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  1. now watch the msm go nuts because he decided to demagnetize a few weisenheimers…. with more to come. BOLD STRONG COURAGEOUS UNABASHED TENACIOUS UNRELENTING... OUR DONNY!
  2. they have to do their bit for their downtrodden fellows so they doan feel self-conscious driving around in their porsches. "but the other ants did not forsake their little friend. they rushed to his side and helped him...carry his load."
  3. NipkowDisc

    on svengoolie tonite

    king kong escapes, a good one. this evil nefarious oriental scientist-mastermind Dr. Who, not the british time lord, plans to mine this neato radioactive mineral for limitless power purposes he's accompanied by this drop dead gorgeous oriental femme fatale beauty who gets the hots for this u.s sub commander played by rhodes reason. also on board the sub is a cute as a button linda miller who gets screamy whenever kong picks her up. this film's alotta fun what with the hot babes.
  4. he has ripped away the 5 or 6 decades old veneer of falsehood and deception from the msm... they now stand naked and revealed before the watchful eyes of true deplorable americans. they have lost! why?...why is cnn shoving a docufilm they have made called RBG about Ruth Bader Ginsburg in our faces? is that supposed to change something? the inevitable confirmation of Brett Kavanauggh to the scotus? how blatantly biased. yes, they have been broken! Donald Trump the dynamic 45th president of the united states. no more pretenses now just a fight for continued legitimacy in the face of the righteous wrath of yesterday's America which they have utterly failed to demoralize and destroy. it's not what they wanted but it is what they have. "now let me tell you something, mister, you are not going to break me but I am going to break you!" -adm. harriman nelson, 4th year vttbots ep 'blow up'
  5. NipkowDisc

    white supremacy or is it?

    according to schtootzes like huffpost laura Ingraham is pushing white supremacy. how can we tell? it seems to me the msm is now labeling anything mainstream conservative as either white nationalist or white supremacy.
  6. NipkowDisc


    if omarosa has him saying it than produce the recording and lets hear it. her fans are waiting.
  7. NipkowDisc


    so trump will be brought down by using the N word backstage at NBC years before he even ran?
  8. NipkowDisc


    nonsense. trump haters aren't thinking anything different of trump than before her book release or her TV interviews.
  9. NipkowDisc


    omarosa said that when she's in a fight it's best to pray for her opponent...
  10. NipkowDisc


    in fact there is a scene in The Taking of Pelham 123 where the conductor played by James Broderick says of his locomotive "she's a dog".
  11. NipkowDisc


    total BS! if she had the N word on tape she would bo on BET or MSNBC wallowing in being worshipped right now, she got nuthin'. and CNN's Gloria Borger has completely blown herself by saying that omarosa is gonna be the recipient of public sympathy because trump called her a woof-woof. the dumbest thing Borger has ever said.
  12. NipkowDisc

    Gregory Peck's grandson is the new Spock

    lettem ask shatner, the schtootzes.
  13. NipkowDisc

    on svengoolie tonite

    svengoolie is not funny, clever or anything else. just dumb.
  14. for my money it is 1981's Death Hunt starring Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson and Carl Weathers. a great score too by Jerrold Immel.
  15. NipkowDisc

    msm incapable of fairness

    too many decades of liberal bias make that impossible. and here's my example. for a few days now there has been on huffpost this article saying that alexandria ocasio-cortez does not owe her gop critic any response and naturally liberals near and far like that... but here's my point... right after trump won in 2016 the msm almost immediately began to speculate how a president trump would perform and some of them jabbered something along the lines of ivanka trump possibly having a moderating effect on her father's flamboyances and unfortunately to their great disappointment she has not boo-hoo and so I would ask did ivanka trump owe it to them to try and soothe her father??? of course not! it's just some egg-sucking lamentation they made up to SOOTHE THEMSELVES in the face of their great disappoint at TRUMP WINNING. the msm can be very inventive...when it suits them. sour grape schtootzes never prosper.
  16. NipkowDisc

    the unsung joe cantwell

    what a great tribute to the late Cliff Robertson if someone could find and sew together any unused footage of cliff as joe cantwell from The Best Man.
  17. NipkowDisc

    msm incapable of fairness

    why should he have changed??? it won 'em the election.
  18. NipkowDisc

    the unsung joe cantwell

    we like our heroes a bit on the dark side.
  19. but he hamstrings his own films by not having the dialogue spoken in English which is truly dumb.
  20. NipkowDisc

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    end the witch hunt and you end the tweets.
  21. NipkowDisc

    Fluff Flicks

    doan look for tcm to show the doris day vehicle WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE LIGHTS WENT OUT? from 1965. it's one of those movies tcm won't procure anymore than they will... HOT SPELL
  22. NipkowDisc

    Fluff Flicks

    yeah, american society wasn't quite as much in the gutter then.
  23. NipkowDisc

    More Strzok E-Mails Come to Light

    listening to strzok's testimony a few weeks ago the democrats must be pretty desperate to get behind such a blatant liar as him. I thought he made mark fuhrman look like wally cleaver.

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