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  1. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER airs from time to to time on TCM, and it has been on youtube in full on a couple of occasions, and it might still be.
  2. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    as a horror fan, you might really like SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER (1959) which is something of a horror movie (it has a lynching scene that has been compared to the one in BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, as well as murder, brain surgery, a sanitorium and a spooky old woman in a spooky old mansion with an overly devoted female servant.) they also both feature mothers who were too permissive- and may even have been willing accomplices- in their son's "moral failings," both even going so far as to "lure in" unsuspecting "victims"
  3. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    since BRIDES OF DRACULA is on TCM ON DEMAND, I've rewatched parts of it a few times (all apologies to you cinema purists who don't believe in watching some or all of a film in or out of sync.) it's so much fun. i could not help but think of what an intriguing companion film this movie makes to SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER- which was released the year before, almost to a degree that one wonders whether the earlier film lit something of a spark in the scriptwriter for devising the clever premise of the latter. both feature domineering, elegant wealthy Mothers with spoiled, adored, blond, only sons who are social outsiders, "confirmed bachelors" with libertine tendencies; both have the premise of "luring" people as though on a hunt, "procuring" if you will...although the vampire Baron in BRIDES OF DRACULA seems drawn to the opposite sex (one gets the impression he could go either way though.) i know the time for elegant, cloaked vampires has passed, but it would've been something to've seen BRIDES OF DRACULA reworked with an outright homoerotic text- an unholy union of the sorts between it and SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER, the best parts of both movies coming together. with, of course, Frida Jackson as Greta because she owns that role...
  4. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    Not meaning to spoil anything, but Thad’s death scene is EPIC. I saw the movie online and for days after I was rewatching that part, it’s even funnier than Carradine getting clocked with the gun in BILLY THE KID...
  5. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

  6. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    YES IT IS!!!! I dunno if you were/are a big fan of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000, but one of their best "experiments" was I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF- which was from the same people who made BLOOD OF DRACULA, which is a shameless retread of WEREWOLF, only with vampires and a gender switch. I really hope some day RIFFTRAX gets their hands on this, it would be GOLD! there is a pretty funny lesbian subtext going on in this, and some of the dialogue is hilarious. also: BEHOLD, "TEEN DREAM" THAD SINGING HIS "HIT" "RECORD" "PUPPY LOVE" FOR THE GIRLS:
  7. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    I have seen it and have to admit I do not much care for it. I have however seen from around the same time period, BLOOD OF DRACULA which honestly should've been called I WAS A TEENAGE VAMPIRE it was a carbon copy of I WAS A TEENAGE WERWOLF. IT IS HILARIOUS!!!! The VAMPIRE looks like a badger And there is an absolutely hilarious musical interlude seen.
  8. I Just Watched...

    MADAME SATAN has not shown up ON DEMAND yet... I did find this clip on youtube and i see the claims of its UtTer MADnesS were not exaggerated. it looks like they hired BUSBY BERKELY to remake METROPOLIS.
  9. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    not much going on, so i very casually watched HORROR OF DRACULA on TCM ON DEMAND. Unlike BRIDES, I feel a bit more disappointed every time I see this one. Granted, it's a film that has some strong marks for it in the plus column (the score mainly, but also the physicality of the leads- the blocking/stunts in the "battle" scenes is almost a cathartic response to the slow crawl and lack of real ACTION! in the 1931 original.) but there's too much else about the movie that could/should be better, and it lags at the middle. I also have to say that I really dislike Michael Gough in it. He is dull as dishwater and kind of stupid to boot. I guess he was supposed to be ineffectual and utterly useless in the script, but I don't see why he had to be boring as HELL in every scene he is in as well.) I'd bet you fourpence that ten years after the events of HORROR OF DRACULA, Mina will take a good look at Arthur one evening as he's organizing his stamps and digging out a mound of earwax with his pinkie and WISHING TO HELL that Dracula had just finished shoveling the dirt on her that time he tried to bury her alive.
  10. Noir Alley

    sorry, i'm just now seeing this. yeah, there's a hint of an accent, but it's kinda a Debra Winger/SHADOWLANDS deal where the attempt pretty much ends after the first scene, the authenticity of said fleeting accent i can't speak to from recollection, but of the two dozen or so lines she has in the movie, most are of the "I've got to get packing" and "what's that over there?" level of "juicy." IN OTHER WORDS, i don't even think Vivien Leigh after a month in Georgia and at her most luminous could do much with the part.
  11. HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    (bottom right corner) I'm glad they took the time to specify in the cast listing that WILLIAM SMITH is playing "CARROT," lest anyone show up expecting Sir Laurence Olivier in the role.
  12. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    Agreed. he succeeds in underplaying whereas nearly every other actor in the role has overplayed it, often to a fault. (i'm looking at you Laurence Olivier and Anthony Hopkins.)
  13. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    pretty sure this image is from HORROR OF DRACULA, but I'm 99.9999% sure Cushing wears the same coat in BRIDES. (I've seen in docs that he was a real stickler for wardrobe continuity, even maddeningly so.) yeah sure, fur is murder whatever, but THAT COLLAR IS TDF. 10/10. WOULD WEAR.
  14. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    i've been mostly lucky with TCM ON DEMAND, there's almost always been at least 6 titles available- SOMETIMES AS MANY AS 12 OR MORE- and I'd say about 60% of the time, there's something i'd watch (they do a good job about including underground or criterion films) of late, all the horror movies have been ON DEMAND, so I have been thrilled. ...although I note that what claimed to be BLACULA on my ON DEMAND was, in fact, SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM.
  15. Welcome Home, Count Dracula.

    ps- Swithin, you might wanna edit, you got Martita standing in for Frieda..... (that was fun to write)

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