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  1. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    lets give it a shot.
  2. NipkowDisc

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    nipkowdisc's grub gab korner for breakfast this morning 2 delicious kit kat Bigkat bars with milk! tonight the 2nd half of a whole meatball sub from last nite. I got 3 Bigkats bars left. might have one later on as a late nite snack.
  3. yeah, what is stopping them? now that they can, they won't. inexplicable!
  4. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    the solution is an all out police onslaught against chicago street scum.
  5. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    well if chicago's not a hotspot than where?
  6. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    the truth is that there has been a glut of urban violence in metro areas for so long now that we as a society have become habituated to it like it is a normalcy. I refuse to accept murder and carnage and it's associated mayhem as a state of normalcy. it exists because ineffectual incompetents place greater value on their political legitimacy than preventing appalling loss of life. it is the ultimate in abdication of responsibility and breach of the public trust.
  7. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    jakeem, what you say is baloney and here's why. you just, imo, misrepresented reality that the situation in chicago is hunky-dory despite what the msm has been reporting for years now about an out of control murder rate. very well then... if chicago is indeed livable and reasonably residential-friendly (that IS what you just implied) then why is colin kaepernick's kneeling crusade even necessary??? if chicago is good than just how awful can other places be? kaepernick is objecting to police persecution of african-americans but if chicago is good than why should anybody believe there is a problem? if it's not evident in chicago which seems to be your stipulation, than is it evident anywhere?. I an gonna accept your representation that chicago is a nice place. therefore there cannot be any police problem so I can only suggest that you tell kaepernick to stop wasting his time bringing attention to a problem that does not exist. I thank you for your guidance in this matter, jakeem.
  8. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    you just convinced me that you are not honest. this conversation is ended.
  9. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    do liberals want the murder and mayhem in places like chicago to continue until their methodologies work... which might never happen? I doan call that any sensible regard for the lives of human beings. I call that demogoguery hiding behind a veil of phony humanitarianism.
  10. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    you think the homicide statistics of chicago that americans have been listening to for years now are inflated??? do you mean to say that urban chicago is a wonderful place?...especially for kids? thank you for lifting the veil of ignorance from my eyes. (w t f)
  11. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    I do not say that trump will change chicago but decades of effort by liberals hawking social programs certainly hasn't done anything. I think the goal is cessation of a cycle of murder. symbolics and feel-goodism doesn't stop murder.
  12. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    and by the way, how come the near divine obama failed to turn chicago into a paradise?
  13. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    yes, but chicago was a cesspool of murder before he even decided to run. he is not responsible for the current state of chicago, is he, jakeem? so you scapegoat trump. that certainly will not end the mayhem of murder which is destroying chicago.
  14. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    liberals have been throwing money at that kind of HS for decades and places like chicago and baltimore are testaments to it's futility. numbers 2 and 3 are particular laugh riots.,, because THEY HAVE BEEN PROVEN NOT TO WORK. what is the proof? THEY HAVE NOT WORKED. that democrats and liberals refuse to abandon such worn out methodologies is proof that it is their message that they love and to dam with any tangible results. such is the liberals' long established formula for defeatism which they misrepresent as compassion. no, it is a useless waste of effort and energies by a ideologically locked crew who refuse to accept failure. this is the legacy of the phony narcissistic pontificate. they pontificate while people chicago. they see no failure in it because it is their message that they value and not the lives lost to such ineffectual BS. their message of hope will continue despite the overwhelming failure of their methodologies because to them it is their message that will be what is forever important to them. the murdered african-american youth of chicago will always be grateful to them for their adherence to their purpose...but as to what for?
  15. NipkowDisc

    NFL bans anthem kneel

    yeah, just what has kaepernick accomplished beyond exhibitionism?

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