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  1. umop apisdn

    For the “Black Month Crowd”

    It's even funnier because Asha Bhosle didn't use the falsetto as much as her sister, Lata Mangeshkar, did in their 50+ year careers. In the beginning, Lata used more of her vocal range, but the more popular songs included the higher range singing. Therefore, more songs were written to showcase it and it just snowballed from there. The early Bollywood system had movie studios employing certain singers for an entire soundtrack. In addition, actor/actress lock in happens with playback singers where the audience expects a certain voice with a certain star. From the 1940s up until the 1980s, there were a very small group of Indian playback singers, with the 2 sisters getting most of the female playback songs. Their main female competition died of alcoholism. Their male counterparts all died off in the 1970s and 1980s and then needed to be replaced. Those male singers sound eerily close to their predecessors. It's like there is a formula for playback singing stardom and very little deviation. Currently, the trend is to hire for specific songs, however the falsetto voice remains a fixture. The top female singers all use similar falsetto voices, because it's been popular for so long. I find that type of female voice annoying at times, so I actually prefer the male singers. Indian songs written for the female voice are written at the higher octave. My guess is because that is part of the cultural expectations for femininity: youth, docility, fragility, etc. Indian classical music training has way more variation compared to the popular film music.
  2. umop apisdn

    Sadly Neglected Performances by Children

    I loved the Toby character. He was played by Christopher Severn according to IMDB
  3. Reading through this post I am reminded of this exchange from Now, Voyager: In my book, talent is everything. Bette Davis and Angela Lansbury had it in spades.
  4. On this last day of Filmstruck, I have filled my Netflix queue with everything that is available on their DVD/Blu-ray service. I will be at work during the day when the service will probably be shut off. I don't think they used midnight expiration dates for their content I discovered a film by Mikio Naruse called Repast starring the lovely and superb actress Setsuko Hara. If there is time to watch, I recommend it. Last night I finished off the Harold Lloyd collection, which I have been watching in chronological order since the closure was announced. I had missed the Harold Lloyd tributes that TCM did in the last year, so I am glad I was able to watch all of them in one place. I've come to depend on Filmstruck, it was like a comforting old friend. I will miss it.
  5. umop apisdn

    I Just Watched...

    Oh Moses, Moses! You stubborn, splendid, adorable fool!
  6. I think they will have some Hollywood films, most likely the ones they have been granted the temporary streaming rights. This made my weekend, almost as much as the Filmstruck closure announcement ruined my weekend when that happened. I signed up 30 seconds after I received the email. I hope that the Warner venture is executed well and they take a lesson from Filmstruck in how to respect their back catalog treasures.
  7. umop apisdn

    The FilmStruck Thread

    I just received notice that the FilmStruck will be shutdown. The is awful news!
  8. umop apisdn

    WarnerMedia Streaming Service

    I just received my FilmStruck shut down notice. The service ends November 29.
  9. umop apisdn

    What do you want for Oscars month?

    I would like to see them too. East Lynne and The White Parade are the last 2 left on my Oscar nominated Best Picture project. When TCM showed Skippy earlier in the year, I finally "finished".
  10. umop apisdn

    What classic movies does TCM not show?

    I read this on one of the film forums that I frequent: There is one executive at Warner Brothers who is blocking any US release of The Devils. We will never see it until Criterion convinces them to release it.
  11. umop apisdn

    Movies You Were Too Young to See But Saw

    I was 6 years old and lived in old Victorian house. I saw The Changeling with George C. Scott and I was convinced that the child ghost was going to come up out of the floor in my bedroom and take me away or something. I think I slept with the lights on for at least 2 weeks afterwards. I still think it's one of the best ghost story movies ever made.
  12. umop apisdn

    The FilmStruck Thread

    No, I don't believe this is by chance. Over the last few years I have noticed more parallels between what is being released by the Criterion Collection and being screened by Janus Films and what airs on TCM. When the Criterion Collection released the restored Apu Trilogy on 11/15/2015, TCM showed the whole trilogy on 11/30/15. TCM then aired Jalsaghar (The Music Room) and the Satyajit Ray documentary by Shyam Benegal right afterwards. Both of those were on an earlier Criterion release. This year, Criterion is releasing the long awaited Marlene Dietrich & Josef Von Sternberg box set. TCM showed most of the movies in that box set during SoTM. I managed to see a few of those for the first time. There are others I am sure, but those stick out to me in my memory.
  13. I love soundtracks and a lot of my favorites have been mentioned already here's some more of my favorites: The Tales Of Hoffmann The Changeling (1980) Romeo & Juliet (1968) Spartacus For A Few Dollars More To Kill A Mockingbird Amadeus (I know it's cheating) Cinema Paradiso The Mission Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon House of Flying Daggers Individual pieces: Zbigniew Preisner - Lacrimosa from "Tree Of Life" Carl Orff - Gassenhauer from "Badlands" Deborah's Theme from "Once Upon A Time In America"
  14. umop apisdn

    The FilmStruck Thread

    Lili was added as part of the theme it expires October 5th
  15. umop apisdn

    The FilmStruck Thread

    That's a nice list of movies with a good variety of things to watch. I've seen all the early Scorsese, but I wouldn't mind watching them again. I watched Antigone earlier in the week which I hadn't seen in about 20 years. The Cinema Passport theme is one of their most interesting ones since it spotlights countries other than Italy, France and Japan.

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