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  1. NipkowDisc

    on svengoolie tonite

    except for cargonite.
  2. why not? George Conway hasn't hesitated to put his own wife in a very embarrassing position by criticizing the man she works for so she doan rate any payback?
  3. NipkowDisc

    2020 Election

    what kinda schtootz thinks it's relevent for people to know that he once took his own mother to an x-rated movie? he then asks a stupid irrelevant question why the news media doan ask female presidential candidates about male VP picks. he wants the feminist vote?
  4. now they're giving nobels to teenagers.
  5. NipkowDisc

    FORGOTTEN Oldies

    oye como va!
  6. NipkowDisc

    RIP 20th Century Fox

  7. NipkowDisc

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    it's enough to make Nadler lose his jaundiced facial palor.
  8. NipkowDisc

    Elizabeth Warren Pres. Candidacy.....

    you misspell populace.
  9. the world lacks the basic moral resolve to realize that the appropriate punishment is forteiture of life. this life sentence that is supposed to be justice, Karadzic will enjoy a remaining lifetime of free room, board, food, medical treatment and it all will be for an unrepentent mass murderer...and this the euro-secularist-intellectual world calls justice? my bleep.
  10. NipkowDisc

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    and the accompanying music was and is still terrific.

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