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  1. Mr. Gorman

    Art in Movies

    I think the opening credit sequence to the 1975 movie 'THE DEVIL'S RAIN' features paintings from Hieronymous Bosch in the background along with foreboding music and the screech of "LET ME OUT OF HERE!!"
  2. Laurence Bolivier (!) (LAURIE BARTRAM [1958-2007] from FRIDAY THE 13th (1980)). Next: C.K.
  3. Mr. Gorman

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    ANNIE (1982) next: A movie you saw and thought "This could be so much better with better acting!"
  4. Mr. Gorman

    I Just Watched...

    I cannot say exactly why I like this movie so much, but there was no way I was going to miss the TCM premiere of THE MAN WHO HAD POWER OVER WOMEN (1970-UK). I'm amazed TCM found a way to dig it out of the mothballs; I don't believe this movie has aired on any channel in years. I'd seen it 4 or 5 times before tonight's airing because I bought both video releases. Watching it brought back memories of when I used to scour the old Leonard Maltin video guides looking for movie reviews that caught my interest at the time. I then would try and find the movie to rent or buy. God Only Knows what I was thinking back then as to what kind of movies I wanted to watch -- I sure don't remember -- but "The Man Who Had Power Over Women" was one of the films that caught my oddball viewfinder. (Another one was 1976's "Special Delivery") Anyway, I do not recall ever finding it for 'Rental' at a video store, but somehow I got hold of the 1979 Magnetic Video Corp. release. I've had that tape for so many years I don't remember how I acquired it . . . ? Beats me. But it's still upstairs at 38 years old. What I didn't know after I'd watched the video a couple of times was that Magnetic had used a Tv print. I assumed it was the theatrical version, but it turns out it wasn't. All the topless shots are snipped and so is some of the salty language (which there's not really much of). About 10 years ago I bought another used copy online from Amazon as I wanted a spare but this was the 1986 Embassy Home Video release (with Hi-Fi MONO sound). It was when I watched this tape I noticed why it was rated [R] at the time. The upper frontals of the various ladies were now seen along with the bits of salty language here 'n' there. When I first noticed just a few days ago "The Man Who Had Power Over Women" was going to air I was really surprised. Then I thought it would be a copy of the VHS Embassy tape. This movie has never been released to DVD, has been out-of-print for 30 years and is mostly unknown. Not many votes on it on the IMDb, btw. I think I guessed right because the presentation of the movie this evening had the Embassy home video logo at the beginning and end + the movie was in 'Full-Frame' and had that old-timey VHS 'look' I grew accustomed to when watching old tapes. So I'd swear the copy came from a VHS source that was transferred to disc and probably put through some kind of machine to 'clean up' the picture and sound as much as possible. And eliminate any 'lines' that might pop up, too! I do want to thank TCM most heartily for airing this. I wore out my VCR a few years ago from heavy use and I've not replaced it so I was pleased as punch to watch "The Man Who Had Power Over Women" again early this morning. Cheered me right up. CLIVE FRANCIS played it to the hilt as the spoiled slimeball 'Barry Black' and KEITH BARRON was the kind of 'yes-man' one loves to loathe. ----------------------------------------------- Now that I've mentioned the name of British actor 'KEITH BARRON' maybe TCM can find a way to get hold of the 1970 British movie 'THE FIRECHASERS'. Looks like it was filmed in and around London. The filmmakers really burned sh!t up, too. They were *firebugs*! The movie stars CHAD EVERETT as insurance investigator 'Quentin Barnaby'. Co-starring ANJANETTE COMER, the afore-mentioned KEITH BARRON, JOANNE DAINTON, ROY KINNEAR. Alreet then: Who is responsible for setting various fires around London? And why? Chad Everett is enlisted to find out. Not a great movie but quite a decent, watchable one. Directed by Sidney Hayers and runs 100 minutes. Rated [PG], I do believe. → Only problem it has never been released on any homevideo medium in the U.S., but if TCM can transfer PAL-format VHS tapes to NTSC discs I could funnel them my 1982 Australian 20th Century Fox Video tape. I've not seen a legal DVD release of "The Firechasers" from any country, but maybe there is one by now? Hard to keep track of all the obscure movies that suddenly become available. Just my little thought that if TCM could find a watchable copy to air of "The Man Who Had Power Over Women" perhaps The Powers That Be in the Turner Classic braintrust can round up a watchable copy of "The Firechasers". There's some groovy shots of a party boat going down a river in the middle of London. Maybe it's the Thames River? Not sure, but it's cool and I dig it. I've seen Anjanette Comer a few times on TCM over the past year or so in "The Loved One", "Rabbit, Run" and "The Baby". Now bring on "The Firechasers"! It's too much fun to be languishing in obscurity for so long.
  5. Mr. Gorman

    RIP Joseph Bologna (1934-2017)

    I have a VHS tape of COPS AND ROBBERS (1973) that Mr. Bologna starred in, but I've not got 'round to watching it yet. His 1974 movie MIXED COMPANY with Barbara Harris has never been released to any homevideo medium. I've never seen it, but I'd like to catch it once.
  6. Mr. Gorman

    RIP Joseph Bologna (1934-2017)

    I was sad to see he died a few days ago. I remember THE BIG BUS (1976) very well. He starred with Stockard Channing and John Beck. Also saw his 1971 movie MADE FOR EACH OTHER (1971) several times; he hadn't had his teeth fixed yet. He starred with his wife Renee Taylor in this comedy-drama. TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS (1979-Tvm) was another starring role for him. With Lee Remick and George Peppard. (It was based on the Mary MacGregor song, btw). It would be nice if Paramount would lease out THE BIG BUS to TCM for a reasonable sum so Turner Classic could air it.
  7. Mr. Gorman

    Summer Under the Stars--one hit wonders?

    Ye Gods! Those movies look . . . interesting. Yeah. That's it. Interesting.
  8. Mr. Gorman

    Summer Under the Stars--one hit wonders?

    Back to the original post mentioning Robert Williams. He didn't even make it to 1932; died Nov. 3, 1931 just after PLATINUM BLONDE was released. TCM could do an ALICIA SILVERSTONE DAY! Clueless (1995) is her only movie hit I can think of. I know she was in some other theatrical films, but I don't remember the name of any of the others. (I am kidding about this just in case I came across as being serious!)
  9. Jeepers! My mental walnuts got excited when I heard Ben mention the late Mr. Osborne's *intro's* -and- *outro's* were available if one joined the TCM PoxLot. Such a deal to go with the $89 bucks a year! Since the Backlot is 'celebrating' it's 1-Year Anniversary I've noted TCM is pushing hard for viewers to acquire a membership. I'd rather spend $89 over the course of a year buying up Miles Davis albums. On cassette.
  10. Mr. Gorman


    2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY would be a good movie to watch for insomniacs. I've no doubt it would put them to sleep. Overpraised to the 'nth' degree.
  11. Asian spam? Oh, yeah?!?! Well I'm gonna BUMP this thread to keep it on par with Underwood Deviled Ham! Whaddya think of them apples, jack?
  12. I really don't like the ending of SCARLET STREET (1945) at all. Eddie should never be feeling that much guilt after what Bennett and Duryea were up to. Asinine. I watched this movie twice in its entirety. No more. The 1983 movie HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. I'd like this movie so much more if the filmmakers hadn't flocked up the ending by doing the 'unkillable killer' bit a la Michael Myers and Jason. Damn ending really pis sed me off . . . The 1972 Jess Franco movie LES DEMONS had an ending so simplistic a 10-year-old could have scribbled it on a napkin in McDonald's. I had a minty UNICORN Video (with the lurid artwork on the box front) and traded it because I disliked the ending so much. JACOB'S LADDER, WISDOM, THE USUAL SUSPECTS . . . the ending negates the entire film. Won't watch these again. (I would watch SLITHER again, however). → Here's a movie that sticks to its depressing guns at the end: THE TEACHER (1974).
  13. Mr. Gorman

    Plot holes in movies that you've only just noticed?

    In the 1969 movie SMOKED GOUDA the swiss-cheese manufacturer/competitor commits suicide with a shotgun blast to the cranium and yet when the camera pans in for a close-up there's no hole! Now I ask you, how can a swiss cheese maker who offs himself with a shot to the head not have a hole? Sean Connery's character in 1996's 'THE ROCK' is 110% unbelievable from the word 'go'. I watched it once in 1997 and I could not suspend my disbelief. I'm usually good at suspending my disbelief for over-the-top action movies, but the things his character was doing after being in the slammer for 33 years were just sooooo so unbelievable I was very much put off. Ugh!
  14. Maybe not enough suckers err, members, have joined the TCM Pox Lot so The Powers That Be are holding out resources of better filtering equipment until more folks fork out their $89 smackers? I dunno. NipkowDisc: If TCM ever does show HOT SPELL you might go in to shock and require medical attention! Be careful what you wish for!
  15. spence: MALCOLM FORBES died of a heart attack in February 1990 at age 70. He looked older than 70; he could've passed for 75 easily.

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