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  1. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    i wish i could fully explain myself on this one... i've recently become more interested in the 70's than i've heretofore been, and i periodically (please don't ask me to explain why because even I don't really know myself) just sometimes need to shock myself by watching something sick and really effed up: like 70's effed up. THE 1970S really was the decade of "lets throw it against the wall and see what sticks" filmmaking. It frightens me. that said, I watched- for the first time- MANDINGO (1975) on amazon prime. Feel free to stop reading right now if you like. I don't know. everything i see now, i see through the lens of the events of the last couple of years...and- believe it or not- i'm actually a very empathetic person. i can really, really imagine someone justifiably losing their **** while watching this. it's terrible. i watched the whole thing. why? it was kind of like electroshock therapy i guess. and it worked. snapped me out of a depressive phase, although i had to take an intermission break at the one hour mark. also, the lead, PERRY KING is SUPERMSOKINGOHMYGODHOT. He also does an extended full frontal scene in a fascinating choice for the filmmakers. As far as I know, it was an incredible performance (i'm forgiving towards hothothot actors.) i think it's safe to say this film pretty much ended his leading man chances, which is a shame because (i'm so sorry) GOD HE WAS GORGEOUS!!!!! (He is also in a weird movie with Shirley MacLaine where he makes her and her daughter eat dog food in a brutal scene) seriously, did you guys who lived in the seventies ever take a break to be just like "what the Hell is this decade all about????" James Mason is great in a loathsome, loathsome role. He was one of those British actors- god bless em- they are going to do your movie because they need to pay for boarding school, alimony and the chalet in Beritz; they are well aware that this is not an EM Forster adaptation and you, the Director, are not David Lean but they're going to do give 110% any *** damned way because work that is not its best is not acceptable and a downright insult to all Britain stands for. He disappeared into the part. I liked that the production design was so decrepit and filthy. really, the acting was all-around better than this thing deserved. THIS WAS A STUDIO PICTURE! PARAMOUNT RELEASED THIS!!!! IN THEATERS!!!!! A MONTH AFTER JAWS!!!! WAS EVERYONE EVERYWHERE ON COKE IN THE 70'S????!!!!!!!
  2. LornaHansonForbes

    Noir Alley

    FYI: the visual effects in today's movie THE MAN WHO CHEATED HIMSELF were done by REX WIMPY. imdb it if you don't believe me.
  3. LornaHansonForbes

    Noir Alley

    CRAWFORD's influence.
  4. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    Oh good. If you didnt like this one, I might have had to come down to Florida so we could have some words. for me, you can file this one under "movies I just absolutely love to bits and pieces even though I know they're not perfect." "IM NOT A CARNIVAL GIRL ANYMORE!" "certainly been acting like it, with young Carlisle..." (slap SLAP)
  5. LornaHansonForbes

    Noir Alley

    That is totally true, forgot all about that part! Thanks.
  6. LornaHansonForbes

    Noir Alley

    Dang, those shoulders are a yard across!
  7. LornaHansonForbes

    Noir Alley

    Sometimes I take a little guff here for recommending radio shows, but Burr starred in A (i think) short-lived radio show called FORT LARAMIE that is very very good.
  8. LornaHansonForbes

    Noir Alley

    Take this for what you will, but it's my understanding that Raymond Burr was most definitely gay, and pretty damn open about it too. I mean yeah, there was a studio arranged quote "date" quote with NatalieWood,i'm sure the two had a fabulous Kiki and later on had lunch and shopping. I want to say he had a partner for many many years and they had a ranch in the south west somewhere. He even became a botanist of sorts, I want to say he developed a special type of orchid which she actually named after Barbara Hale it's funny because really you watch him in "a place in the sun"or "his kind of woman" or even "perry mason" and you'd "never know"
  9. LornaHansonForbes

    Movies you almost despair of seeing on TCM

    You know, one of the funny things about coming late to a thread is it sometimes you have no idea what the most recent posts are about. I was searching my mind for what movie you could be talking about, and I could come up with was CALIGULA.
  10. LornaHansonForbes


    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Bette actually looks great in BEYOND THE FOREST, and you know if she didn't, I would say so. She doesn't look good in JUNE BRIDE or A STOLEN LIFE. She looks like holy hell in DECEPTION. But, I don't know, maybe it's the fact that I'm so utterly in love with her performance in the movie, but she looks terrific. There are moments where you can actually see 1930s Bette, especially around the end. And I approve of the wig. that's right, I said it. I think the wig actually looks all right on her. Even when it's wet. Maybe its Stockholm syndrome, I don't know.
  11. LornaHansonForbes


    that is true. i guess my Bad Movie Tingly Senses were on hiatus after I discovered EYES OF LAURA MARS last weekend....
  12. LornaHansonForbes


    (really and truly, i have a habit of sometimes just checking the HITS AND MISSES and I JUST WATCHED threads...90% of the time i'm posting i'm actually at "work.")
  13. LornaHansonForbes


    damn, I'm sorry! I didn't know! (I can't read ALL the threads!)
  14. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    he really did (and me too.) i'm not a fan of STAR WARS (just apathetic towards the whole deal, not harboring any animus towards the fans, to whom i know the whole thing means a lot), but I'll concede right off that THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK is an excellent film, four out of four stars, and it genuinely should have been nominated for Best Picture. i'll also say that I adore the name "Irvin Kershner" and I want verymuch to believe that he both looked and sounded just like Mel Brooks in SPACEBALLS. I'd also love to believe that at some time or another, the following phone call took place ca. 1979: "Bernie? Bernie? It's me Irv Kirshner, how ya been? Beautiful. Look, is that kid of yours still obsessed with STAR WARS? He is? Great! Come over to the house, bring him. I been hired to direct the sequel and I got no clue what the hell this foccacta(sp?) thing is about. I got robots. I got space ships. I got sand-suckin midgets in hoods and talkin' catfish and a big furry thing that growls like my ex-wife... I got a whole solar system I gotta figure out and it sounds like it was written by some Meshuganah kid (sp) high on acid. Anyways, bring him, I'll call Jerry's we'll get some bagels, we'll get some knishes. You like corned beef? Great, we'll get some corned beef....."
  15. LornaHansonForbes


    yes, i am pretty sure that is correct...although if you are a wiley tech type, you could maybe find a way to burn a dvd off of it...? (but i don't know.) amazon is also not particularly good about keeping track of movies you've bought- they don't (as far as i know) have a "my library" section or queue it up for you. if you buy it, you better remember it you bought it. i've also wondered what happens if you quit the service, guess you lose all the titles you've paid for.... still, no regrets on this end, best $2.99 i've spent in a while.

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