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  1. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    the good, the bad, and our donny or the ecstasy of babes
  2. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    the good, the bad, and our donny or the ecstasy of babes
  3. msm using superheroes to further liberal agenda

    it was just iron man colliding with the hulk at mach 16.
  4. msm using superheroes to further liberal agenda

    that's because they knew in hollywood that contemporary audiences would be unfamiliar with early 1970s marvel canon and so it didn't matter except to older people that hollywood doan concern themselves with anymore. and this suggests a slanted approach torwards minority audiences. just forget about stoker's big bad ole count. my big problem with todays superhero films is that they are nothing more than poorly acted vehicles to thread together hyper-kinetic superfast cgi sequences that you hafta be high on ritilin to even figure out in the first place.... zoom, zoom, zoom splat!, what the **** was that?
  5. Trump Is Not a Legitimate President

    my point is that the msm fixation on bringing him down by russian collusion is a distraction from more important matters and not his fault... so is adam schiff and a slew of other hateful democrats really more consumed by the parkland mayhem than him?... or is it a fake crocodile tears sorta outrage to push their failed gun control issue. and trump's political? HA!
  6. msm using superheroes to further liberal agenda

    here I go opining again... the blade character. he was brought to the screen too prematurely. it would have made more sense to have introduced him on screen in a blockbuster tomb of dracula movie, which was possibly the most exceptional comic book marvel ever did... but no, hollywood schtootzes put him on screen completely outta context with dracula nowhere to be seen. completely dumb in my view. long before there was valley girl buffy there was the cat who started it all... Blade
  7. Trump Is Not a Legitimate President

    yes, but is this truly moral outrage at the parkland mayhem or simply a new issue to go after trump on? I suppose if an isis follower who went on a murder rampage was wearing a hillary I'm with her button it would be just completely honed in on by the msm. the democrat sore loser crybabies know they cannot last even to this november let alone to november 2020 so their desperation means they gotta instigate impeachment now before their cookies crumble any further. green/waters 2020
  8. msm using superheroes to further liberal agenda

    I do apologize for my rash and unfair comments. certainly black audiences are entitled to superhero movies too and with all or mostly black casts. so I admit it was completely unfair of me to criticize the movie. I bet black panther could beat wolverine too. I never liked wolverine. I actually bought the issue of the incredible hulk that introduced the canadian wolverine. the story had bruce banner demorphizing from the hulk up north and he runs afoul of this hot blonde in a wiccan-like costume who's brother transforms into the wendigo and she and a male companion hope to transfer the wendigo curse to some other guy but enter the hulk and wolverine. anyway that issue saw the introduction of wolverine. his personality was very arrogant like nothing could stop him and he even picks one with the hulk. I think black panther would best wolverine not so much because of his heightened physical abilities which might be a match or greater than wolverine's but because black panther is a thinking man. king t'challa of wakanda. wolverine is to me simply a thuggish punk endowed with his incredible powers but black panther would probably easily outhink wolverine.
  9. My New Fanfiction Series

    I just cannot wait to see your star on the hollywood walk of fame.
  10. she must've scared the pants of 'em too.
  11. request for darkblue

    instead of jimmy dore could you possibly post some mark levin? "there, I said it!"
  12. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    oh please stop! my nerves cannot absorb these soul-searing revelations.
  13. gimme a break quoting that schtootz gergen. mocking trump as a figure of fun will not stop him. now he's supposed to be scared like nixon was.
  14. Trump Is Not a Legitimate President

    the great indomitable man continues... More Just watched a very insecure Oprah Winfrey, who at one point I knew very well, interview a panel of people on 60 Minutes. The questions were biased and slanted, the facts incorrect. Hope Oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others!
  15. msm using superheroes to further liberal agenda

    in later revisionism but originally cap's legendary shield was courtesy of the same source as the super-soldier serum, the united states government, the big bad ole MIC. that's why his shield and costume are what they are. they reflect the source of his legendary superheroism.

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