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  1. I was finally able to find a few more extended clips of Blast of Silence on YouTube, and it turns out I have indeed seen this film. The trailer really threw me off, but I definitely remember watching this neo-noir treat on TCM quite awhile ago. I had no idea the main character was a hitman, but at least I was able to recall some parts of the ending. In my mind, it was a lot more stark and a lot less watery, but the basic elements are very similar to my description, so this must be the film. So thank you for the solve! I think I was confusing this movie and another one I'd like to find into a noir mash-up. The plot of the other film had something to do with just a regular sort of working guy who somehow overhears a scheme by some gangster-types plotting a heist of some sort. The guy wants to get his wife out of their rather poor lifestyle, so he comes up with a plan to either blackmail the gangsters or retrieve the hidden loot himself. That's where I tacked on the ending of Blast of Silence. In my muddled memory, I thought the guy went to the marshy mudflats to meet the gangsters or snag the money or jewels that were hidden there. Either way, he is ambushed and killed by a couple of bad guys, but as we now know, I could be really wrong about that part. Disregarding the ending, does this description sound familiar?
  2. I watched the trailer, but it just didn't seem like the right movie. Nothing looked familiar. I'll try to find it online. I thought the film I saw had that classic 40's or 50's noir. The one you suggested has that gritty 60's look to it. I could be way off though!
  3. Not quite it...the ending took place in a very muddy, low tide marsh sort of area where there were many planks of wood carefully arranged on the ground in order for people to walk over the mud...sort of like a wooden sidewalk. It seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere, not around the watery docks of a major city. The main character was ambushed by a couple of guys when he was foot chase that I can remember. Also, from what I can recall about the clothing, it really looked like it was from the 40's or 50's.
  4. This is definitely a classic, but I just can't remember anything other than the final scene. I'm sure I watched it on Turner Classic Movies, perhaps a couple of years ago. It's b&w, likely from the 40's or early 50's, and the ending takes place around dusk in a very flat, low tide marshy area with lots of wooden planks placed over the deep mud. The rest is a bit sketchy, so some of the details may be a little off. The main character (a dark-haired fellow) goes to the muddy marsh to meet some other shady characters (maybe to pick up some money), but he gets killed instead. I think he was stabbed...not sure though...could have been shot. I clearly remember him slowly dropping, his body laying half on a plank and half in the mud. His wife (or girlfriend) was with him or followed him and witnesses the murder. That's where the film ends. Really stark and haunting. Another note about the main character...he was one of those guys who was either bad at the beginning but turned good as the story unfolded, or vice versa (good guy who goes slightly bad). He may have been trying to play both ends against the middle, as the saying goes. Either way, whether he deserved it or not, his death at the end was rather sad.

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