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  1. Well... no. Is that so hard to believe?
  2. Hate is a funny thing. I feel that The Tin Drum, Cinema Paradiso, Brazil, and the first 20 minutes of Wings of Desire are about the least-enjoyed films I've experienced; but when I think hate, all I can think of is The Moon is Blue... I think I more deeply resent tasteless mediocrity than these things I find to be flagrantly offensive monstrosities. I can at least admire a horribly pretentious misfire for the blatant ego and ambition it took to create it, and my opinion softens over time, but sometimes something that just sorta blows can mutate in one's mind into this depressing, unwithstandable thing that truly has no redeeming aspects. Something about indifference being emptier than hatred.
  3. 1971 - Not a bad year so far as villainous performances go- but the genuinely scariest one, from Duel, unjustly wins no awards. Actor Malcolm McDowell - A Clockwork Orange*** Gene Wilder - Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Walter Matthau - A New Leaf Richard Attenborough - 10 Rillington Place Vincent Price - The Abom inable Dr. Phibes Chuck McCann - The Projectionist [for the Captain Flash scenes alone] Actress Elaine May - A New Leaf***** Jessica Walter - Play Misty for Me Supporting Actor John Hurt - 10 Rillington Place*** Michael Bates - A Clockwork Orange Patrick Magee - A Clockwork Orange Jack Albertson - Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Rodney Dangerfield - The Projectionist Omar Sharif - The Burglars Donald Sutherland - Little Murders Supporting Actress Judy Geeson - 10 Rillington Place*** Miriam Karlin - A Clockwork Orange
  4. 1970 - Only a small number of favorites this year among the few films I've seen. Actor Jean-Pierre Cargol - The Wild Child***** (juvenile) Fernando Rey - Tristana Dustin Hoffman - Little Big Man Yves Montand - The Confession Peter Boyle - Joe Ron Moody - The Twelve Chairs Actress Catherine Deneuve - Tristana*** Shelley Winters - Bloody Mama Supporting Actor Dom DeLuise - The Twelve Chairs*** Richard Mulligan - Little Big Man Chief Dan George - Little Big Man Martin Balsam - Little Big Man Hugh Griffith - Start the Revolution Without Me Robert De Niro - Bloody Mama Gabriele Ferzetti - The Confession Supporting Actress Judith Anderson - A Man Called Horse*** [i like her more than I like the film] Mary Jane Higby - The Honeymoon Killers (moved from '69) Delphine Seyrig - The Donkey Skin Susan Sarandon - Joe
  5. The 60s- Now it all comes down to bias and fate. Actor Sterling Hayden - Dr. Strangelove (1964) [A choice so difficult I couldn't even make it. I flipped a coin- and I'm proud.] Actress Lee Eun-sim - The Housemaid (1960) Supporting Actor Rod Steiger - The Loved One (1965) Supporting Actress Ayllene Gibbons - The Loved One (1965) Juvenile Martin Stephens - The Innocents (1961)
  6. 1968/69 - I knew that my fashionable lateness would one day cause me to fall fashionably behind. Tolerate me while I make this obscene, unwieldy double-post. My know-how has been going downhill rapidly, anyway, so put together they make a decent-sized list. Actor Dustin Hoffman - Midnight Cowboy***** Jon Voight - Midnight Cowboy Anthony Quinn - The Secret of Santa Vittoria Actress Anna Magnani - The Secret of Santa Vittoria*** Maggie Smith - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Nelly - One Day Honeymoon [not all obscure films are lost treasures] Supporting Actor Danny Kaye - The Madwoman of Chaillot*** Hardy Kruger - The Secret of Santa Vittoria Paul Henried - The Madwoman of Chaillot Supporting Actress Mary Jane Higby - The Honeymoon Killers*** Jane Carr - The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Previously in 1968... Actor Burt Lancaster - The Swimmer***** Walter Matthau - The Odd Couple Rod Taylor - Dark of the Sun Jack Lemmon - The Odd Couple Max von Sydow - Hour of the Wolf Jack Palance - The Mercenary Akihiro Miwa - Black Lizard Kichiemon Nakamura - Kuroneko Actress Joanne Woodward - Rachel, Rachel*** Judith O'Dea - Night of the Living Dead Supporting Actor Alastair Sim - Cold Comfort Farm (TVM)*** Brian Blessed - Cold Comfort Farm (TVM) Kei Sato - Kuroneko Jason Robards - The Night They Raided Minsky's Supporting Actress Monica Evans & Carole Shelley - The Odd Couple*** [how can I possibly separate them?] Rosalie Crutchley - Cold Comfort Farm (TVM) [give it to this lady if two people don't count,] Estelle Parsons - Rachel, Rachel [and give it to this lady if TV movies ain't allowed, neither.]
  7. 1967 - Bedazzled and The Producers do well to eclipse what all else came out this year, according to me, but the rest is pretty good too- particularly in the one category, apparently. Actor Gene Wilder - The Producers***** Zero Mostel - The Producers Dirk Bogarde - Our Mother's House Rod Steiger - In the Heat of the Night Peter Cook - Bedazzled Dudley Moore - Bedazzled Toshiro Mifune - Samurai Rebellion Robert Blake - In Cold Blood Alan Arkin - Wait Until Dark Scott Wilson - In Cold Blood George C. Scott - The Flim-Flam Man Jack Palance - Torture Garden Actress Audrey Hepburn - Wait Until Dark*** Pamela Franklin - Our Mother's House (juvenile(?)) Catherine Deneuve - Belle de Jour Supporting Actor Kenneth Mars - The Producers*** Dick Shawn - The Producers Gene Wilder - Bonnie and Clyde Anthony James - In the Heat of the Night Supporting Actress Estelle Parsons - Bonnie and Clyde*** Lee Grant - In the Heat of the Night
  8. 1966 - It seems that I didn't like most of the films I've seen this year; and many of the ones that I did like are ridiculous. Of course I'm still yet to see Manos and Batman, so that may change in due time. Actor Tatsuya Nakadai - Sword of Doom***** Richard Burton - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Tatsuya Nakadai - The Face of Another Alan Arkin - The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming Yilmaz Guney - Law of the Border Burt Lancaster - The Professionals Actress Elizabeth Taylor - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?*** The girls in Daisies Supporting Actor Ralph Richardson - The Wrong Box*** Jean Martin - The Battle of Algiers Peter Sellers - The Wrong Box Victor Mature - After the Fox Jan Klusak - A Report on the Party and the Guests Dirk Bogarde - Modesty Blaise (one of the aforementioned ridiculous films) Akim Tamiroff - Lt. Robinson Crusoe, U.S.N. (another one) Supporting Actress Sandy Dennis - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?***
  9. 1965 - Not the longest list, but there are a handful of real favorites here. If I didn't stop myself I might never stop naming performances from The Loved One, right down to Liberace. Actor Lee Marvin - Cat Ballou*** Terence Stamp - The Collector Jason Robards - A Thousand Clowns James Stewart - Flight of the Phoenix Robert Morse - The Loved One Actress Anjanette Comer - The Loved One**** Catherine Deneuve - Repulsion Supporting Actor Rod Steiger - The Loved One**** Barry Gordon - A Thousand Clowns (juvenile) Gene Saks - A Thousand Clowns Hardy Kruger - Flight of the Phoenix Akim Tamiroff - Alphaville Jonathan Winters - The Loved One Reginald Denny - Cat Ballou Wallace Ford - A Patch of Blue Supporting Actress Ayllene Gibbons - The Loved One*** Shelley Winters - A Patch of Blue Valentina Cortese - Juliet of the Spirits Barbara Harris - A Thousand Clowns
  10. 1964 - Just a handful, but it's a pretty entertaining bunch, I'd say. Actor Sterling Hayden - Dr. Strangelove***** [i can't think of him as anything else than a lead] Richard Attenborough - Guns at Batasi Victor Buono - The Strangler Peter Sellers - Dr. Strangelove Katsuo Nakamura - Kwaidan ("Hoichi the Earless") Topol - Sallah Actress Nobuko Otowa - Onibaba*** Melina Mercouri - T opkapi Bette Davis - Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte Kyoko Kishida - Woman in the Dunes Sophia Loren - Marriage Italian Style Supporting Actor George C. Scott - Dr. Strangelove*** Peter Sellers - A Carol for An other Christmas (TVM) Herbert Lom - A Shot in the Dark Akim Tamiroff - Topkapi Slim Pickens - Dr. Strangelove Kei Sato - Onibaba Isamu Nagato - Three Outlaw Samurai Supporting Actress Agnes Moorehead - Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte*** Lila Kedrova - Zorba the Greek
  11. 1963 - This is another one of my most anticipated years. Choosing between the top two Leading Actors was one of the hardest decisions I've made so far; yet there was only one way to go, really. Arch Hall, Jr. may not be a great actor; possibly not even a good one, I don't know, but somehow or another he produced one of the most effective and truly frightening psychopathic performances I've seen when he played the killer in The Sadist. It's a surreal character, even laughably over-the-top most of the time, but still I had this sinking feeling that this was a real person; unfathomable, but real. His performance is so cartoonish that it might be accused of being unbelievable, but I found it entirely too believable. It's because you want to think he can't exist; but he does- that's what makes him such a nightmare, (even when I'm laughing.) Later I learned that this film was loosely based on the same real story that was dramatized in the film Badlands (1973), to totally different effect. After seeing some photos and listening to some audio recordings I got the impression that Arch Hall, Jr. captured the character astonishingly well, (whether or not it's closer to reality is another matter.) Actor Arch Hall, Jr. - The Sadist***** Erol Tas - Dry Summer Peter Lorre - The Raven Donald Pleasence - The Caretaker Boris Karloff - Black Sabbath Peter Sellers - The Pink Panther Lionel Jeffries - The Wrong Arm of the Law Ray Milland - X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes Vincent Price - The Comedy of Terrors Kirk Douglas - The Hook Actress Julie Harris - The Haunting*** Hulya Kocyigit - Dry Summer Supporting Actor Tsutomu Yamazaki - High and Low*** Basil Rathbone - The Comedy of Terrors Boris Karloff - The Comedy of Terrors Hugh Edwards - Lord of the Flies (juvenile) Dick Shawn - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Walter Matthau - Charade Nehemiah Persoff - The Hook Supporting Actress I'm sorry to say that I wasn't able to come up with anyone for this category... ...so it will have to go to Ethel Merman in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
  12. 1962 - Punctual, as always. Most of what I have here has already been properly lauded, so I haven't much else to add. Cheers. Actor Robert Mitchum - Cape Fear***** Robert Preston - The Music Man James Mason - Lolita Jason Robards - Long Day's Journey Into Night Robert Ryan - Billy Budd Laurence Harvey - The Manchurian Candidate Ralph Richardson - Long Day's Journey Into Night Nikolay Burlyaev - Ivan's Childhood (juvenile) Alberto Sordi - Mafioso James Stewart - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Terence Stamp - Billy Budd Dean Stockwell - Long Day's Journey Into Night Pierre Etaix - The Suitor Actress Bette Davis - What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?*** Katharine Hepburn - Long Day's Journey Into Night Anna Magnani - Mamma Roma Joan Crawford - What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Supporting Actor Victor Buono - What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?*** Lee Marvin - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Peter Sellers - Lolita Paul Ford - The Music Man Supporting Actress Shelley Winters - Lolita*** Angela Lansbury - The Manchurian Candidate Jeanne Barr - Long Day's Journey Into Night Luisa Loiano - Mamma Roma [these last two just for making me chuckle]
  13. 1961 - I haven't seen a lot from this year, though there's a handful of very good foreign films dominating the modest heap... Actor Gunnar Bjornstrand - Through a Glass Darkly***** Martin Stephens - The Innocents (juvenile*) Vincent Price - The Pit and the Pendulum Toshiro Mifune - Yojimbo Ralph Meeker - Something Wild Actress Harriet Andersson - Through a Glass Darkly*** Silvia Pinal - Viridiana Deborah Kerr - The Innocents Carroll Baker - Something Wild Supporting Actor Takashi Shimura - Yojimbo*** Fernando Rey - Viridiana Tatsuya Nakadai - Yojimbo Daisuke Kato - Yojimbo Henry Hull - Master of the World Supporting Actress Isuzu Yamada - Yojimbo*** Karen Balkin - The Children's Hour (juvenile) Ineko Arima - Zero Focus
  14. 1960 - The Housemaid and The Devil's Eye must be my outstanding favorites this year- as well as The Little Shop of Horrors (the whole cast of which is marvelous, but I singled out two favorites.) Another thing about my favorite Actor and Actress picks is that I've never seen either of these two actors in anything else. Both of them were marvelously entertaining; but Lee Eun-sim steals the year with her exceptionally unique performance as the eerie, malevolent maid who creates so much trouble for her new employer. It's a stunning, strange and (I find) unforgettable thriller- and she's the whole show. Actor Sture Lagerwall - The Devil's Eye*** John Mills - Tunes of Glory Burt Lancaster - Elmer Gantry Ralph Bellamy - Sunrise at Campobello Fredric March - Inherit the Wind Alec Guinness - Tunes of Glory Anthony Perkins - Psycho Martin Stephens - Village of the Damned (juvenile) Actress Lee Eun-sim - The Housemaid***** Sophia Loren - Two Women Melina Mercouri - Never on Sunday Jean Simmons - Elmer Gantry Greer Garson - Sunrise at Campobello Supporting Actor Hume Cronyn - Sunrise at Campobello*** Nils Poppe - The Devil's Eye Dennis Price - Tunes of Glory Mel Welles - The Little Shop of Horrors Jack Nicholson - The Little Shop of Horrors Felix Aylmer - Never Take Candy From a Stranger Vittorio De Sica - The Angel Wore Red Supporting Actress Gertrud Fridh - The Devil's Eye***
  15. The 50's seems to contain a great portion of my utmost favorite films. These came mostly naturally to me. Actor: Robert Mitchum - The Night of the Hunter (1955) Actress: Giulietta Masina - Nights of Cabiria (1957) Supporting Actor: Henry Jones - The Bad Seed (1956) [This was the most difficult one to pick. I can't even say for sure that this is my favorite performance from that film! It has four, maybe five perfect performances, all astonishing in their own way; but his creeping, crawling, sneaking, snarling maniacal gardener is still one of the most bizarre creations I've seen on film, and, bizarre characters being one of my favorite movie genres, therefore is singularly close to my heart. In retrospect I think he and Patty McCormack should get a Synergy award for their insane exchanges.] Supporting Actress: Evelyn Varden - The Night of the Hunter (1955) [The kind, maternal and blissfully oblivious Icey Spoon who steals practically every scene she's in, even against the likes of Harry Powell. Whenever I watch his infamous demonstration of the story of love and hate his intensity has me holding my breath, but then the camera cuts to Evelyn Varden's approving face and I have to laugh out loud every time. One little expression and she has the film in her pocket again.] Juvenile: Patty McCormack - The Bad Seed (1956)

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