it. I enjoyed watching America America again. When the schedule came out I was excited to see that Skippy was on the schedule. I have seen all best picture nominees except Skippy. Unfortunately, I don't think i will ever get a chance to make the trek down to UCLA to see East Lynne and The White Parade.
  10. umop apisdn

    Dirty Harry vs. Bullitt

    I've used it on other sites, and there is some weirdo (not me) using the same name on reddit. I have not seen the movies that came after Dirty Harry, are they worth a watch?
  11. umop apisdn

    Great One-Liners

    From Once Upon A Time in the West: Frank: People scare better when they're dyin'. Frank: How can you trust a man that wears both a belt and suspenders? Man can't even trust his own pants.
  12. umop apisdn

    Dirty Harry vs. Bullitt

    Turn your head upside down.
  13. I heard about this while I was at work. I was a teenager in the 90s and The Cranberries were fairly popular in the US for about 2 years, or at least they got a lot of airplay on the mainstream alternative (funny!) radio station in Chicago. Then I think other Britpop bands like Oasis and Blur overshadowed them. I loved that era of music.
  14. umop apisdn

    Dirty Harry vs. Bullitt

    Hi. First time poster, long time lurker of at least 10 years. Dave Toschi, the inspiration for both Bullitt and Dirty Harry died after a lengthy illness just the week before Bullitt aired on Saturday. Toschi was the lead investigator for the SFPD on the Zodiac case which was the inspiration for the Scorpio killer in Dirty Harry. Wikipedia also mentions that George Lucas named the Tatooine Tosche station after him. I had never known that these two movies were connected to that case, which has fascinated me for years. The investigations into the various Zodiac slayings were disjointed and unorganized since they occurred in many jurisdictions. I now see Dirty Harry in a different way than I used to. Before I thought it was just a movie about a cop using any means, often unconstitutional to apprehend criminals. Now, I almost think of the the movie as an imaginary do-over as if to say "we'll get the bad guy no matter how unethical the means." I prefer Bullitt because of the subtleties others have pointed out. The villains are what most of us would encounter in our daily lives.

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