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  1. NipkowDisc

    nipkowdisc's food niche

    tomorrow I start the day with a tasty bowl of Golden Grahams and later for dinner 2 hamburgers I saved from today.
  2. NipkowDisc

    nipkowdisc's food niche

    yet another thread to chat about our chow. tonite for me a thick cheese & mustard on a bagel to be washed down with a can of tasty seagram's ginger ale.
  3. NipkowDisc

    Melania Trump.....any news on the first lady?

    all kimmel and his friends can do is point to fox news because that's all they have. they dam well know the remaining 99% favors their views and perspectives and since they want no debate about journalistic bias... they point to fox news. didn't help them in 2016 let them think it will help them now. "you need more than one lesson and you're going to get more than one lesson." -ray collins, citizen kane
  4. NipkowDisc


    great shot! those kids really look scared.
  5. NipkowDisc

    Trump vs. the Press/Media

    better. edited by nipkowdisc
  6. NipkowDisc

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    but trump HAS A POINT. his zero tolerance is a reaction to solve an immigration problem that many of his predecessors failed to even try to address. many americans WHO CAN STILL THINK understand that trump is at least trying to address albeit imperfectly a serious issue that has been neglected by several former presidents for at least a quarter of a century. the Washington politicians have known since the mid-1980s that the situation along the southern borders was getting out of control... just look at The A-Team. every other episode has them south of the border fighting Mexican drug kingpins and pushers so the liberals in Hollywood like Stephen J. Cannell were certainly aware of the southern border situation as far back as the mid 80s.
  7. bingo with number 4. probably alotta infrastructure deteriorization with our artesian wells.
  8. but isn't there a form of prejudice at work in the mind of the feminist to deny the obvious personhood of the developing human child in the womb??? the motive: to place greater authority of the human female individual over the value of human life itself. the objective: to justify it's destruction in the interest of personal convenience and evasion of personal responsibility for conception and birth.
  9. NipkowDisc


    I gotta better idea...Jurassic womb...a means is discovered to reconstitute aborted fetuses from fetal dna still in a woman's body.
  10. NipkowDisc

    nipkowdisc's food niche

    I really pigged out today. the place where I live had a big outside barbecue with lotsa grub. had a big ole fat juicy hamburger with mustard and snuck back upstairs with 3 more in my jacket pockets for tomorrow.
  11. I doan like musicals but continued watching has this one growing on me. the fun begins when Adam starts singing about the sobbin' women (sabine) and then says "lets go get 'em!" clever how they get the girls to close the pass for 'em.
  12. NipkowDisc


    Jurassic park was dumb to begin with based on a scientific premise that cannot pass muster. the idea is you find a skeeter in amber with multiple dino DNA enclosed then you can theoretically clone all the dinos back to hogwash. simply because there is no known process to, forget the dinosaurs, make any kind of living animal cell and to do it a necessary prerequisite is knowing how to create living organic matter from non-living matter. to quote from star trek II the wrath of khan "life from lifelessness" which has not been accomplished in the laboratory. human science not having that key renders the premise of the Jurassic park movies fantastic hogwash. the reason the living from non-living key is never mentioned is because it not only renders the jurassic park premise into nonsense but it also undermines the theory of they doan bring it up. cute.
  13. NipkowDisc


    I think it's pretty damn monstrous to knowingly destroy human life in the womb.
  14. NipkowDisc


    all they cared about was that she was crying and they could get a picture of it to use against trump.
  15. that's easy for anyone who supports abortion to say.....everyone of you was born and everyone of you prior to your birth was carried for nine months in your mother's womb.... you honestly believe the developing human fetus in the womb is not the equivalent of a human child? that is some kind of convenient denial and quite frankly not worthy of a response from any truly honest person.
  16. NipkowDisc

    Melania Trump.....any news on the first lady?

    no, no right. she's only the first lady of the united states. now all can see what liberal desperation looks like going after this sweet woman who loves children.
  17. NipkowDisc

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    he doesn't have to now...he's the president!
  18. NipkowDisc

    the optical opportunist

    well, I just ordered a new optic for myself. right now only have two, my meade safari pro 8x42 wide angle porro binocular which is a rather incomparable item not only great for daytime terrestrial viewing but also a very good night time optic for stargazing. it performs like an outdoor tourist observation telescope except you can hold it. I also value my tasco world class 8x25 roof prism compact bino which is shockproof, water and fogproof because of it's durable metal construction. but currently I have nothing for light travel outside my home so I ordered a monocular. shall I tell you what? very well...the Levenhuk Wise PLUS 8x32 monocular with a 7.5 field of 393.9 ft. at 1000 yards. more than the usual 7.5 field of 393 feet at 1000 yards. the largest 7.5 field in it's class. features bak4 prism glass, fully multi-coated antireflective and hermetically sealed rubber armor, o-ring sealed with nitrogen gas to eliminate fogging. a winner!...and remarkably low-priced too at under 40 dollars. my search for my next optic is over. "when I set out to find somebody I find 'em. that's why they pay me!" -lee van cleef, the good, the bad and the ugly
  19. NipkowDisc

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    "what penmanship!" -Lucille ball
  20. NipkowDisc


    "here's lookin' down at you, kid."
  21. the right has always taken the side of our precious unborn human posterity... IT IS THE LEFT that denies their very personhood. so was it in Nazi germany regarding 6 million murdered people. so it was with the scotus denying the very personhood of negro slaves with the dred scott decision.

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