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  1. auntieal

    Dr Zhivago and Richard Burton

    It is when Lara first becomes involved with Komarovsky. She goes to a church and speaks with a priest about forgiveness. I believe the priest is Burton. He has on very dark make-up and long hair but the voice is unmistakable. And I have a remarkable ear for identifying voices. The dialog lasts no more than a minute or two.
  2. I have just been watching Dr. Zhivago and am quite certain there is a brief cameo by Richard Burton. Can any one confirm this for me?
  3. auntieal

    Gone With The Wind

    As for Rhett pining for Scarlett, a man always wants what he can't have.
  4. I was just watching Dr Zhivago and I am almost certain that Richard Burton has a brief cameo. Is there any place I can search to confirm this? I have looked in the cast listings on Wiki, IMBD, TCM and Rotten Tomatoes

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