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  1. call me nipkowhattan, me thinkum native American.
  2. NipkowDisc

    cry of the werewolf (1944)

    a horrible film with nina foch as a female werewolf. I know I sat through this when I was younger. svengoolie oughta make some effort to avoid showing crud like this. like in the beginning john abbott (sesmar from lost in space) is giving us a tour of this occult museum in new orleans. we see a very elaborate mock-up of a vampire's coffin which itself is better than the film. actor stephen crane's best acting moments are creeping around the lower basement of a building looking for records of a devil-worshipping gypsy tribe who's princess played by nina foch likes to change into a german shepherd. this scene of the dog repeated several times throughout is really dumb. it's supposed to be a crying werewolf?'s just a dog who looks like he's chewing on a milkbone because of a rubber band around his muzzle. I was petrified! and what does a gypsy tribe get out of worshipping a female werewolf? and what a waste of Barton MacLane's great pugnacious acting persona. svengoolie deserves to be called a fat dumb zombie with a hat for showing such awful crud.
  3. NipkowDisc

    cry of the werewolf (1944)

    when the nice gypsy girl now under the spell of celeste is told to kill bob, it woulda been a far more rewarding climax if she has plugged celeste. a pretty lame Columbia release. no talking werewolf or nothing.
  4. this is for you, princess Elizabeth...
  5. yeah, one ancestor 10 generations ago.
  6. NipkowDisc

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    America beams with pride. He stands with America
  7. NipkowDisc

    Google memo 'confirms worst fear' of conservatives

    is that anything like NBC News taking trump's speech praising U.S. Grant out of context and reporting that he was praising Robert E. Lee?... they had to make a correction. real America ain't taking this biased sheet no more.
  8. NipkowDisc

    on svengoolie tonite

    king kong escapes, a good one. this evil nefarious oriental scientist-mastermind Dr. Who, not the british time lord, plans to mine this neato radioactive mineral for limitless power purposes he's accompanied by this drop dead gorgeous oriental femme fatale beauty who gets the hots for this u.s sub commander played by rhodes reason. also on board the sub is a cute as a button linda miller who gets screamy whenever kong picks her up. this film's alotta fun what with the hot babes.
  9. NipkowDisc

    on svengoolie tonite

    are you kidding? Barry Gray was a british composer and is probably one of the most underrated composers of the 20th century. Barry deserved a lot more recognition than he ever got especially in America.. his fabulous music was always distinguished by it's rich tones and powerful chords.. there will never be another like him.
  10. NipkowDisc

    The Mummy's Hand

    why does tcm hafta waste our time with stinkers like that? what an excruciating experience seeing guys like cecil kellaway and george zucco wasted in such a lame movie. 35 minutes into it I dreamt of how much I would enjoy seeing kharis strangulate...slowly...that infuriatingly awful comic relief babe but then I started hoping that kharis would shove poopsie down his throat just to put an end to NYC terminology.. and what was defiled was the recycled music from son of Frankenstein.
  11. NipkowDisc

    on svengoolie tonite

    I'll take an episode from space 1999s 1st season over 2001 a space odyssey anytime.
  12. NipkowDisc

    on svengoolie tonite

    I'll watch that until ten then space 1999 on comet.
  13. NipkowDisc

    Orson Welles' The Other Side of the Wind

    I wonder how orson thought up the title.
  14. always thought Ileana douglas was hot.
  15. NipkowDisc

    GOP madness Unbound...

    awww.....he was just trying to be funny. humor is lost on liberals.
  16. NipkowDisc

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    I do not believe that a 19th century former negro slave woman woulda saw her own liberation and desire to liberate others merely as a stepping stone to degrade the value of human life, living or unborn otherwise such an intuitive woman woulda asked herself what the point of the expenditure of her mental energies was all for. you pro-choice advocates have been so confused for so long that you attribute abortion as an act of human liberty which is misguided to the point of being sick. abortion is the destruction of human life in the womb to suit the convenience of the woman and her desire to evade certain moral responsibilities. why do you think the men responsible for their conditions aid and abet it? they too seek to evade responsibility. that is why the whole issue is an abdication of basic humanity and it's responsibilities.
  17. NipkowDisc

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    only problem is that only happens in the world of the idealistic Hollywood filmmaker and usually not in the real world.
  18. NipkowDisc

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    sick! absolutely sick!... because Harriet Tubman woulda been sickened by the thought of women treating life in the womb like throwaway garbage..even if it were the result of rape by white men. she woulda told women that hatred of the unborn children in their wombs was indicative of the defeat of themselves as human individuals and a triumph of inhumanity. in the face of tribulation you do not surrender and give in to evil but you persevere. she woulda counseled them to never give up on life, theirs or anyones. she would not have advised women to be contemptuous of life at any level because such a woman understood and appreciated all facets of human freedom.
  19. and evolution requires the same zealousness of thought.
  20. not too many since most American metropolitan sinkholes are run by democrats.

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