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  1. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    I'VE GOT SOME (enumerated) QUESTIONS embedded throughout this IF ANYONE HAS THE TIME: So, I watched 54 minutes of SUNDAY, BLOODY SUNDAY (1971) on TCM ON DEMAND last night. It felt like longer. I didn't not like but I am genuinely on the fence about whether to finish it or not (I was too tired to continue.) 1. should i keep on with it anyone who has seen it? I also admit that I would LOVE to watch this film with a room full of salty gays because there is NO DOUBT GLENDA JACKSON WOULD BE DRAGGED. 2. Has there EVER been a more unlikeable, frigid, and yet undeniably proficient actress than GLENDA JACKSON? She always seems vaguely p iss ed off to even be in whatever movie I am seeing her in, not that I've seen her in a lot but.... 3. is there a scene where she eats a plate of fudge and gives herself even more unflattering bangs? because if there is, I'm in. also, 4. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET "ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK" OUT OF YOUR HEAD?????
  2. LornaHansonForbes

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    I've never even heard of it...and I have intermediate familiarity with LA STREISAND. that's a very very late 60s early 70s sounding title if ever there was one though. Anyone want to explain what it means?
  3. LornaHansonForbes

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin (1942-2018)

  4. LornaHansonForbes

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    YAY! MIRIAM HOPKINS DAY! Pretty much everything is something interesting; although I'm not a fan of OLD ACQUAINTANCE (1943) and I wish they could/would show BECKY SHARP (for which she received her sole Best Actress nomination) BARBARY COAST on at noon as a pairing for her and EDWARD G. ROBINSON. at 8:00 tonight is ERNST LUBITSCH's TROUBLE IN PARADISE, there is not a more perfect film out there than this one.
  5. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    i also had the unique experience of watching the last...Gosh, I guess I would say "15" minutes of THE LEGEND OF LYLAH CLARE yesterday, but in LYLAH CLARE minutes that counts as an hour and a half. HONEST TO GOD, PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO THIS MOVIE CAN CAUSE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. as TERRIBLE as this movie is and as UNIQUELY BAD as KIM NOVAK is and as STANDARDLY BAD as BORGNINE is and as CRACKED OUT as the direction is and as WRETCHED as the dialogue is- I still say PETER FINCH is "good" in this- in that he maintains a certain dignity even during moments where EVERYONE ON SET KNEW THIS THING WAS GOING TO BE A SPECTACULAR DOG OF A MOVIE. he sees it through and he plays it astoundingly straight; really, not since GARY COOPER in THE FOUNTAINHEAD has an actor seen an assignment through with a more quiet nobility- even as a quartet played an endless loop of Nearer My God to Thee on the set during the final says of the shoot. coming in at the end tho, i was able to envision a path out of the mess that is this movie- I think if FINCH'S character HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR LEWIS ZARKHAN had to sit in the theater as an audience that had just seen footage from THE LEGEND OF LYLAH CLARE walked out- dazed, angry at the world, possibly vomiting and convulsing- it might have at least given anyone who had sat through this a sense of something close to peace with what they have just spent over two hours of their life watching. "VARDROBE!!!!!!!"
  6. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    In an alternate universe somewhere JOHN HUSTON directed a version in 1971 starring WARREN OATES as THE CONTINENTAL OP and HUSTON HIMSELF as OLD MAN ELIHU and it made A CLOCKWORK ORANGE look like CHITTY-CHITTY-BANG-BANG by comparison.
  7. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    FILE TO: THE DEPT. OF EVEN STOPPED CLOCKS etc.: THE STRANGER'S RETURN (1933) (MGM) LEONARD MALTIN REVIEW: ***1/2 King Vidor. Lionel Barrymore, Miriam Hopkins, Franchot Tone, Stuart Erwin, Irene Hervey, Beulah Bondi. A young woman, recently separated from her husband, leaves the city to stay at her grandfather's farm. Here she finds her roots, as well as a kindred spirit in neighboring farmer Tone, a college graduate. Why this rich, mature, beautifully made film isn't better known is a mystery. Phil Stong helped adapt his own novel for director Vidor. (end review) Damn straight, Lenny (or whoever wrote the review). This is an aggressively charming movie; I don't think MIRIAM HOPKINS was ever lovelier- it's easy to forget how BEAUTIFUL she was early in her career. Laugh if you want to, but this was a great example of an actress willing to be authentic for a role- Hopkins (a native Georgian) actually lets her Marcel wave relax and doesn't do heavy make-up or high glam (and plays 1/2 her scenes at least in jodhpurs and no bra!). She and LIONEL BARRYMORE pair wonderfully, LIONEL used to be not one of my favorites and then I saw DOWN TO THE SEA IN SHIPS (1948) and I adore him now. Yes, he was a ham, but he was a likeable ham, and the sort of ham that compliments all the others around him and (usually) brings out the best he can in his fellow actors...although, to be honest, FRANCHOT TONE is in this and he is the unquestionable WEAK LEAK in the cast. BEAULAH BONDI- it's worth noting- excels in a rare villainous part. there is something very magical about little films like this made between 1930 and 1934- when they figured out how to do sound right and there was no Production Code. This is, technically, a Precode, although there's nothing raunchy about it, just an honesty that is refreshing and it makes it uncannily relateable to an audience today. Contrast this MGM production of the thirties to what they would have done with the same story in the 1950's- likely turned it into a bright Technicolor All American musical extravaganza without a genuine moment in the whole thing...and you get an idea of the trajectory in general of American filmmaking. King Vidor directed this...which is surprising because it's neither VISUALLY IMPOSING nor HIGHLY THEATRICAL...which is a nice change of pace from the rest of his ouevre. The editing was very odd in this movie though; there were brief moments of total blackness between shots EVEN WITHIN THE SAME SCENE...I'm not sure what the story behind that is (a restoration maybe?); but the print TCM showed is very nice and clean, and for any of you who like classic "AGRI-PICS" (ie THE SOUTHERNER) and are interested in some vintage footage of farming in the 30's, this one comes highly recommended.
  8. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    I hope HoldenisHere is here. I'd hate for him to miss a good BEWITCHED reference....
  9. LornaHansonForbes

    Gregory Peck's grandson is the new Spock

    Actually they're about even.
  10. LornaHansonForbes

    Gregory Peck's grandson is the new Spock

    Ugh, Ethan. What a TERRIBLE NAME!
  11. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    I've always wondered how he and JUDY GARLAND got along whilst filming THE HARVEY GIRLS. (as with Judy and ROBERT WALKER in THE CLOCK) Bet the production assistants on both had their hands full. eta: http://www.post-gazette.com/ae/movies/2014/04/16/One-hundred-years-of-John-Hodiak/stories/201404160030
  12. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    1. Something tells me ROBERT RYAN looked 35 when he was about 12. 2. Actually, it's WHIT Bissell, but before you think I'm gettin' all high fallutin' on you, THE ONLY REASON I KNOW THAT is because he was in I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF 3. John Hodiak is hot. Like, even by modern standards. Have you wiki'd him? He's one of those whose personal life and death shapes how I feel about them when I see them onscreen in something. i BET HE AND ANN BAXTER WERE ONE HOT, VOLATILE PILE OF LAVA TOGETHER THO. PS- that's a BEWITCHED reference in re: A. Krabbitz, yes?
  13. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    MEXICAN SPITFIRE AT SEA is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.
  14. LornaHansonForbes

    I Just Watched...

    ZIGGY STARDUST was born the moment a young, enigmatic DAVID BOWIE sat through this in a Brixton second-run house one bleak November afternoon...
  15. LornaHansonForbes

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    REALLY? I guess I can understand that, but honest to GOD: I love him to PIECES in DINNER AT EIGHT and BOMBSHELL and DR X and THE BEST MAN and a few I might be forgetting, and yes, I have heard the story about VIVA VILLA! and the extras. mind you: I'm not attracted to him, it's not a PHILLIPS HOLMES-type situation where I am BLINDED BY LOVE into crying "AUTEUR!" where it is unmerited , I just feel like LEE TRACY was one of those great Depression-Era actors who, dammit, if he was in it, he was gonna make sure you got you six bits** worth. **or whatever the Hell it cost to see a talking picture circa 1933.

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