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  1. Ted Healy in SING BABY SING

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has seen this film 'SING BABY SING'. Not sure if TCM ever airs it but I think there is a strange dvd version out there available from amazon. ANyway, I know that Ted Healey created and was one of the original three stooges but I don't think I have ever seen any of the films with him; i saw most of the 1940s and 1950s columbia shorts but those were after his demise. I am guessing that he is the gentleman to the right of Patsy Kelly (#1), to the right of Adolphe Menjou (#2), and perhaps the portrait in #3. but also, possibly he is the on the gentleman in the other 3 photos here (The guy on the right of #4 or in #5 one of the gentleman on either side of Adolphe Mejou, perhaps?). Who are the others in these photos? Thanks! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
  2. anyone recognize this guy

    it does say Uncle PHil, and i believe the last name is Clarke; but i haven't turned up anything on him....... and I have three similar photographs of the same name, all autographed!@!
  3. Are you referring to the girl in blue? If yes, I believe her name is Charlotte Hunter. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0037059/fullcredits
  4. anyone recognize this guy

    Hello all, and Happy New Year!! Does anyone recognize this gentleman? I have an autographed photo of him but I cannot read the signature? ideas?
  5. i think, probably in those days, people went to the movies and mistakes like that went unnoticed. Most of the people didn't stop and think about it. Also, these were the days before television (TCM), video tape and rereleases. So people saw the movie once and, for the most part, never saw it again.
  6. anyone recognize? movie title?

    may I ask (I am not familiar with this film, Marie Antoinette), is this TYRONE POWER? For some reason, I thought it was but it sure doesn't look like him...
  7. anyone recognize? movie title?

    thanks.... so, the DC stands for DOLORES COSTELLO!
  8. Hello everyone: The ID on this photo indicates it might be a film DUDE COWBOY, but I have a feeling that is not correct. ANyone recognize the actress", the young boy? or possibly the film?
  9. Hello All: I've acquired some terrific keybook stills. According to my research, these stills are from 1932 Paramount film 'WAYWARD' with Nancy Carrol and Richard Arlen. The first still shows actors on the set, and the others are shots of the set design. I'm wondering, does the woman in the shot of #1 look like Nancy Carrol, and does anyone recognize the people on the right of the photo (near the camera)? Also, Does anyone recognize these sets as being used in other Paramount films? Thanks! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  10. character actor from MARIE ANTOINETTE??

    Thanks Lawrence. Now that you mention it, he was also the Captain of the Luisa in THE AFRICAN QUEEN!
  11. Gosh, he looks familiar, but i do not know his name? anyone??
  12. photo ID?

    hello again, I have two photographs that have ID numbers in the lower right corners. However, I do not recognize the actors so it is difficult to decide the film title. any ideas? thanks! #1: #2:
  13. RAINBOW RHYTHM - 1943 short subject

    well, looks like you're right! I guess she had a very small role in this 'short' film. Thanks!
  14. RAINBOW RHYTHM - 1943 short subject

    Hello again, Well, I found photographs of two lobby cards from this film (these lobby cards are not in my collection; i just found photographs online). So, it appears we are correct that the two stars of that photograph are Martha Mears and Kenny Stevens.
  15. RAINBOW RHYTHM - 1943 short subject

    yes, its from RAINBOW RHYTHM; the number on the lower right corner is the production number for that film.

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