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  1. NipkowDisc


    dam right! the mcqueenster knew what he was doing.
  2. NipkowDisc

    Ron Ely

    what a a terrible loss for the man, I hope he keeps in mind that millions love him as perhaps the best actor to ever play tarzan.
  3. come here you bloody bleeperbleeper!
  4. NipkowDisc

    Comcast is the devil!!!

    tcm was the only real reason I had left to watch TV since it went to the dogs years ago under liberal leadership. today's TV offerings are a absolute mockery of what american TV once was. so they take from us maybe the only non-premium channel with uncut movies and no commercials. to comcrap I say... "that's why you hate em! hate his friends!... and that's why you're beaten! the american tv space cadet can still think!"
  5. NipkowDisc

    Ron Ely

    I feel sorry for him and the tragedy that unfolded at his home. a good actor who never got nearly the amount of credit he deserved for being the actor to play tarzan best. I hope he'll be alright.
  6. NipkowDisc

    terrific surprise winter scrounge acquisition

    I found them. they've been identified... now doan laugh. I'm still gonna wear um. women's London fog duck boots
  7. NipkowDisc

    Democratic Debate

    "did I win? can somebody please tell me if I won?"
  8. biden donors: hey joe, we want our money back.
  9. and he starts out with an explanation for his son's conflict of interest that was pathetic.
  10. NipkowDisc

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    11. after last nite's democrat debate trump's chances of winning a 2nd term look better and better all the time.
  11. NipkowDisc

    lousy weather forecasting.

    for the past few days the TV weather schtootzes were telling everyone that on Wednesday we were going to get a soaking rain and more rain than we've seen in two months... where here it is almost 4pm and nothing! they said it was going to rain all day into the evening. every nite they come on and act like they're friggin' meteorological geniuses. idiots and stupes!
  12. NipkowDisc

    terrific surprise winter scrounge acquisition

    "son, a man has got to have himself a good pair of boots because he's gotta do alotta kickin'!"
  13. NipkowDisc


    that might be good for a short 50 foot woman image.
  14. NipkowDisc

    terrific surprise winter scrounge acquisition

    so here's this L.L. Bean catalog with the exorbidant prices and my only 2 pairs of shoes are these semi-boot things with the upper bands missing because it was a sponge like material and these black dress shoes with straps. these London fog boots just fit me so I'm clomping around in them happily like a regular frankincense monster.

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