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  1. I Just Watched...

    I caught some of THE UNSUSPECTED (1947) the other day when it aired, but got called in to work. then i found it on OnDemand and checked it out. Not sure if it was part of the MICHAEL CURTIZ SPOTLIGHT or not, but he directed it. it's wonderfully shot with shadows and blind slits and fabulous Warner Bros. sets with sweeping staircases and pocket doors...everyone in it is RICH and does nothing but drink and smoke and wear dressing gowns and arrange gladiolas in the East Room. the plot is best summed up as THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD meets SUDDEN FEAR! (although they insist on cribbing obviously from LAURA too)- the use of a dictaphone as plot device is crucial (and even more ludicrous here- side note, CLAUDE RAINES has some MAD FAST record-editing skills.) the dialogue was kinda MURDER SHE WROTE, but the stars SOLD IT. Raines was having fun, TED NORTH was very handsome, HURD HATFIELD was in this, but ALL HONORS GO TO AUDREY TOTTER. I may as well say "AUDREY TOTTER and CLAUDE RAINES and a bunch of people who are not AUDREY TOTTER are in this film" because she is everything in it. whenever you see AUDREY TOTTER in a movie, she is up to no ***damn good. she plays the usual human/reptile hybrid from most of her films and she SLAYS in a variety of SLINKY BESEQUINED STUNNERS. She made every moment she was on screen hers. i love AUDREY TOTTER. If AUDREY TOTTER had starred in LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN, she would have been filing her nails while Darryl Hickman drowned, and then grabbed an oar and whacked him when he doesn't go down fast enough because the lake air is POSITIVELY FRIZZING her hair and she simply has other things to do today."
  2. Noir Alley

    if google would let me know when they're going to update their photo, i'll make sure things look extra nice and that i am standing outside with a shotgun pointed skyward in full "GIT OFFA MAH PROP ER TEE" mode when they snap it for prosperity.
  3. Noir Alley

    The images are not always up-to-date though. For example when I put my address in and I zoom all the way down to the ground view the car in the driveway is my old one that I haven't driven in years.
  4. Noir Alley

    if you download GOOGLE EARTH PRO , you can pick any location on earth and satellites will zoom into it- even your own house. it can be fun to do for movie locations, i've checked out The Biltmore Estate, The Tarrytown Estate (from NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS) and a few other grand homes that way.
  5. Noir Alley

    I'm thinking that's a satellite image using google maps...that's the street name vertically digitally imposed over the road (not painted, but i had to squint to figure it out) google maps can can kind of fun. it can also be maddening as Hell.
  6. Hell's Angels tonight at 9:30pm

    There is no actor in the history of HOLLYWOOD who pulled off a more spectacular turnaround than JEAN HARLOW when it came to the craft of acting. In her first few films she is terrible (especially THE PUBLIC ENEMY), and then an exponential improvement begins at MGM to where she becomes one of the most interesting and enduring (and endearing) personas of the era.
  7. Noir Alley

    the power lines, the palm trees, the parallel parking. i miss it so.
  8. HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    it's available OnDemand, and i TRIED to watch, but the version they are running is one of those that is FILLED with "restored scenes"- ie LOOOOONG shots of still photographs from lost footage (like they did with the the 1954 A STAR IS BORN, only EVEN MORE tedious) (I know they mean well when they do this, but- personally- it adds NOTHING to my viewing experience. ) (I mean it's called a movie because the image itself should move.)
  9. HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    3:30 AM Go-Between, The (1971) Synopsis: A young man carries letters between an aristocratic young woman and the groundskeeper he idolizes. Dir: Joseph Losey Cast: Julie Christie , Alan Bates , Dominic Guard . I have never seen this film, but I read the book a few months back and was highly impressed.
  10. I Just Watched...

    ah nuts. apologies to all.
  11. I Just Watched...

    SORRY FOR BRINGING THIS UP AGAIN, BUT HERE: I'm still dealing with some anger over my first-time viewing of DON'T LOOK NOW (1973) this past weekend. I have to admit that as much as I did not like the movie, i was curious about the DAPHNE DU MAURIER story on which it is based; so I ended up listening to the following hour long BBC RADIO ADAPTATION of the story with two marvelous actors whose names I did not recognize- it helped me deal with a lot of my issues with the film; and honestly, if you've seen the movie or not and if you've ready the story or not, I'd recommend it. the movie seems to have been pretty faithful to the DU MAURIER story; although i'm guessing this version is closer. One thing that helps IMMENSELY is that the male and female protagonist in this story are: a. Both British, which helps to explain a lot. b. IMMENSELY MORE LIKEABLE IN THEIR PARTS THAN DONALD SUTHERLAND AND JULIE CHRISTIE. it's some really, really good acting- the end is a bit much, but y'know...it is what it is, Santa.. ps- I like Donald Sutherland, but his Americanness is distracting and he is a cold, eerie presence. I officially just don't know about Julie Christie. I admit I have not seen PETULIA or DARLING or MCCABE AND MRS MILLER, but I have seen FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD and ZHIVAGO and now DON'T LOOK NOW and I think she's been a beautiful blank slate in all three.
  12. I Just Watched...

    I LOVE the MAX FLEISCHER SUPERMAN CARTOONS. They are- literally- the only incarnation of the story in its many forms that I find interest in. I was introduced to them in Spanish class in High School ca. 1995. (yes, we watched Spanish-dubbed versions of the mad scientist with a death ray short (my favorite) and a couple others)... i even have to admit that the anti-Japanese one is well-animated- although i arrived on that one via youtube and not En Espanol.
  13. Noir Alley

    This made my day. It was a reference to SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY by Edgar Lee masters. It's, as you may well know, a collection of short poems narrated by the various dead in a cemetery outside a small town in early 20th century America. It's one of those things they force you to read in high school that to be honest with you, they should force you to read, because you'll appreciate it someday. Most of the stories in it are unhappy, as I sometimes wonder is often the way with life. About a year ago I was going through the photo album for our church ca 1998 and I was surprised by how smiling faces were about to go thru a tragedy or SCANDAL! of some form or another. How many marriages had ended. How many people had died suddenly, lost children, etc really, that's the main reason I go to church. Same church I went to as a child and a way of connecting with the past as well as taking in the grand, mad, tragic and always surprising parade that is life.
  14. I Just Watched...

    Fur is murder and all...but have you ever tried on a REALLY NICE sable?

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